Gee, is it any surprise that in America the brown shirts would be white?

There he is in all his glory, an NYPD “White Shirt”, the now feared NYC police commanders, raring back and using both hands to club Occupy Wall Street marchers. Other footage shows a whole squad of white shirts swinging away. But “squad” is wrong word, that already denotes boys in blue. So what’s the Murder-of-Crows syntax for a gang of black-gloved White-shirts? Love it: a thug of whiteshirts.

In Italy the fascists were blackshirts, in German they were brownshirts. Corporate America is white collar, so it’s armed enforcers are whiteshirts.

Sorry but Youtube is keeping the above video behind its sign-in wall. Gawker’s got it.

NYPD skinhead swaggers at thought that “my nightstick is going to get a workout tonight.”

1 thought on “Gee, is it any surprise that in America the brown shirts would be white?

  1. NBC tonight finally acknowledged that it’s HAPPENIN’!
    And spreading.

    Guess that after FOX had their turn at putting down the movement and more importantly, the PEOPLE, ignoring entirely their organizing, funding and orchestrating the Tea Party.

    Guess real grass roots is beyond their imagination. Wonder how they’re going to spin that?
    Oh, and the police brutality. Usually they champion such actions but, hey, it’s starting to get a bit unusual there. and here… and there, there and there too.
    Every state in the union, y’all.

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