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UltraLeftism fails to revitalize May Day in America, or to revitalize the Occupy Movement either

Pity the poor Occupy Movement, as Establishment liberal types, Ron Paul Right Wingers, and now Ultraleftists all try out the shortcomings of their own models of disorganization and find them all to be totally lacking. Yesterday on May Day the UltraLeftists had their turn to further disorganize Occupy, as they called for a ‘general strike’ with their own subjective desires as the only ‘force’ actually desiring to go into any battle. The result? Nobody but the Black Bloc really had ‘a good time’, …plus a few riot cops with their Darth Vader inspired weoponry in hand.

Here’s the problem, Gents of the UltraLeft. To actually build a real General Strike you have to patiently organize The People and not just call a ‘strike’ all alone in your own pitifully small name. Do that alone, and you will hardly even get out a respectfully numbered May Day ‘celebration’. People will simply ignore you and go about their personal business. You will have organized nothing.

Like it or not, UltraLefts, but the general body politic has decided to sit out YET another selection year of the ruling class, and to massively and passively watch the results once again of this charade. It will take more than your mere bravado to move them into any gear other than their passivity.

The ‘general stike’ of Colorado could be seen in Denver Occupy, as one of the local Colorado Springs’ Ron Paulers, ‘Joel’, did his usual incoherent jig on the live feed. Message? ‘God Bless America’… Pity the poor Occupy Movement with ‘organizers’ such as ‘Joel’ and the young and stupid ‘Black Bloc nincompoops as so-called ‘leaders’.

What a silly circus the Occupy Movement has now degenerated itself into. The masses are not yet moving and will not be moved behind a ‘movement’ that declares itself to be leaderless.

Right Winger low life convicted of Anti-Gay hate crime- faces jail time

We should all be glad that this low life Right Winger is going to jail for his low life harassment of his Gay roommate! The roommate named Tyler Clementi shown above playing the violin, subsequently committed suicide because nobody tried to stop this criminal harassment and menacing from occurring until it was far too late. Rutgers verdict: Dharun Ravi guilty of hate crimes, other charges.

Some members of Occupy Colorado Springs also are now facing this sort of Hate Filled campaign by local Right Wingers, charged up and fueled by a group of Right Winger soldiers based at local army base, Fort Carson, who find time to campaign against civilians who hold opposite points of view from their own while being paid taxpayers’ dollars. We call on the local authorities to nick this hate campaign in the bud, and not to let it fester and continue until people get injured such as the young student, Tyler Clementi was injured by Dharun Ravi’s anti Gay hatreds.

Soldiers at Fort Carson do have Free Speech but do not have the right to menace civilians and verbally threaten them with Hate based crimes, simply because they hold views that these soldiers might disagree with. Let us hope that local authorities everywhere take hate speech by thugs seriously and move against it when asked to. If they had been more responsive to this sort of thing at Rutgers, Tyler Clementi most likely would still be alive and playing his violin today.

Here is a list of the criminal counts where the anti Gay Right Winger, Dharun Ravi, was found guilty of harassing Tyler Clementi… Live coverage: Dharun Ravi found guilty on most counts in webcam spying trial verdict

Notice to Morons under the Moronic command of Jim Cross. Show up again at my house and you will be on Candid Camera. Notice again that if you call my house with crank, hang-up-on-me calls trying to figure out if the house is unattended or not, that you also will be recorded as having done so. Keep it up, Criminals, and you will get exposed for the liable assholes that you all are. And you might even get yourselves picked up by the police and convicted of crimes same as Dharun Ravi was.

You thugs are so damn dumb and pitiful. We have a record of your hate posts over at Jim Cross’s ‘Red White Blue News’ website, too. You think that you can engage in criminality with complete impunity but you are wrong. Dharun Ravi found that out the hard way and some of you might be as thick in the head as he was.

