Backing Obama when you know better

Overheard from a celebrated activist who normally advocates direct-action over electoral wait-and-see, having joked that voting only encourages false expectations:
“I voted for Obama, but after he renewed the Patriot Act,
I vowed never to vote again.”

“But if Sarah Palin runs again, I’ll vote.”
And that’s the role Sarah Palin plays: bad cop to the lesser evil.

32 thoughts on “Backing Obama when you know better

  1. I sometimes wonder if she even knows she’s being used like that. She testified in the lawsuit against the guy who published her emails that it might have derailed her campaign. Methinks the lady doth take herself way too seriously.

    I always thought that the image of a dingbat like her having her nasty little psychotic fingers on the trigger of the Biggest Baddest Bombs was what lost her the election.

    That and the Republicans deliberately threw the election, counted the odds against an economic recovery, given the best possible odds, happening in 4 years, and decided that a Liberal (if only in name? who knows?) being at the non-helm not-directing the course would allow the Real Bigpigs to subsequently blame everybody to the left of Vlad Dracula for the collapse.

    But if a recovery doesn’t happen in 4 years it’s not very likely to happen in 8 either.

    Speculating that they could then blame it on policies that were never really ratified or implemented starts to wander into The Zone a little.

    The part that plays to that, is Mr Obama could have used the powers Mr Bush had assigned to him and simply abolished the Supreme Court and the Congress and ruled by fiat the first day in office.

    Fighting a shadow government is one thing, how about the shadow of the shadow? He never used the powers, but did leave them in place…

  2. She’s got a talent for self destruction that’s awesome to behold. Not being a registered voter has one consequence, politicians don’t respond to any communication that’s not from a registered voter or from a child.

    The kids get a pass because it makes for good Political Theatre, kind of an Advanced Bullpoopoo version of the “Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus” letter.

    “Some of my little friends at school say there’s no such thing as a Free Market and that Ronald Reagan was a bad man…”

  3. Ed- if Palin were president, would it mean

    What would Palin do that Obama isn’t?

  4. McCain dead of uninvestigated causes.
    Union Membership officially illegal
    Racist Laws like the Arizona Immigration bill nationwide.
    Minutemen given full police powers, including shooting dissidents on sight.
    National Offender Registry expanded to include Arabs, Chicanos, Blacks, Native Americans, Anarchists, Liberals, any other Troublemakers they can add at any time.
    No debate whatsoever about regulating Wall Street.
    No investigation, even sham investigation, of Gitmo.
    No debate whatsoever about Health Care.
    No debate whatsoever about Net Neutrality.
    No statement, even muted, about Corporate Rule.
    Fox Networks given government authorization as National News Service.
    Sarah Palin dead of uninvestigated causes.
    Richard Cheney appointed Temporary Emergency Dictator For Life.

    Just as a start.

    It would have been far easier to organize the TeaBags as a branch of the official government.

    Maybe Obama is just a straw man, but with a Third Republican Regime firmly established they wouldn’t even need that. They would have had the stamp of approval either by sheer apathetic default.

    What DID get accomplished was a rejection of the Bush Regime policies by 70 million Americans. Did we all just disappear?
    I think we’re all still here and even Simple Sarah recognizes that. They actually know they don’t have the raw majority needed to just clamp down on us.

    They still see a need for deceptive advertising. They’re having to spend a LOT of money and time organizing the TeaBags and putting forth expensive propaganda campaigns against reform.

    If there’s any tell-tale it’s the amount of money they’re spending attempting to smear the 70 million voices who voted FOR change, whether we got it or not. They don’t like spending their own money for a probability or even a possibility of quashing the entire Reform movement.

    The TeaBags wouldn’t have to be out shouting against change and threatening violence, because there wouldn’t even be the illusion of change possible and the violence would be institutional, and Tax Supported.

    They made their case in the 90s for conquest of Iraq and Afghanistan, as a prelude to conquest of Iran… and that in turn a prelude to conquest, unchallenged or the challengers quickly suppressed, of America.

    Of course I look for victories and positive affirmations.

    One of the most positive is the timeline proposed by PNAC in 1993 for how long it would take them to get to full power.
    It was supposed to be 5 years ago.

    They might still win, but it’s going to cost, a LOT. They’ve got the money to spend but I still believe they’d rather not have to do so.

    And, if they DO get their way, finally, they won’t have it for long because of the self destructive nature of their program.

    Without regulation of the “free” market, the Invisible Hand of the marketplace would have eaten itself back in the 1930s.

