Dodgers sportscasters recall Chavez Ravine, not Battle of Chavez Ravine

Ry Cooder recorded an album to commemorate Chavez RavineChávez Ravine isn’t just the site of Dodger Stadium. Major League announcers mentioned it knowingly today during the Cubs game, looking over at its Hollywood-like “Think Blue” sign, but Chávez Ravine is no mere physical feature. It names the Hispanic community purged in the postwar years, three entire neighborhoods razed under the pretext of a planned housing project, a final holdout kept bulldozers at bay with a shotgun. When the ten-year Battle of Chávez Ravine was over, the land seized by eminent domain was delivered to a wealthy team-owner and the rest is baseball history under the bridge.

Life not that great in the US for many Hispanic immigrants

”I hate Fidel Castro, but does that mean I should work in a cafeteria?” she said. “I am 44 years old, and the first and only time in my life I went hungry was in the United States. Here (in Cuba), I live in a four-bedroom house and have a car. Over there, I had to live in an apartment the size of a table.”

That was a brief excerpt from an article in the reactionary American paper, the Miami Herald… Some Cuban emigrants head back home

Yes, the fact of the matter is that life in the us is not that great for many, many Latin American immigrants, and they would be much happier if the US government would just stop fucking over their own home countries. That, of course, the US corporate elites that run the US will never, ever do. Their profits are dependent on running much of the rest of the world into the ground.

I just got back from visiting such a country, the country of Nicaragua, which the US has been destroying for many long decades. I will write more about what I saw and experienced in the weeks ahead, for Nicaragua is a prime example of why we must oppose the despicable bipartisan foreign policies of the US government. You might be planning to desperately vote for Barack Obama hoping for some sort of change towards decency? You are just being manipulated and deluding yourself if you think that the ‘defeat’ of the Republicans is all that is really necessary, for much more must be accomplished before change can come about.

Cuba is no absolute paradise, but compared to countries like Nicaragua it certainly is a paradise. At least the people do not have to live in squalor and misery even though the US has spent decades trying to break the people by waging an economic war on them. That is no small accomplishment!

Viva Cuba!

David Schultheis, World Class Dickhead

David Schultheis of Colorado Springs, Colorado State Representative of District 14, is a world class dickhead. Just four days after a family loses 3 children and has a fourth one severely injured in an automobile wreck, Schultheis wrote off to the Greeley Tribune, demanding to know if the the severely injured driver had proper documents or not. He inquired about her drivers license, insurance, and car registration, too, and all on the same day the third child died at the hospital!
You see, the family had a Hispanic last name, so that justifies this dickhead Anglo, in his own dickhead mind, to grill them publicly like that.

Schultheis was supported by Pastor Joy, of the Greeley for God ministry, no Spanish language services available, along with some other local Greeley folk allergic to Latinos. But the Hispanic community was appalled, along with any one else with even a speck of humanity about them.

Schultheis must be a student and associate of the so-called Jeff Henry (no relation to Patrick we are sure), local CS jefe of the racist Minutemen group. Speaking of that, a picture is worth a thousand words. I refer to the one picture, with Mayor Rivera passively sitting alongside Jeff Henry, that The Independent had in its previous edition. Beautiful shot, Indy! Rivera heads up a city council that allowed this hate group leader to hold a recruitment rally in a Colorado Springs police substation some few weeks back. So that’s why he is so content sitting next to this thug at a meeting about immigration ‘reform’, of all things. Jeff, can Rivera stay? You and David need to get togerhter and check out his papers first. lol… But I bet Lockheed will vouch for him.

David Schultheis, you got some stiff competition in the competition for Colorado Springs most eligible dickhead. But you win hands down. What a dickhead! Did you pay all your taxes and behave with your Page, Dave?