Missionaries say they don’t proselytize

No, and that’s not why the Christian International Aid Mission was banished from Afghanistan, and why the US invasion reinstated it. Ask its volunteers why they don’t exert their humanitarian impulses for non-religious operations, then you’ll be getting past these pleas of feigned victimization. Missionary-tourism brochures extol bringing your faith “through the witness of humanitarian aid.”

We’re informed the missionaries killed in Afghanistan were bringing toothbrushes to youngsters who’d never seen toothbrushes before. Having floated that sparkling meme, the media would have us ignore the preponderance of photographs of smiling Afghan children, sporting cleaner smiles than the average American child. Not having “tooth brushes” does not mean their culture has subsisted without dental care. Perhaps the missionaries should like to impress us that they are bringing Velcro shoe-fasteners to children who know only shoe laces.

Reading about American missionaries on the receiving end of Islamic wrath, I found this quote by 23-year-old Allen Nunnally, caught up in the Ugandan bombing that targeted western missionaries assembled to watch the World Cup. The explosions killed a missionary from Delaware and wounded others from Pennsylvania. Even among United Methodists there are denominational loyalties.

“There was blood everywhere. There was blood on us,” Nunnally told The Birmingham News, but none of the Alabamans were hurt. “At first we didn’t know if it was ours. But we were literally untouched. We are so blessed and so in awe of God’s protection of us.”

2 thoughts on “Missionaries say they don’t proselytize

  1. From the Bible:

    “and the workmen who perished when the wall at Siloam fell upon them, were they more, or less, evil than any others that they should perish so?”

    Like preachers who proclaim the Haitian Earthquake and Katrina were visitations of God’s Wrath on the (not coincidentally dark skinned) Creole sinners in both places.

    A tornado in Kansas levels (alright, it’s a SMALL town) Greensburg, kills people, those who it doesn’t kill say essentially what the Alabama group said about the Yankee group, no word whatsoever from Fred Phelps or Pat Robertson on how many Homosexuals, Vodun Priestesses or Out-of-control Negroes were there.

  2. As far as my knowledge Christians are very calm. their religion disseminate peace and being a good human being . they work whole
    heartedly for that. but where ever such a thing proselytizing happens It is not good for the world.
    everybody respect and love its religion. nobody can interfere into it.

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