    Problem is it would take the rest of us out right along with the guilty parties.

  5. Maybe Obama is just a straw man, but with a Third Republican Regime firmly established they wouldn’t even need that. They would have had the stamp of approval either by sheer apathetic default.

    Or by an actually incontestable majority. They didn’t have that for the Bush 2 Administration, and knew it and still know it. That’s an important difference.

  6. God only knows I DO NOT want palin, The point I am making is that her supporters like seeing this war blamed on Obama, Bush Sr. Started this war in 1990, with all the intentions of fighting for oil.

    I didn’t expect an immediate end to this war when Obama took office, yes I would have liked one but I knew that wouldn’t happen.

    The cartoon is making the point that by blaming this war on Obama is is fueling the republican party.

    If Palin becomes president we all better run for shelter.


  8. Ed, your apologetics for Obama have become so stale! And ignorant, too!

    I refer to the personal conversation we just recently had, you and I, where you wanted to call me a Tea Bagger because I mentioned that Obama had just threatened Iran and North Korea with a nuclear strike by the Pentagon. First, you denied that that was so, and then Second, you said that since you were a working stiff you hadn’t the time to read about it and claimed that those who did were somehow Middle Class dilettantes unlike your Union self!

    That’s pretty sad stuff… We DO have more choices than Republican Party boosterism or Democratic Party the same. You should open your eyes and stop calling Leftists who oppose the corporate Democratic Party ‘Republicans’. It just makes you look stupid when you do that.

    ‘The cartoon is making the point that by blaming this war on Obama is is fueling the republican party.’

    Not hardly, Ed…. Blaming Obama and His fellow Democrats for continuing the war is blaming Obama for siding with the Republicans and collaborating with them. Republicans don’t do that. Bad union hacks do back up bad Democratic Party hacks that ape their Republican cohorts. Unfortunately, that is destructive to the Union Movement and is a big factor in why unionism is in total retreat and decline.

  9. Tony, you are a moron, you think your shit don’t stink.
    You think that everyone should worship you.
    All you ever do is bitch about what happens here and you don’t even vote, so what the hell are you doing in america in the first place?
    Get out, You would obviously be happier in another country, so go.

  10. Tony, You are the biggest idiot known to man. It’s hard to believe that you still live in america You bitch about the labor movement but you can barely hold down a job.
    You say you were an organizer for S.E.I.U.?, you probably only lasted one day until you found out you actually had to do some work.
    You’re full of shit Tony. A hard day’s work would probably give you a heart attack, the only skill you really have is talking shit, Let’s see you get in my face when I am not at work and see what happens.

  11. It is dipshit stuff like this which is why activists in this town don’t stay working together, First it was the PPJPC hounding everyone and their brother for money and now it’s Tony Picking fights with everyone he sees, I will still keep doing what I am doing you all can have fun blaming Obama for a war that Bush Started, Don’t say I didn’t warn you If Sarah Palin or Mit Romney become president in 2012 and the next thing you know there is a complaint that we are at war with god knows what other country. You were unrealistic to want an instant end to the war in Iraq, it would have been nice yes but you knew that wouldn’t happen.
    I want this war to end too, but I will not listen to fuckholes like Tony who come to my place of work to pick a fight with me.
    Shame on all of you for doing your best to piss off everyone who cames across your path.
    You want support, quit deliberately picking fights. I am not like those J&Pers, I won’t take any shit. Tony, this time you screwed with the wrong person. Stay away from me.

  12. I am parting company, this is turning out to be another PPJPC incident, I will continue with my you tube videos about local issues, but I can no longer support this. This is turning out to be one disappointment after another, Eric…Thank you for the help you have given over this course of time. Tony will ruin the movement, I cannot tell you not to have him around but I will tell you that he will eventually ruin you. When I am getting this angry it is time for me to move on. I am sorry things haven’t worked out and I wish you well, I just can’t be part of this anymore. I will always oppose this war, but not this particular thing. Tony, again I ask Please stay away from me.

  13. ‘I want this war to end too, but I will not listen to fuckholes like Tony who come to my place of work to pick a fight with me.’

    Actually, I came to buy groceries at the super market as I do whether you are there or not, and YOU put yourself in my face talking shit against Bill D because he carried a sign that said… STOP Obomber’s Wars… You said that proved that he was some sort of horrible Republican agent and went into a long winded and biZarre rant about now how you supposedly had some sort of dope on him because of that sign… and blah, blah, blah….

