If Camp OUT NOW won’t end the US military corporate empire, will you?

POTA - Peace Of The Action
In 2005 Cindy Sheehan staked her tent in Crawford TX until President Bush would deign to meet with her; she didn’t pack it up until she had launched an antiwar movement. From there Sheehan met with world leaders, challenged Nancy Pelosi at the polls, and made herself ubiquitous wherever antiwar was raged. This time Sheehan is laying siege to the White House and she’s not going to let up until Obama calls off his dogs of war. Will it work? It should.

George Bush could have halted the grieving mother’s momentum if he’d heard her out. This time no beer summit is going to pass for Obama’s promised change. Sheehan has already been arrested in front of the White House, the new president has already snubbed her on Martha’s Vineyard. Didn’t hear about it? The media can pretend none of this is happening unless Camp OUT NOW reaches critical mass. You should join in. Sheehan’s promising no less than the crumbling of the US military corporate empire. Can it happen? It won’t happen without you.

3 thoughts on “If Camp OUT NOW won’t end the US military corporate empire, will you?

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  2. We sometimes leave these vitriolic comments up, just to remind readers about what’s out there. Even when we intercept them, comments like this are demoralizing. Not because they’re mean-spirited, or threats of violence, but mostly because they’re so consistently base. Or seem to be. “BendOver” left a spate of profane comments through an anonymized IP. His alarm about anti-Semitism seems incongruous for someone with so much spit on his keyboard, don’t you think?

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