How many dead US soldiers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

It’s hard not to get excited when the Afghans are able to fell nine US soldiers with one stone. But am I glad about the US deaths? I am not. For one, the latest helicopter crash means “2010 is deadliest year of war in Afghanistan.” For US/NATO troops. No mention as usual about Afghan dead. Do we not embarrass ourselves with this insensitivity? I’m guessing the record high in occupier casualties means a several- fold deluge of victims too, but that isn’t marked by this milestone.

Our callous policy of not keeping count, means there can be no milestones for the innocent dead.

Opponents of the war are accused of gloating over US deaths, but what’s the point? Neither wounded, nor killed, funerals public or not, caskets shown or not, have swayed even the parents and military families from pumping their fists for continued war.

You wonder if the Department of Defense even has to try to disguise US casualties, calling them first NATO casualties, then US-led forces, and finally after the fact, American soldiers.

Will it take PTSD suffering vets killing their spouses, families and coworkers before America decides the war is taking too great a toll?

American deaths become simply as senseless as Afghan or Iraqi, tragic and lamentable. If there’s any silver lining, it’s the hope that America will run out of soldiers faster than it can ensnare more.

So how many dead US soldiers does it take to screw in a light bulb? I’m thinking metaphorically of the light bulb above the head which recognizes the profound error America has made in spreading war to Iraq and Afghanistan, the eureka moment when the average American decides enough is enough. The answer obviously, is not yet enough.

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8 Responses to How many dead US soldiers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

  1. Only two. But they have to be very small, very flexible, acrobatic and the light bulb has to be frickin’ HUGE.

  2. How much you want to bet the Usual Detractors won’t pay any attention to the Chaplain’s Eulogy at their funerals sounding exactly like what they claim Muslim Clergy use as propaganda to recruit Suicide Bombers?

    Saying that the deceased was fighting in a holy war and was a good Christian/Jew/Muslim/Buddhist/Sikh/Taoist/Satanist and would thus be in heaven receiving the praises of God and all the angels and saints, plus be given 74 virgins.

  3. Avatar ahmadqabil says:

    Bring your troops out from Afganistan.You are fighting with the best Ummah of our time.They fight for the cause of Allah,they love martyr(death)more than you loves for this lives.Allahuakhbar Walilahilhamd.

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    See, that just happens to be a very large problem. We’re not allowed to bring our troops home. So much for “democracy” and not being run by a group of very rich people who want the full titles and privileges of Aristocracy, including telling us we have to die for them or support those who are willing to die for them.

    There’s been an increase in punitive actions against people who merely suggest the possibility that maybe the War might be a really stupid idea, aside from being waged for reasons that have been proved false, were proved false even before the wars began. Suggesting that the U.S. Government is not owned by the people but in fact by that same group of very rich BASTARDS mentioned earlier could and sometimes does get you on a list of people who can be “punished” with those who supposedly enforce the laws looking the other way.

    With of course, threats of more punishments if the resistance continues to grow.
    The way they worded the “laws” which in themselves are violations of every prior law, anybody anywhere in America or the rest of the world can be imprisoned, tortured and or killed with no trial, no notification of any Civilian authorities, the supposed “free” press, the courts, the family or friends of the person who is taken hostage to the Terroristic Corporate Government.

    Regardless of citizenship, regardless of any prior service to the United States in any capacity, without any necessity of charges of any crime being proved, any evidence of those crimes being committed by the person being punished, imprisoned, tortured or murdered… or even any proof that any crime was actually committed. By anybody.

    That is NOT “Law”, it is the absolute power of a Dictatorship.
    But they do these things in the name of Law, and Freedom, and Democracy, and Human Rights, and in the name of God.

  5. Avatar dewi says:

    Mujahid in Afghan die for the right reason: invated and attacted. US troops die for what reason?

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    People die in wars because other people kill them. There is no real reason for it and never will be. Other than some people believe money is more important than the lives of people.

  7. Avatar wade says:


  8. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    yes, it is. Their so-called Superior Capitalistic System somehow doesn’t sell itself so they have to force other nations to accept it at gunpoint. That’s very pathetic. And their Recruiters have to lie to get the KIDS to enlist.

    I would think that if Capitalism was so stand-alone superior there would be no need to force the entire world to join into the system in order to make it work. Let’s say, for instance, that all the Kings Helicopters and All the Kings Unmanned Drones, including the Human Drones, were to actually force a worldwide system of Capitalism.

    The Romans tried the same thing 2000 years ago. Turns out the cost of administration of the Vassal States, BY FORCE OF ARMS, and conquering new Vassal States to exploit and rob the people thereof for their labor and other resources, was so far in the red that Rome collapsed under a National Debt money hemorrhage.

    Same level of Corporate Welfare, supporting the Richest with free Government Goodies, like having the Government pay soldiers to go and rob other nations of their wealth and give it to the Rich Romans, essentially Tax-free. Much like what the TeaBags insist they want.

    It’s why “we” are losing the war and why we’ve already lost our economy.

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