State Terrorism raises the terror stakes

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev pledged this response to the Moscow subway blombings: “The measures to fight terrorism should be expanded, they should be more effective, more harsh, more cruel, if you please.” Conceding, I believe, that in challenging state repression, it is the insurgent-variety terrorist who defines appropriate and just.

What Russian law enforcement measures hadn’t proven sufficient against the Chechen rebels and their present leader Dokku Umarov? Quoth Medvedev: “We have torn off the heads of the most odious bandits, but clearly this was not enough.”

1 thought on “State Terrorism raises the terror stakes

  1. The news reports from that day, mentioned the school and theatre massacres… but didn’t mention that the VAST majority of the dead were from Police Bullets and Police Gas.

    Fox news Monday morning had the Chechen rebels as precisely that, Rebels, “good” Muslim insurgents as opposed to those who are targeted by the Good, Righteous and Noble American Army. The double standards stack up on each other so much it’s like a kaleidoscope pattern.

    Kind of like the “Good” Kurds who are selling Iraqi oil and the “Bad” PKK.

    The “Good” Kurds who were killed by the Iraqi army with American supplied weapons as opposed to the “Bad” Kurds killed by the “Good” Turks with American supplied weapons.

    The insane popularity contest between a Chipmunk (thou shalt not eat, for it is cute) and a Chicken.

    A bee and a yellow-jacket. A rat and a squirrel.

    Difference being mostly Perception.

    Dig the way Lenin is juxtaposed with Trotsky, or both of them set against the Tsar, who was a real murderous son-of-a-bitch until he died, then all of a sudden he’s a Saint.

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