    When I mentioned that he had taken that sign from me (I had been carrying it myself and had first come up with the Obomber’s Wars slogan myself ) and that I was totally of accord with what it had to say, then you got all hot under the collar about that. And started going all macho BIG GUY like you were going to slug me in the store in the checkout line! What a lunatic you turned yourself into, all because you are so glued to being so supportive of Democratic Party politics so bad, and too heavily invested in thinking that you are somehow the great leader in some antiFasicst battle you have made up in your head.

    ‘Let’s see you get in my face when I am not at work and see what happens.’

    You seem to have a screw that has come loose, Ed? I consider this a threat to assault me and now it is on this blog site as evidence of your intentions. I should take out a restraining order on you because you really are wound up way too tight, and are showing a hard time knowing how to behave yourself.

    And one other thing, Dude. You wouldn’t be able to last a year in the line of work I do. You seem to be under the mistaken macho idea that it is only you that works for a living? However…. you are wrong about that. You don’t seem to even know what line of work I am in or what it involves? Not ot mention that both me and my wife also works a million times harder than you actually do as checkout line guy.

    I admire the fact that you are a dedicated unionist (I have been a unionist, too, several times in my life where one was actually there to be able to join) but that does not give you carte blanche to act like a raving moron. In the now falling apart American union movement there are an access of blowhards like yourself and that’s a great part of the problem. A union movement that only attracts those who strut around issuing threats to others is not one that endears itself to most working people all that much.

    Take a chill pill and hopefully you’ll have a better day on your next shift. Maybe someday you will find the time in your busy schedule to actually read more about Obama’s militarism and the militarism of his party of the corporations? Until then, don’t go around and call us Republicans that are not koolaid drinking enchanted with the Donkeys like you yourself seem to work yourself up into a frenzy being. Chill out some, and realize that all are not going to 100% agree with you on these issues.

    Take care, Ed. I liked it when we were friends better than with this insanity now going. Funny thing is, that both YOU and Bill D are two of the most Democratic Party guys I know. Yet you hate the guy!??? Go figure?

  14. Tony, I understand you are angry with eric because you are not happy with him either, If you are that unhappy then what are you doing here?

    You just can’t get along with anybody can you?

  15. Tony, all you ever do is piss people off, It won’t matter who is president you won’t like them. You just keep bitching about everything, I don’t understand why you are even commenting since You are now fighting with Eric. You are stupid and no one cares what you have to say.

  16. Tony, you pissed me off so bad that I don’t want you near me, As for assaulting you I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction, I will tell you that You are not going to find too many other people who want to hear you when you bash everybody you see. When you got in my face at work You lost all respect from me, I don’t want you near me because I believe you deliberately tried to antagonize me, and you have antagonized alot of people. There is something wrong with you. You have a need to antagonize people which is something you should see a psychiatrist for. You just have to get people mad at you possibly because you have a need for attention, perhaps mommy and daddy didn’t give you enough attention when you were a baby I don’t know what your problem is, I won’t hit you unless of course you are a threat but I will tell you one last time, stay away from me, do not approach me at work because you have burned your bridges with me. I hope Eric will forgive me for what I have said on His website, but I have had enough of you Tony. I can tolerate what Eric Says because he doesn’t have the need to get in someone’s face at their place of work and make the comments like you made. Perhaps you should leave state and find someone else to annoy I think you have annoyed everyone to the point of bringing out their bad side. I never thought I would get as mad as I did at you, but when you keep acting like an asshole you can’t expect a warm reception. As for Durland, Of course I have my beef with him but at least I can say that he hasn’t come to my job and got in my face just to try and get a rise out of me.

  17. You work at a supermarket, Ed. You shouldn’t feel that when people go through the checkout line that they are deliberately searching you out.

  18. Lick Sarah Lick!

    Slick licken’ Palin should have no problem licking up that oil slick with the rest of the drill baby drill crowd.

    The federal government and the American taxes payers should not pay a cent for this mess. Slick licken’ Palin and the drill baby drill crowd should pay for the 10,000 businesses they shut down and the cost of the fish industry loss.

  19. Now, that’s not playing by the Rules, whatever they are or whoever made them up… but we have to find a Left side political target to go with every Right Side one we criticize.

    Maybe Stalin would do.
    Although I could see that in the the political circle left can actually be right and right can be wrong and whatever.
    Even in Anarchism where there’s technically NO structured form to which one must adhere, there will be those who say you’re not far enough out. It’s taken the better part of 4 centuries since Jamestown was founded and Corporate Rule got a foothold on North America, for them to bring health care down to a level where massive government intervention became vital, but we’re supposed to crucify Obama and call him AntiChrist if he doesn’t get it done in the first four months he’s on the job.

