Okay I’ll bite, why did Colorado Springs City Council candidate Lisa Czeladtko call a Nebraska animator a Sick F-ck?

Youtube scene at Colorado Springs city hall
Actually conservative candidate Lisa Czeladtko called former Colorado Springs resident Dan Robertson a Sick F#^& in an email saying she was filing a police report against him. Robertson has been helping his friend Ed Billings lampoon the aspiring bureaucrat on their respective Youtube channels. Their animations are irreverent, and self-evidently grasping at straws, so the characterizations seem wildly inspired when they appear to have got Czeladtko’s goat. But is it harassment? Let me say for the record, I think the humor will prove just infantile enough to torpedo a conservative like Czeladtko. Where progressive critics elevate the debate, straightforward differences of opinion are easy to parry. No one’s saying pro-business candidates aren’t clever, but satire seems to bring out deficiencies common to uncritical thinkers, for example an inability to see things through the eyes of others. Wouldn’t empathy be an indispensable qualification for a municipal representative? Lisa Czeladtko and mentor-development-lobbyest Sally Clark may be indignant about these low brow attacks, but I believe they’re about to get schooled on the hazards of grabbing for public office as an unrepresentative. Blue collar heroes Robertson and Billings are simply tired of suburban class socialites who think they can traipse into city hall to curry the favor of fat cat friends. Wage-earning, bus-riding, social service using citizens don’t need more tax-cutting, poverty-indifferent private-interest shills thumbing their noses with smug hors-d’oeuvre-fed smiles.

Facebook message sent to Dan Robertson from Lisa Czeladtko

5 thoughts on “Okay I’ll bite, why did Colorado Springs City Council candidate Lisa Czeladtko call a Nebraska animator a Sick F-ck?

  1. Jinx x2. If Lisa C. or Sallie C. are that thin-skinned, there is no way either will succeed in politics. If these “attacks” frighten them, there must be something they are not wanting to come to light.

  2. If name-calling insults you so, perhaps you should get out of the kitchen; or turn in your faux activist credentials.

  3. Calling names =good, especially when the Royals insist on doing it to us first.

    Calling the cops or threatening to, because she got called a name = childish, fascist and really not what people need in a representative.

    We already HAVE that . Perhaps a candidate who could see fit to represent the poorest citizens as well as the richest would be in order. Unfortunately, we just haven’t had any such candidates.

    We’re not represented in the courts, by the police, by any apparatus of “our” government and especially not the “Give Everything To The Rich” Shitty Council. Or in the case of Mz Clarke, County Commissioners.

    Or in the case of Jerry Heim”Boot”licher, a person who chooses to live 1500 miles away and still thinks he’s going to run Colorado Springs for his Rich Friends here.

    All of the above turned ugly/uglier on us by sicking the Colorado Springs Gestapo on us, most famously at the St Paddy’s 2007 parade.

  4. I’ve heard it all! The right wing Corporate tea party Doug Bruce groupies can call all the names they want but when We do it to them they threaten us with the police. That is the typical Colorado Springs mentality.

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