Self-named snake in grass Jason Warf presses charges against Occupy Jack

Jason Warf
OCCUPY COLORADO SPRINGS has an asshole problem, fortunately it’s just one asshole, and it’s not Occupy Jack Semple. Colorado Springs Occupiers passed a no-snitch policy Tuesday, in line with Occupies nationwide, but that doesn’t stop Jason Warf, as permit holder for his personal “occupy” franchise, from calling the police on activists trying to make the Acacia Park encampment about more than Warf’s media-whore ego. Fellow occupiers are forbidden to speak and act as anything other than solitary individuals, whether addressing City Council about the 1st Amendment, or answering media questions about what they hope to achieve with OWS. Whereas Jason Warf, self-officialized spokesman talks only about divisions and who’s not part of his movement.

So now Warf has called the police on four-times arrested Jack Semple and is personally pressing charges of trespass, for infringing on his city permit, the same charges he’s filed against Raven Martinez, and an unverified number of others. If the GA can’t fire Warf from his own permitted movement, we can repeal his Occupy license. The city may be okay with granting Jason Warf a permit to muck up real protest, but I’m certain that Occupy Wall Street would pull any permit he thinks he has for his pro-Capitalism, pro-war, pro-police snitch camp.

PS. BTW, the asshole reference was to Mr. Warf’s circulating a memo of instructions of how to rid protest movements of assholes. It was a guideline for snitching basically, but some of the methods of confrontation seemed like they could be used to address Warf, especially if HE thinks they are commendable. Unfortunately the ultimate “intervention” step was already attempted without success, his shit smells that good. BTW P2, Jason Warf dubbed himself a “snake in the grass” when observed sulking far off in the park, videotaping what he considered the transgressions of others. Can someone send me a large photo of Mr. Warf which we can use for a warning poster? And please no pics of anuses.

15 thoughts on “Self-named snake in grass Jason Warf presses charges against Occupy Jack

  1. I released 31 videos to prove these allegations wrong. Anyone who prints this crap and isn’t smart enough to watch Youtube doesn’t deserve my time…

  2. Those videos don’t prove a thing, you were stupid enough to respond to this blog, You are Nobody, and you are going to learn that you are no better than anyone else

  3. So, you actually asked police permission to protest police brutality, among other things, and decided to lock out anybody who protests without permission? Yours, or theirs? Dude, that’s a mockery of the people who have been beat down, shot, and gassed. The CSPD must think you’re some kind of douche, “Oh Please, Mr Officer Unfriendly, Sir, may we dare to criticize you on our own property (It’s PUBLIC land in spite of the various ordinances passed saying it’s only for the Rich Public) and please please don’t tear gas us for exercising our First Amendment Rights, and if you would, Your Majesty, arrest other people for tresspassing on public property?”

  4. Man, reclaim your dignity. You can’t be protesting with permission.
    Do the Cops give you an approved press release every morning?

    And then prosecuting people who DO protest without asking permission from the Imperial Stormtroopers?

  5. Jason stick-dude! How is telling occupiers they’re “not deserving of my time” working out for you?

    Get back to NMT when you’ve learned the difference between slander and libel. A lawyer will apprise you that WRITTEN defamation of character is called LIBEL. And in order to sue, you have to show that your reputation has been impugned. Good luck with that.

    The defamation also has to be UNTRUE. You calling the cops, ordering for the cops to be called, or pressing charges against activists, is a matter of police record. Maybe it’s not on your video because you couldn’t film and phone at the same time.

    Anyway, OCS was so done with this. It’s behind us! GA reaffirmed the no-snitch rule, and we’ve eliminated the police-liaison position. Let’s drop it and move on!

  6. SHAME! Is this the way comrades try to work out their problems with each other? If so, when the One Percent can finally stop laughing at us, they will realize that we have handed them their victory, that we have managed to snatch our own defeat from the very jaws of the people’s victory! Yes, I believe that Jason Warf made a mistake, and then compounded it. So, everyone who has never in his, her, or its life made a mistake, line up to throw turds in Jason’s face. Of course, I’ll be standing in front of Jason when you do that, so you’ll have to go through me to get to him! Why? Because I’m an “old comrade”, who remembers a time when comrades fought the tyrants, NOT EACH OTHER!

  7. Naw, there’s no wisdom in extending solidarity to those whose mission is to break it. How do you work for a cause if an “official spokesman” then denounces you?

    Clearly you’re not “old comrade” enough to know how counter-revolutionaries are more effectively dispatched.

    But this problem was already addressed and put behind us. I don’t know why Jason wants to retry his case now.

  8. “Clearly you’re not old enough a comrade to know how counter-revolutionaries are most effectively dispatched.”

    Oh puh-lease!

    Pray tell, how you will “dispatch” anyone who disagrees with your faux-activism.

    Take away his iPhone 4S?

    Force him to stop tweeting on his 17″ laptop?

    Make him wear his Patagonia down jacket unzipped?

    It is hilarious to watch your band of useful idiots implode.

  9. Shoot, I thought it was Jasons Capitalist Friends in Shitty Hall who “dispatched” one of their own.

    You know, the way they’ll dispatch Publius when they’re done using him/her/alien sexless being type of pronoun/whatever.

    Maybe you’re upset, Publius, that nobody got beaten or gassed or shot, because you’d enjoy that level of violence. As long as it’s happening to somebody else.

    Your faux-aimant statements on behalf of the workers of Nicaragua are almost admirable. I can’t help but think that you actually wish the American corporations could exploit U.S. citizens the way they do people elsewhere in the world and tha..

    hey, wait a minute! They ALREADY DO! I’ve got two dead bones, one in each foot, and right now they’re screaming at me something fierce, from the steady erosion of rights of workers everywhere, Here and Nicaragua.

    But thank you again for your Faux Concern.

  10. BTW, Pub… so far as we know the American Royalty haven’t simply had their pig-servants off any of the Occupy comrades just yet, not like they haven’t been trying and they’ve come close a couple of times…

    As your cop-loving buddy Steve Patch well knows, too, they could have done it in secret.— Habeas Corpus went out the window about ten years ago, murdered in its sleep. And, yeah, I once again dissed your Kop Komrades by calling them naughty names on the level of Gestapo, Death Squads, Murderers, Torture Freaks. If it seems I don’t have much respect for them or their accomplices, overt and covert, it’s probably because I actually don’t.

    Not that I would point any fingers but you’re not in any of the pictures either.

  11. I would think it is a violation to film someone without permission and publicly broadcast it

  12. Walt,
    Public recording is just that I’m afraid “public”. This jason warf…a fking joke. .. nothing but a plain old “SNITCH”.

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