    We as in Anarchists, Democrats, Libertarians and I’ll even include the Tea Potty in there if they ever learn some basic manners and quit threatening to KILL me and everybody like me… were handed a large stinky pile of Elephant Dung and a huge dead elephant to clean up. Then they took away our shovels and brooms and gave us each a teaspoon and a toothbrush.

    If the Democratic party is more often a Fellow Traveller of any actual people’s movements (as opposed to the Astroturf Party organized and funded by people who are more Anti-Democratic than anything else… oh, and racist too, how in the world could I forget Racism?) then I will CAUTIOUSLY endorse some or even many of the actions taken by the Democratic party. Simply taking down the top dogs of either organization, D or R, wouldn’t do because we still haven’t built up enough of a pool of replacements who aren’t going to be Just Like The Old Boss as the song goes.

    One problem with Organized politics is that it will attract people who WANT to run other people’s lives, businesses and nations. That’s a Big Red Flag in my book.

    The D’s aren’t as organized as the R’s nor are they as exclusive. If there’s a large benefit to be had from an at least seemingly polarized two-party system it’s that the one party that is most exclusive draws more of the people who think they’re Goddamn better than the rest of us. Makes them easier to identify.

    I know from experience that the D’s don’t like Anarchists. But they do travel our direction from time to time and usually, maybe not always they do it at times when we really NEED a lot of people travelling our way.

    I KNOW, too, that Bill O’Reilly or his Wannabees will jump on that and say it’s proof that the D’s “pal around with terrorists”.

    JESUS palled around with Terrorists, Peter and at least three others of His inner circle, 33% of His closest confidantes, were Zealots. Middle Eastern Religious Fundamentalist Terrorists that make al Qa’eda look like a bunch of dilettantes.

    So, what’s the accusation again, that Some on the left “pal around with Democrats”? That sounds like something Silly Sarah would and did say.

  20. ‘Now, that’s not playing by the Rules, whatever they are or whoever made them up… but we have to find a Left side political target to go with every Right Side one we criticize.’

    Jonah, are you congenitally unable to figure it out? The Democratic Party is not with the ‘Left side’ of anything. They are the corporate Right in this country, though just not as Far Right as the Republican Party is. In the US, we are only given the ‘choice’ of choosing between the Right and the Far Right, and even in that money manipulates everything.

    Your inability to understand that the Democratic Party is not ‘Left’ is a very sad thing, and makes your comments generally without any real value if we actually bother to read them (and sometimes we just can’t stomach doing that). Now there are actually plenty of Leftists out there, and one can criticize them for many things, or not? But when you criticize Democratic Party politicians, you are not criticizing the ‘Left’ by doing that. You are simply criticizing the corporate Right Wing that runs this country in alliance with the Republican Party.

  21. Obama continues to support torture on American held POWs. I put this mention of it here because NMT is too busy doing whatever it does to mention how the Democrats are continuing to try to convict this prisoner, even though the US Interrogator threatened to kill this POW using gang rape! The kid was 15 y/o when the US military captured him. No recent thread or commentary on NMT to discuss this though…..

    I bet all those on the Nobel Peace Committee are proud of giving the PEACE prize to Obomber Man? And of course, all of you who voted for the guy! How proud you must now be?…..

    Obama Administration Demands Amnesia From Reporters Covering Gitmo
    by Dan Froomkin

    Jack Newfield, the legendary investigative reporter, once wrote that if government officials had their way, journalists would be “stenographers with amnesia.”

    The “amnesia” part, at least, was generally considered a bit of an exaggeration.

    But now, the Pentagon has banned four reporters from covering the military commissions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, because they refused to forget something that had already been reported to the world.

    The four reporters were covering military commission hearings at which defense attorneys for Canadian detainee Omar Khadr argued that confessions he made as a gravely wounded 15-year-old shouldn’t be admissible in his upcoming trial because they were made under duress.

    And indeed, witnesses earlier this week described how Khadr’s interrogation began when he was still sedated and lying wounded on a stretcher. A medic testified that he once found Khadr chained by his arms to the door of his cage-like cell, hooded and in tears

    But the defense’s star witness, on Thursday, was the first U.S. Army interrogator to question Khadr. The interrogator admitted that in an attempt to get Khadr to talk, he told the boy a “fictitious” tale of an Afghan youth who was gang-raped in an American prison and died.