Part 3: CS ‘Patriot Shop’ / ‘RedWhiteBlueNews’ / Jim Cross / Facebook haters of Occupy Colorado Springs – Pay Attention Now!
The conviction of ex-Rutgers student Dharun Ravi sends a message to social media users that actions and words played out across the Web could lead to a prison sentence, legal and digital experts say. Lesson of Rutgers case: Online actions carry consequences

Pentagon coverup continues, but Afghan probe says up to 20 US troops executed Panjwaii massacre

by Bashir Ahmad NaadimonMar 15, 2012 KANDAHAR CITY (PAN): A parliamentary probe team on Thursday said up to 20 American troops were involved in Sunday’s killing of 16 civilians in southern Kandahar province. The team spent two days in the province, interviewing the bereaved families, tribal elders, survivors and collecting evidences at the site in Panjwai district. Hamizai Lali told Pajhwok Afghan News their investigation showed there were 15 to 20 American soldiers, who executed the brutal killings. Info from Up to 20 US troops executed Panjwai massacre: probe

To view the site of the massacre, view the film here at Afghans For Peace Respond to US Soldier Massacre in Kandahar

View the film’s images of carnage left behind by these child killing US soldiers and weep! Meanwhile the very same type of soldier thugs are threatening local Occupy Colorado Springs people with violence, and our sick local military, government, and police establishments are doing nothing about that. We live in a sick Military established/ Establishment city, and it is not pretty.

US military still trains Guatemalan squad infamous for committing the worst ever genocide in North America

Not only do US soldiers have a mission to kill kids themselves, they also train other countries’ soldiers to kill kids. That’s right, and every American should know the truth about US armed forces and the training they give worldwide to other military units also killing children.

See below (from the US Marine Corps website itself) the US Marine Corps bragging about the role US Marine troops themselves play in organizing the genocidal Kaibiles of Guatemala, a group of soldiers who are also now know to be supplying US military know how to the Mexican drug cartel called the Zetas. (US) Marines Sweat It Out With Guatemalan Kaibiles.

The Kaibiles were in the news just yesterday, too, for having one of their troops given a 6,060 year prison sentence for only one genocidal mass murder he participated in, in the joint US/Guatemalan dictatorship co-war of genocide against the Guatemalan indigenous communities. Guatemalan gets 6,060-year sentence in massacre

Here is this Pentagon trained unit, the Kabiles, at graduation time…. Graduación de Fuerzas Especiales de Policia …They look just exactly like what they actually are, which is a gang of murderous thugs trained by our US kid killer Marines and Uncle Sam.

Think about these films, Dumb Right Wingers, if you are not too busy debating with yourselves about if I am gay or if I am having sex with my dog? But please do not expect me to be too big a donor to the US Marine Corp ‘Toys for Tots’ program come Christmas time. What a con! That’s a propaganda program that has always given me complete nausea.

(See also Guatemalan's Kaibiles elite troops take sides in Mexican drugs wars about ‘the Zetas’ being trained by US trained militaries.)

Another Fort Carson soldier in the news for his supposed good ‘character’?

As the local Colorado Springs Occupy has to contend with Right Wing soldiers from Fort Carson trying to shut our Movement down and shut us antiwar activists up, another local Fort Carson soldier made the news today. See The Gazette story Soldier sentenced to 90 days for fracturing 8-month-old son's skull

Notice that this creep got off with a slap on the wrist for fracturing his own baby’s skull. That’s because the locals here treat these uniformed thugs over at Fort Carson with kid gloves. If it had been any other person outside the military doing this crime, the person would have been given at least 20 years in prison, and not 90 days with a 5 year ‘probation’! Sick.

US corporate media wishes that the Occupy Movement was dead already

‘The Occupy Wall Street group in New York is running low on money and on pace to run out by the end of the month, raising questions about the future of the movement that sparked a wave of nationwide protests against economic injustice six months ago.’ and so goes Reuters droning on about how The Occupy Movement is supposedly dead and dying. But is that really true, or does Occupy still have life let in it ready to deliver a kick to The ruling class Establishment?

