Homeless stalkers in white motorcades

COLORADO SPRINGS- Cleanup operations continued this morning under the Highway 24 interstate overpass. The “Green Team” crews are distinguished by their white pickups and vans which transport Community Service parolees to bag homeless possessions under the supervision of the CSPD H.O.T. officers in unmarked white cruisers.

Not to begrudge the poor their fancy motorcade, but you might think a cash-strapped city needn’t expend so much automotive bling in its poverty flushing efforts. Colorado Springs takes great pride obviously in its street cleaning.

The procession of pickups and vans are marked by magnetic signs denoting them as the Colorado Springs “Green Team.” What are we to make of the police cars being unmarked? They are not undercover vehicles, merely police cruisers without the decals, standing out like detectives in trenchcoats, as I imagine the intimidating police apparatus of authoritarian states. These officers are projecting all the authority without the flashing lights, projecting unfortunately all the menace which law enforcement inherently presents to the poor, without the trappings of official function of “to protect and serve.”

As friendly as their campside manner might be, these officers are enforcing regulations which have criminalized joblessness and dispossession into defacto “vagrancy.” What are the poor to do, invent jobs? Conjure houses and property? Move along folks, we don’t want to see your personal problems in public places. Nothing personal.

14 thoughts on “Homeless stalkers in white motorcades

  1. When you ain’t got much, they get to take what little you have.

    There’s a song in there somewhere.
    Here’s one for our “libertarian” friends to chew on… 100% Possession-Tax Bracket. You’re in the bottom half-percent of Income in America, you pay 100% of your possessions, liberty, whatever else They can take.

    And get tasered down and charged with Felony Assault on a “peace” Officer if you don’t cooperate.

    Oh Brave New World, that has such creatures in it!
    Oh Brave, BRAVE New World!

    Meanwhile, the HomeFull criminals did a Bar-fight murder and an unrelated stabbing downtown last night. No suspect in the stabbing, but SOME are assuming a Vagrant.

    Typical Rush to Judgment.

    Not to worry though, once they run out of Homeless People to blame, they’ll start on the Undocumented Worker People.

    Sheriff Maketa and Chief Meyers are already pledged to do extra warrant checks on Immigrants and, before long, it’s going to escalate to Random Citizenship Tests on the streets of our Fair Village.

    And then when that pastime grows wearisome, they’ll start back on the Negro People. Until they get enough Homeless and/or Undocumented Worker People to sport with.
    At least they’re predictable. Oh, and right across the creek from the former camp, is the Gold Hill Mesa Toxic Homesite Project that our Lovely Real Estate Developer friends are pushing through. They’re seriously selling 200,000 dollar homes on a Toxic Waste Dump.

    But we have to believe our “good” friends in the Real Estate Industry when they say they’re not pushing the Homeless People off for THEIR profits, no sir. They’re only doing it because they sho’ loves them some Homeless People.

    I would pose the question about “do they even ever get in touch with their consciences, you know, drop their conscience a note or a call or an e-mail every now and then” but the answer is obvious that they don’t. Dispossess the poor People so they can sell a Death Sentence House to the middle class People.

  2. What kind of government do you guys want ?
    It looks like you hate everyone !
    You guys SUCK !
    Fucking Assholes !


  3. What kind of government do you want ?

    Go to a country that has what you want !

    Stop trying to FORCE your fucked up ideals on other people.

    You are worse than those you critize on this website !

    Fuck off !

  4. What kind of government do you want ?

    One that doesn’t penalize the people for being poor, or black, or Native American, or hispanic, or for disagreeing with their penalties for being poor, or black or hispanic or Native American or for expressing displeasure over their blatant favoritism toward Money over Human Rights.

    That’s one pretty blatant example of the government we have penalizing people for objecting to a For-Profit War of Conquest.

    Go to a country that has what you want !

    Probably because this is Our country too, that and if there is any country that is Righteous and Just, then the government here would send us There as soldiers to fuck it up as much as they did here.

    Stop trying to FORCE your fucked up ideals on other people.

    Funny, that’s what we’ve been saying about the government here. They’re spending our tax money to force us to accept their Imperialistic Rule.