  22. And if he does go through the mechanisms of the Courts, filled with Cheney appointees, and the Senate, daily threatened with death by hanging, (for backing an Obama initiative on Health Care, something that would have saved my foot if it had been applied 18 years ago) and the House of so-called Representatives, would he count on you, would WE count on you, to have his back on it?

    Of course, I realize that a President is either an Omnipotent Dictator who has direct oversight of everything that happens in or out of Government, or he’s a meaningless symbol, and there couldn’t possibly be any middle ground.

    He COULD sign an executive order. Then what? You know the TeaBags would act all kinds of up, and we’d be one (hundred) step(s) closer to Martial Law.

    Which of the TeaBags or even the Libertarians ever stood up for Health Care? Ron Paul? While my wife, Martha, was dying of a treatable condition Ron Paul was running for office in Texas on Reagan’s Ticket. Literally, the RNC financed his campaign to the hilt and beyond. With all the trappings including the War on Social Security, War on Medicaid, War on Poor and Disabled People In General. The denial of health care killed her, the same system of Denial that the TeaBags and the Libertarians and the Republicans all back to this very day, Killed Martha.

    Should I let that go to join you in condemning people who stand against that kind of organized Murder By Neglect?

    If I stand behind Health Care reform, or putting Wall Street under any kind of investigation, something the TeaBags and other Republicans never did, not once…

    Then somehow I’m an acolyte or priest or sycophant for the Obama Cult, which I really haven’t seen that much thereof.

    See, I’ve got reasons a-plenty for backing some of the actions taken by Democrats and opposed by Republicans. One of them is in a lonely grave in Ranger Texas.

    Another is that some of the people who oppose Health Care in any form, also carry guns around in order to try to intimidate ME and anybody else who disagrees with them, including Mr Obama ,into submitting to their warped and twisted varietals of Liberty and God. That they chant racist and covertly racist slogans against me, and thee, and many of our friends for daring to be of different cultures or ethnicity or religious beliefs than theirs.

    If the Chickenshit Bastards with the guns and threats of lynching don’t make me back down, how the Hell do you think that criticism from you will make me back down?

  23. Jonah, you are quite hopeless I think. Here you are continuing to defend a president who refuses to even begin to dismantle the torture apparatus that he commands. Who refuses to call for stopping the kangaroo trial of a young kid who was actually defending his own country from foreign invaders when he was wounded, then captured, and then tortured.

    You defend the CIC of the US military who continues to order drone attacks that take innocent lives on a weekly basis in a country we are not at war with officially. You defend a president and his corporate party as they continually threaten to go to war with Iran and Syria, even to the ecxtnet of using nucelar weapons in the attack.

    Brother Jonah, you are a total fraud!

    ‘If the Chickenshit Bastards with the guns and threats of lynching don’t make me back down, how the Hell do you think that criticism from you will make me back down?’

    Nobody has threatened to lynch you, Jonah. You are just a total moron and make up this shit. You’re alive. Now take the drugs you need to keep the paranoid delusions away from inside your head

  24. … or at least go smoke some ‘medical marijuana’ once again.

  25. The TeaParty carry the threat of Lynching everywhere they go.
    It’s one of their things. And it’s racist in nature.

    And, They Do Support The Same Corporate Medical Policies That Killed Martha. And literally countless others like her. But if I stand against them and their Republican Corporate Whore-Masters I get this bullshit from YOU, of all people because, I’m not attacking one of the more influential political allies standing against their Cowardly Murdering Collective Arse.

    I don’t often talk about Martha. It hurts. But in case you wanted a personal reason from me why I tear into the Republicans and their Retarded Clones the TeaBags, that’s why. Maybe, just maybe, you could understand that. And would you care to guess how many, what percentage of the MILLIONS of “frauds” who oppose that shit have the same kind of personal stake? People who are watching helplessly while the corporations KILL their loved ones, through lack of Medical Care?

    But we’re “frauds” if we don’t abandon Health Care, or attack some of our strongest allies, Our Best Chances of Actual Change…

    The Libertarians aren’t going to change anything. Ron Paul voted Straight Ticket for every Reaganite policy. Including but not limited to the Health Care that is a vitally important part of my life, and the continuing Wars. Voted with and supported such TeaBag “patriots” as Ollie North.

