Springs congressman Doug Lamborn tells citizens he answers to private propertied constituents not to public

Congressman Doug Lamborn's office at 1272 Kelly Johnson Way doesn't permit protesting
COLORADO SPRINGS- Local citizens have had plenty to protest with Congressman Doug “Obama is a Tar-Baby” Lamborn, so now the Tea Party bigot has put up a sign, NO PROTESTING. Lamborn declined to meet with community leaders from the NAACP on Monday, or Move-On organizers on Wednesday. Are you in Colorado Congressional District Five? Well, you may neither SOLICIT a meeting with your government representative, nor LOITER hoping to wait him out. Politicians like Lamborn who want to shove undemocratic corrupt legislation down people’s throats, and spout deeply offensive racist rhetoric out of sheer stupidity, have to hide where constituents can’t reach them.

Congressman Lamborn office park with AECom and other weapons industry swine
Situating your office where your constituents can’t reach you reminds me of former Senator Allard’s office in the Plaza of the Rockies, where security guards forbid entry to anyone who didn’t look investment-banker friendly.

The plaza complex is now the Booz Allen Hamilton building, the world’s largest weapons industry firms, chaired by James Woolsey and his wife, one of the Colorado College trustees. You’ll note that one of Lamborn’s neighbors is AECOM, another giant war profiteer.

At least Allard chose an office which was centrally located, only a block from Congressman Hefley. Doug Lamborn’s office is situated in an industrial office park where no one can hear you scream.

So is isolating yourself from you constituents now standard MO for legislative office-holders? Not really. Representative government is hardly where you want to take a stand against a public’s right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Especially someone espousing to be a patriot for the Tea Party.

Actually, if Lamborn wants to assert that his corporate representation gig is “private property,” I’d say the crafty bugger is right.

No shirt, no shoes? No representation.

13 thoughts on “Springs congressman Doug Lamborn tells citizens he answers to private propertied constituents not to public

  1. “Don’t sit down and don’t shut up!”

    Unless you criticize ahem “them”.
    What’s really sick, I believe the Dougster is using the assault on Giffords, which he helped wire up, as a “security threat” reason for doing like that.
    Not entirely sure but, hey, it would be a monstrous act of hypocrisy.

    Not like he’s any stranger to hypocrisy.

  2. Yep. The old fashioned way, without permission.
    Brought the little post-St Paddies Massacre policy of appeasement and coordination with the cops to a really sharp point, doesn’t it?

    Closed the door to negotiation.

  3. Don’t be so silly Ed – BJ doesn’t have the stones to actually protest anywhere but from the comfort of his barko-lounger, typing while he’s watching Jerry Springer and Oprah – just like the ineffective faux activist he’s shown himself to be.

  4. Comfort… hee hee hee…
    Typing is what I do, dude…
    So what? Meet you at the barricades.
    Meanwhile, since you asked, I’ve got surgery coming up. It’s going to be, to use my favorite oxymoron, “pretty ugly” but I might be able to keep the foot.

    Not actually sure. Meanwhile I go around singing Moonshadow as in “and if I ever lose my legs, I won’t moan, and I won’t beg…”

    Meanwhile I’ll rebuke the fools. Like Lame-born.
    Apparently he’s worried about some protests, hence the sign.
    So don’t stress too much, dude. It makes you say and do silly shit.

  5. I guess our “friend” Doug forgot about another local Doug who won his case while trespassing at Costco. Our courts said Doug Bruce had the right to remain on Costco’s private property to spout his crap, so screw you Lamborn.

  6. Yeah, they must have hurt their collective neck by so often turning it to bite their collective ass.

  7. 869 comments on the Huffpo story. Also picked up by DailyKOS, RawStory & CommonDreams.

    Lamborn is getting tarred and feathered, and he brought the tar!

  8. Nice fact checking here. Doug didn’t put up the sign, the landlord did. The previous protests have called so much of a disturbance that the other, non-government related businesses in the complex were being hurt. The protesters block parking for visiting clients and make them feel unsafe. The tenants are all for freedom of speech, just not at the cost of scaring and having clients turn away to do it.

  9. Awww… Izzums rich bitch scared of poor people?
    Too bad.

    On a very similar note, we’re paying Lamborn’s rent.
    Also since the other tenants are SUBSIDIZED businesses, with either direct government contracts or in “industries” so heavily propped up by The Yankee Government they might as well be on food stamps… Just, you know, a whole shitload of multiples of what the poor receive in food stamps, perhaps they should realize that we’re paying their goddamn rent too and maybe show a little gratitude.

    Even without the government subsidies like Police and Military protection for their Theft Ring Headquarters, the working people pay every penny of what the RICH have.
    That’s just the way it is, the Investment Bankers and other thieves didn’t create any of “their” wealth.

    The mill workers butt would fit the mill owners chair far more easily than the mill owners delicately manicured hands would fit the mill workers shovel.

  10. Come to think of it, if citizens exercising their rights is so inconvenient to you that you have to hide behind the Corporate Police State to avoid seeing them, maybe you SHOULD be afraid of poor folks.

    We get really tired of being treated like dirt by those Elitist Siddhartha PUKES who believe they’re so much better than the rest of us that you can have us arrested just to keep from seeing the poverty your Rich Bitch Agenda causes.

    In case you missed the Siddhartha reference that was the original name of The Buddha. Who spent the first 30 years of his life sheltered from seeing poverty, age, sickness and death.
    So, just keep pretending that the poor don’t exist or worse, don’t matter to you.

  11. That sign would look really good in someones living room, but to post this in front of a building is a joke!

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