As per usual, Colorado Springs monied class is unrepentant, gaga for GW Bush

Bush is a criminal, you moronsYep, they turned up in their orange tans, diamonds, black gowns and shiny SUVs, to support Christian charter schools and honor “God Bless Him” George Dubya Bush. This was my favorite sign from the protest.

1 thought on “As per usual, Colorado Springs monied class is unrepentant, gaga for GW Bush

  1. Now he’s changed his employment title and entitlements from “godfather” to “consigliore” which means he’s more dangerous, as his actions don’t have any official scrutiny.

    He doesn’t order the Pentagoons to do anything, merely “suggests”.

    It’s kind of like Ross Perot doesn’t actually officially own EDS anymore, but you know he gets his cut and he directs a lot of the traffic.

    When his Good-ol-boy partner Owens gave EDS an exclusive no-bid contract to provide the computers, software and database for the Department of Human Services Ross Perot directed the deal, and Gov Owens got himself a nice tasty slice of Kickback pie out of the deal too.

    His own words would be a good defense against a libel accusation, because the Republicans are quite open about their “what’s in it for me?” motivation for everything they do.

    And the only time they use “we” or “us” in a sentence it’s a sure sign they’re schmoozing.

    For GW and Cheney and Palin and the BroadMorons who celebrated Saturday, there were plenty of goodies in each (and very individual me me me) stocking from the War proceeds.

    They don’t do anything unless it makes them as individuals money, they’re proud of it and as you say, unrepentant.

    If they say they did it for “us” as in U.S., they’re lying through their teeth.

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