CSPD backs down, decides at 11th hour not to make Occupation arrests

COLO. SPRINGS- We don’t really know what happened last night. Police commanders told representatives of the Colorado Springs Occupation protest that they would be arrested that evening if they lingered in Acacia Park one minute past 11pm. They were told that the decision came from the City Attorney. Then nothing. Whether an intimidation tactic or Psy Ops to discredit the protesters to cry wolf, it backfired, because last night the city of Colorado Springs learned that quite a few of its citizens are willing to face arrest in order to stand up for freedom of expression and the right to assemble. Even as the entire night passed without interrution, whether now the welcome table, canopy and protest materials are raided no longer matters, because it will be reconstituted in spades. The people of Colorado Springs know their rights! Incidentally, in their talks with the organizers, on the record, the CSPD claimed that the ordinance they were enforcing had passed with the approval of the local ACLU. Not true!

1 thought on “CSPD backs down, decides at 11th hour not to make Occupation arrests

  1. They’re kind of at a loss on how to handle it

    The astroturf roots movement they were instructed before, showing up to presidential appearances carrying guns, for instance, mock lynchings to try to terrify people into marching along, they knew that was a Corporate Setup just as surely as they know Occupy is the REAL thing.

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