Gee, is it any surprise that in America the brown shirts would be white?

There he is in all his glory, an NYPD “White Shirt”, the now feared NYC police commanders, raring back and using both hands to club Occupy Wall Street marchers. Other footage shows a whole squad of white shirts swinging away. But “squad” is wrong word, that already denotes boys in blue. So what’s the Murder-of-Crows syntax for a gang of black-gloved White-shirts? Love it: a thug of whiteshirts.

In Italy the fascists were blackshirts, in German they were brownshirts. Corporate America is white collar, so it’s armed enforcers are whiteshirts.

Sorry but Youtube is keeping the above video behind its sign-in wall. Gawker’s got it.

NYPD skinhead swaggers at thought that “my nightstick is going to get a workout tonight.”

Libertarian me-first values exemplified by face-stomping teabag Brownshirts

Move over RNC Kicker, Rand Paul preemptive-linebackers Tim Profitt and cohort Mike Pezzano have been identified as the “lead stomper” and protester-wrangler of yesterday’s face-stomping video. MoveOn activist Lauren Valle was holding a sign meant to highlight Kentucky senate candidate Paul’s corporate fealty when she was tackled to the ground by the teabag duo. Profitt’s index finger pronounced, as he stepped off atop her head, that he meant the girl to read his Tea Party button literally: Don’t Tread on ME.

Maybe now is not the time to wonder if George Orwell has yet been wrong about anything. “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

Redneck Mother Fucker

The Thinker
Brownshirt, Blackshirt, Blimp-neck, Dittohead, Wingnut, Cracker –the term you’re looking for is REDNECK. Musically, Randy Newman gave it humanity, and Jerry Jeff Walker gave it love, and the Grateful Dead tweaked his lyric to capture what I think is the essence of the good ol’ boy: his thinking man self image.

M     is for the mud flaps you got me for my pickup truck
O     is for the oil I put on my hair
T     is for T-bird
H     is for hen
E     is for Einstein’s theory of relativity, and

And for good measure, Newman’s Rednecks:

Last night I saw Lester Maddox on a TV show
With some smart ass New York Jew
And the Jew laughed at Lester Maddox
And the audience laughed at Lester Maddox too.
Well he may be a fool but he’s our fool.
If they think they’re better than him they’re wrong.
So I went to the park and I took some paper along
And that’s where I made this song.

We talk real funny down here.
We drink too much and we laugh too loud.
We’re too dumb to make it in no Northern town
And we’re keepin’ the niggers down.

We got no-necked oilmen from Texas
And good ol’ boys from Tennessee
And colleges men from LSU.
Went in dumb. Come out dumb too.
Hustlin’ ’round Atlanta in their alligator shoes
Gettin’ drunk every weekend at the barbecues
And they’re keepin’ the niggers down.

We’re rednecks, rednecks
And we don’t know our ass from a hole in the ground.
We’re rednecks, we’re rednecks
And we’re keeping the niggers down.

Now your northern nigger’s a Negro.
You see he’s got his dignity.
Down here we’re too ignorant to realize
That the North has set the nigger free.

Yes he’s free to be put in a cage
In Harlem in New York City.
And he’s free to be put in a cage on the South-Side of Chicago
And the West-Side.
And he’s free to be put in a cage in Hough in Cleveland.
And he’s free to be put in a cage in East St. Louis.
And he’s free to be put in a cage in Fillmore in San Francisco.
And he’s free to be put in a cage in Roxbury in Boston.
They’re gatherin’ ’em up from miles around,
Keepin’ the niggers down.

Hummel volunteers were unfit for Nazis

The Volunteers -special Iraqi Freedom issueOne might think the Nazis embraced kitsch. But they didn’t like Hummels. Their Army Times equivalent, Der SA-Mann, derided Berta Hummel’s depictions of impoverished but happy German children. Her charcoals and porcelain figurines looked like “wasserköpfige und klumpfüßige Dreckspatzen.” That’s “hydrocephalic, club-footed goblins,” instead of the “hard as Krupp Steel” Aryans they wanted Nazi Youth to be.

You might be wondering about the American Flag shown on the right…

The Third Reich banned the sale of the light hearted Hummel statuettes in Germany, but allowed their export, to profit by the foreign exchange.

In 1937 as Germany geared up for war, Berta, now Sister Maria Innocentia working from a convent in Siessen, Wuerttemberg, countered by publishing an uncharacteristically sad drawing of two boys dressed as Brownshirts, called Die Freiwillige, or The Volunteers, under which she inscribed this plea: “Dear Fatherland, let there be peace!”