‘Critics say the Occupy movement lacks demands and direction and has lost momentum. Occupy protest crowds in New York and other U.S. cities have tended to number in the hundreds rather than thousands, despite the group’s social media savvy.’

Oh, Yes, Yes, Yes… Reuters International! The protests about Capitalism destroying our country and the entire Planet Earth for that matter must be dismissed, dismissed, dismissed. …and dissed, dissed, dissed. It’s the very exact same thing here in wonderful Colorado Springs below the majestic Pikes Peak. The complaint locally is that Occupy Colorado Springs is ‘anti-soldier’ because some of the members in the local group have spoken the truth about US militarism, the US military, and YES, about the very many soldiers that make up our Establishment’s soldiers of occupation in foreign countries.

After dissing the Occupy Movement, Reuters moves on to admit some of the truth about Occupy Wall Street…

‘Funding had also been used for a “people’s kitchen” that feeds protesters and the homeless in Zuccotti Park most days and for street medics, who treat people injured during protests.

“We also do have a lot planned for the spring and we fully expect the money will start flowing in again,” she said.

A March 17 march is planned to mark the group’s six-month anniversary, and Needham said there would also be “Occupy the Fundraisers” protests against money in politics, a March 24 protest against the fossil fuel industry’s spending on lobbyists and an April 25 protest against U.S. student debt hitting $1 trillion.’

Looks like Occupy has some activities planned for and against the political Establishment after all. So it might be way too early to dismiss the Occupy as being nothing more than a failed organization of the past, most especially when the Two Party corporate dictatorship has nothing to offer up the nation but just more lies, unemployment and a growing austerity.

The misleading and dismissive Reuters reporting is from Occupy Wall Street in New York running low on cash. CASH is considered everything by Reuters International and the super rich 1% whom they write for. They WOULD begin to panic if their cash was to run low.

News 5 Report: “cost to taxpayers of Occupy CS”

What extreme fucking gall. Their station, and their Pathetic Used-Snot-Rag of a Newspaper partner The Gazette are owned by a failed Corporation called Freedom Corp. That means for the past two years while they’ve been BANKRUPT they’ve been getting enormous tax breaks and even TAX REBATES to keep flooding our airwaves and “news” stands with their Extremist Right-Wing Garbage. The ultimate example of a Corporate “person” which cannot feed itself depending on Corporate Welfare to do it for… damn what pronoun should I use? “it’ would be singular, rather than the suppurated oozing scab on the ass of humanity made up of thousands of parasites. He or She, same problem plus, the cesspool contains both, and quite a few of the parasites are neither.
And what does this festering gaping open wound on our collective arse say is the cost to the taxpayers?
The cost of the police constantly harrassing us.
That’s right(wing), they’re making a statement that would be like the Gestapo sending a bill to the Jewish people for the cost of the Holocaust. Like the Sons of Confederate Veterans sending a bill to black people for their cost in trying to preserve slavery.
The Arrogant sons of perdition have actually expressed that level of pure chutzpah.
Did they ever challenge the escalating cost of invading Iraq and lynching Saddam? Hell to the No they didn’t. They CHEERED when the CSPD beat up demonstrators in ’03 and again in 07, for daring to question their “god” George Bush and his explanation for why he and his Oil Corporation frien errr comrades errr Accomplices started the war based on lies

Nor did they question the financing scheme that’s as of this year costing us TWICE what it would have if he had simply raised taxes at the start of the war.

“no new taxes” said he, just like his equally LYING father had said before. They left out the remainder of the sentence “…until the bonds come due in ten, 20 and thirty years with an interest rate of 10% annually” Yep, set the first payments of a ballooning debt come in an administration they can blame for the original debt.

And there’s enough right wing retards who will allow them to get away with it because they’re successfully indoctrinated by FOX and by “Freedom” Corp.