    I’m supposed to put on the old Political Blinders and just forget that? Forget that they not only oppose any change, including dropping torture, including environmental issues, including HEALTH CARE, including Immigration, including Religious Freedom, even for Christian groups that stand against them like the Quakers, they Violently oppose it with lynchings (Like Bill Sparkman) and shooting up churches like the Unitarian Church in Knoxville, and the Anti-Hispanic Violence like their murder of Raul and Briseña Flores…

    They threaten Everybody in the United States with crap like that, Tony, and that includes me and that includes YOU.

    But I’m supposed to turn from facing that, and instead demonize those in the Democratic party who are also opposing that pack of Raging Cowards?

    There’s a phrase I picked up in England when I was just a kid, “Not Bloody Likely, Mate!”

    I could say the same for you, because you turn from facing a very real threatening very real Mob, who already have blood on their hands, I could say that you praising them with Faint Damns makes YOU a sellout and a fraud.

    None of that will bring Martha back. Or Briseña.

    But maybe, just maybe, not turning away from attempting change, in order to join my voice to a pack of snarling Racist Freaks like them in condemning the one Major Political Figure in America who even seemingly attempts real Change… might actually make a difference.

    Yeah, I’m alive. Martha isn’t. My brother Lee almost died from the same National Disease, Don’t-Give-A-Fuck-Itis, corporate run “public” health care.

    I almost lost my foot because of it, and still might. Miss Johnnie might die from it.

    Those are real Human Beings, Tony, human beings, going about the business of staying human, instead of becoming ex-humans Not delusions or paranoid constructs. Nothing to do with the non-existent drugs you also mentioned.

    What, if YOU aren’t one of those killed by the increasing violence of the anti-Health Care, Anti-Immigration, Anti-Environmentalist, Anti-Reform gun-toting Crazies, the ones who HAVE murdered Americans already and threaten them every day, then their threats some don’t exist?

    THAT kind of thinking is a psychotic construct.

  26. What if I were to show up at the next TeaBag rally with a posterized picture of Martha, a battery powered microphone and amplifier set and a GUN?

    See, that would put me square in league with the Crazies.

    But not in your mind. In your not-quite-equivalent denunciation of anybody who doesn’t advocate Mob Action or worse yet, participate in direct Mob Action, and tries instead to effect those kinds of changes through a system, even a broken one, such a person needs anti-psychotic drugs, and the REAL gun toting Crazies get a free pass.

    Some of us don’t actually want to kill our neighbors, either through direct action, opposing the TeaBags and other corporate sucks on their own violent level, or indirect action like tearing out what few shreds of participatory democracy left within the system.

    That would be killing our neighbors, our friends, our families, generations to come. It would be ceding the fight to the Corporates.

    And it would ensure forever the cycle of Wars and Police State powers. Just, you know, in a bizarre coincidence.

  27. And yes, I believe that if Obama does issue an executive order, there will be violent opposition to it, from the aforementioned Mob Action heavily armed Crazies, and i’m starting to believe that you wouldn’t stand up for it.

    There’s a few options, none of them really good. Direct Executive action, using the same Police State methods and powers that are to be dismantled, … Mob Action which would have us killing other Americans and not accomplishing anything, just more deaths and providing an excuse for Dictatorship, (not a valid reason, an excuse) and trying to change the broken system into a Non-Broken, Functional system.

    You refuse to back actions (NOT personalities, not parties, actions) of Democrats even though they’re the only actual organized political entity even ATTEMPTING real change.

    Without support for those ACTIONS those actions will die on the vine and never come to harvest.

  28. You still don’t get it, Jonah. I’m not the one working for Republicans. It’s your Democratic Party that is.

    ‘You refuse to back actions (NOT personalities, not parties, actions) of Democrats even though they’re the only actual organized political entity even ATTEMPTING real change.’

    What change are the Democrats working for, Jonah? NONE. The health care insurance patch up job they’re trying to pull off is not an attempt at real change, but an attempt to block it. Nominating Kagan for the Supreme Court is an effort to prevent real change, not make it. Promoting offshore drilling and nuclear power is an effort o prevent real change, not make it. Pushing for continued war and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan is the Republican agenda, not opposing it.

    You and Eric simply have your heads screwed on backward. and YES, Eric is still a Democrat, too. PLEASE, Obama, be good Eric….

  29. Slick licken’ Palin
    BP will not pay for all this! They will disperse the vast wealth among the oil tycoons and then declare bankruptcy. Ha Ha they are smarter than everyone else.
    More Mega Yachts!

    Oil tycoons always lie and they will do anything for more money and power. They don’t care how much damage and death they cause. That explains why BP lies all the time. Oil tycoons have owned our government for a long time. The government’s main purpose is to make money for Oil tycoons.

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