When the Hummel print archive was on display in New Braunfels, Texas, in 1999, museum docent Tom Ryan described Die Freiwillige:

“They wear short pants and long sleeved brown shirts resembling those of adult Nazi ‘S.A.’ thugs. The cowed boys goose step in unison from left to right. Their tiny combat boots have no strings. Their hair spills out from under their caps. Nearer to us, the first boy somberly beats cadence on a thin, gaily colored drum which resembles a castanet. On his right a less than happy marching partner rests his toy rifle upside down on his right shoulder.”

Hitler was reportedly furious. Paper supplies were denied to the convent and German galleries were forbidden to display Hummel’s art. Eventually SA soldiers were quartered in the Siessen convent and the sisters were put out. Sister Hummel was forced to live in a basement and died shortly after the war of tuberculosis.

But the story is not over.

Another fate awaited Sister Maria’s sad satiric pair, the two little boys who marched unhappily, accompanying Hummel’s personal call for peace. Instead of unwittingly beaconing adults to lead their drumbeat circle in the opposite direction, far away from war, the little pair was ultimately fashioned into a new Hummel. This time sans brown shirts, but with rifle held adroitly.

The two play soldiers were remade into infant patriots, taking up the drum and given the same name, this time in English: “The Volunteers.” Hummel figure 50/0 was made into a special collectible in 1990, for Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

(Synopsis: Godmother Superior of kitsch, Maria Innocentia Hummel, intended her “Volunteers” to be a plea for peace. The forlorn would-be soldiers were an affront to Hitler, but a half century later, the United States would prove its imperviousness to satire and enlist Hummel’s little boys into the war against Iraq.)

If McBush and Obama were in collusion all along…

They sure were sloppy about it. Logic, people, logic.. why would an intelligent group of people condone and inflame a very large group of very heavily armed very stupid people, like the McPalin Supporters, who are somewhat to the right of Attila the Hun?

McPalin of course weren’t the brightest bubbles in the bath.

Aren’t. They’re still alive.

Nutjobs with guns don’t make much good for anything or anybody.

Even Hitler had to get rid of his version of Our Dear Friends here who, amongst other lovely tokens of peace, threw a rotten deer head at an Obama rally.

Palin’s BrownShirts might not be as easy to get rid of from the P.O.V. of either an Obama or McCain administration.

And many of these FruitBaskets simply and plainly stated intentions to Kill President Obama.

Assuming a small amount of rational thought processes and attributing them to a man, who, unlike our current President, actually went to Harvard on his own merit, rather than Legacy Points, or “Affirmative Action for Stupid Rich Kids”…

…and assuming that he had the intelligence AND the calm determination to see it through all the way to even being nominated, far less elected,…

These are the actions of a Rational, Intelligent, Educated man.

NOT somebody who would either take one gun and place it against his temple, and pull the trigger in a game of Russian Roulette, much less place thousands or even tens of thousands of Lunatics carrying fully loaded, round in the chamber, finger on the trigger guns against himself.

Somebody who would do that would be either an Idiot or a Lunatic or Both.

I could see, you know, Palin believing that she could control a herd of Armed Lunatics, but she IS an idiot.

McCain’s concession speech should be an eye opener.

These weren’t the usual Street Rabble who throw bottles at us from their moving cars when we stand vigil, you know, not the Shock Troops…

Hand-picked, more thoroughly vetted than Sarah Herself was, …

And they were ready to go for the throat.

The first round of cat-calls and boos, when he shut them down, then said a couple more sentences, they started booing and cat-calling again and chanting John McCain John McCain John McCain, then he shut them down again, and at the conclusion the boos were louder, and this time they verbally abandoned him, in response to his making the first really rational attempt to calm their blood-lust he made since before the convention… they started chanting USA USA USA USA USA

George Will, Brown Nose for Brownshirts

Syndicated columnist George WillCOLORADO SPRINGS-
George Will is in town tonight at our little local elite school for the elite kids of the elite, Colorado College. I have always hated to even look at this guy’s face, haven’t you? My dad, may he rest in peace, found George Will to be the most irritating and pedantic asshole of all the print columnists, and it made it even worse when the twit was on TV talking head shows. So out of respect for Milton the Monster (Dad!) I will be there to greet George Will, Brown Nose of the Brownshirts, and Imperial Asshole Extraordinaire to our community. Be there and be square (if you actually like the jerk or respect him???). Be there 30 minutes early and protest the war that this guy supports if you don’t.