    Make that “try to force us”.

    Meanwhile giving our tax money to evildoers in the form of Corporate Welfare to the Insurance Industry, the War Industry, the Gas, Oil, Coal and Timber industries, the Real Estate brokers who are forcing the poorest of the poor into abject slavery with one Subsidized Fist and with the other Subsidized Hand selling people $200k houses built on Toxic Waste.

    Why is it that THEY get to FORCE their fucked up ideals on US? Because they have more money?

  5. Dear Eric;

    Sorry to burst your bubble that someone is somehow criminalizing joblessness, but there are able-bodied people living for free at the Express Inn who are not using their time to look for work…. because they don’t have to… they get free rooms… eat free at the Marion House and SRM everyday… and count on soft-hearted, soft-headed apologists like you to excuse them from taking personal responsibility for their choices….. nice… ask Chris or Tessly next time you see them buying burritos at the 7-11 with their food stamps if they looked for work this week…

  6. So what are the jobs you have for all us “shirkers”? At what rate of pay? Enough to actually cover the cost of producing our labor? I bet not. You’ve had the financial reins of this city and our nation (along with your Ideologue Masters and Accomplices) for more than three decades and what have you got to show for it?

    I met a couple of my friends in the past three days who were evicted by your Uniformed Thug Accomplices, I would bet you personally wouldn’t hire either one of them for any position. They’re not criminals, but you fancy yourself to be so very superior to them, as you demonstrate with your presence here on this site.

    Look to your own fortunes, your Parasite Class is finding itself on the edge of poverty. You might blame those of us already impoverished for that, probably do in fact.

    Your fellow-travellers at Fox and the Gazette are blaming people who control less than a tenth of a percentage point of the economy for the collapse of said economy. And not the Wealthy Corporate Masters who control more than 90%.

    You still promoting the Siddhartha theory, that if poverty is hidden from view then your Fortune 500 Corporations will invest more money in your company?

    And, I still believe that you must own stock in Wackenhut, the ones who manage the Inmate Slave Labor for Colorado. It suits your very obvious personality traits.

  7. Dear BJ;

    Here’s a NEWSFLASH: If an able-bodied man will not work, he should not expect to eat.

    There are help wanted signs within walking distance of the Express Inn, but to quote one resident, “I’m waiting for a management position to open up”… and “I can survive on my food stamps”…

    Try as you may to ignore the facts, but your defense of the laziness of those “on the dole” is weak…. the reality is that when people get used to welfare and handouts, they have no motivation to work for $7/hr sweeping floors and living in a $300/mo room downtown… they can get un-employment for 2 years… food stamps… eat at the Soup Kitchens…

    So you can continue rail at the injustices of Capitalism, and sit in President Obama’s “Soup Pot”… as he raises the temperature… one program at a time…. I’ve got to go to work to earn more of the American dream…

  8. So your Rich Bitch Parasite Class buddies like Mayor Rivera, Chief Meyers, and Janis Heuberger, to name a few, who “earned” their money by OTHER PEOPLES LABOR shouldn’t be allowed to eat.

    That makes sense.

  9. Once again, you’ve misunderstood – please get it right this time…

    If you CHOOSE not to work, you should not EXPECT to eat…. got it?

    As for the jobs available to you, whose fault is it that you are not qualified to do anything but rant on this website and sell t-shirts made by slave-labor in Nicaragua with your faux activist pal, Eric? Look in a mirror, Brother… not my fault!

  10. Hey, how ’bout them bedbugs down at the Express Inn?
    I was talking with a friend about that today. He and his lady had been taken to the hespital for infected bedbug bites. The Express Inn owners you think of as such heroes promised on camera to move them to another room. They lied.

    They were evicted in the middle of the night for having talked about it on camera.
    Did they call you and your Pig “Homeless Outreach Team’ to back up the eviction order?

    Were you hoping to see disabled people get tasered?

  11. I just strong suspect, though, that you won’t be offering any kind of help to the people.
    Maybe for your Corporate Buddies at Express Inn, but then, they have the cops and City Council and other corporate sucks helping them.

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