The end of America here come the thugs

Naomi Wolf is touring the country to promote her bestselling horror book THE END OF AMERICA. In it she directs our attention to ten steps which have foreshadowed every open society’s descent to totalitarian rule. Rather than signs of nascent machinations, these form more of an inviolate blueprint. Recognize ALL of them?
      1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
      2. Create a gulag
      3. Develop a thug caste
      4. Set up an internal surveillance system
      5. Harass citizens’ groups
      6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release
      7. Target key individuals
      8. Control the press
      9. Dissent equals treason
     10. Suspend the rule of law

Now we can see the checklist, applied by such would-be dictators like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pinochet, etc. Every last one being implemented, under development, or next up in the USA.

I would always have had a hard time imagining Brownshirts in America, because I imagined the thug class to be made of thugs. Imagine however the American incarnation, an under-educated, highly-patriotic, methodological enforcer of the law, except imagine the law as perverted, inconsistent, irrational, counter intuitive to what citizens expect to be their protections. Not so bright agents of arbitrary rules. It’s all there, and we’re already seeing the signs, police killing subjects with non-leathal weapons, using excessive force, enforcing laws that are contradictions of contradictions of constitutional protections. That’s thuggery. That’s terror.

Oaxaca to Greeley with Will Brad in between

I’ve been posting about Oaxaca for some time now, and in the beginning I believe that those who saw these posts were thinking… What’s Oaxaca have to do with us and our lives in Colorado Springs?

In fact, I had gone earlier to the local weekly, CS Indy, and they had shown zero interest in allowing me to write about Mexican events for them, or for anything on the issue to really be published there. Apparently they needed the space for more important things, like their puff piece this last issue on the newly elected Republican Congressman, Doug Lamborn, titled laughingly, ‘Rarin’ to go’.

Oh, yeah! This must be some sort of reach out to lost members of Ted Haggard’s flock, I guess? That’s the only explanation I can come up with for the publisher and editor of that paper to be running such crap. I doubt that they can outdo The Gazette though in this sappy style of …uh… ‘reporting’. I’m worried about these liberal souls over there at the Indy. I’m even scared that they may become born again evangelical pastors or some such?

But back to the world of reality. Many in Colorado began to pay more attention to Oaxaca when Gringo photographer Brad Will was shot down there like a dog. He was busy filming events for the rest of the world to be able to see, and that is just too dangerous to allow to happen freely. Some folk began to take notice of events in far off Oaxaca, though most thought of Brad as being way braver than they could ever be as Americans. And they thought more foolhardy, too.

Cut to events in Greeley and across the nation this week, as Bush sent in the INS troops to take people’s minds off his failures as US Commander in Chief in Iraq and Afghanistan. Over 1200 human beings rounded up and shackled for doing America’s nastiest work, working in slaughter houses. Families are being split asunder, children may have to permanently relocate to countries they have never known, and all of us get to ponder how more threatened we are becoming from the horde of American uniformed brownshirts, blueshirts, and khakishirts everywhere around us. Merry Christmas from Uncle Damn and Scrooge Dubya.

Even though so many folk in Greeley apparently supported rounding up their neighbors (this can be seen from the Greeley papers website where these racists post their tripe), now they are getting a quick lesson of what Oaxaca is all about. Oaxaca is about American forced trade policies (NAFTA) that have destroyed people’s livelihoods across much of Mexico, and how many of those people had to leave their homeland because of the American government’s actions just to get the same shaft here!

And in Greeley, Colorado, it’s how one’s personal racism and hatred can lead to destroying the lives of others. Not a pretty scene, as many Anglo kids go back to school and see their schoolmates being disappeared in front of their eyes. What a lesson in American citizenship for them, without doubt.

They then return home to see many of their supposedly Christian parents cheerleading for INS. Some of these parents will then be lining up for the jobs of the people victimized by this witchhunt, just like so many Germans profited from the stolen property of their Jewish neighbors once. We are a nation of immigrants, but some just go bad after a generation or two living here.

Check out the video Documentary of Oaxaca at the web site of the You’ll have to punch into ‘videos’ once you reach this site. Its a lengthy documentary (28 min) , but it gives about as good and authentic of an explanation of the connections between Colorado’s world and the world of Oaxaca that might be found online right now. Well worth the time. And if you are still interested about Brad Will, scroll down to the other video called ‘I like the cops’, where Brad can be seen singing (he’s no Dylan, and I mean that in the best sense, too) and strumming the guitar while showing his love for the Men in Blue. Three minutes, and he got it all down about right.

Malachi (the man in Chicago who set himself on fire to protest the US slaughter in Iraq) and Brad, two examples of American sacrifice that inspire us. True American heroes, both in their own ways. Both trying to bring our country back to some sense of reality. Compare them to Doug Lamborn and Ted Haggard, perhaps? Oh, and compare Brad to the Men in Blue.