Yes it was the iconic reaction shot

The White House Situation Room group photo of everyone fixated on the live video feed of Operation Geronimo was “iconic” alright, in composition virtually Alfred Aisenstaedt’s original. Your eye is drawn to center right where Hillary Clinton recoils not sure what to think, she’s a foil to the uniform enthusiasm. Scanning the background as we read a page, Biden knows they’re going to hell, Obama is the everyman caught mid-gasp, he reflects us. The rest are the upraised arm, cheering with ass-kicking glee. In Paris they were watching St. George slay the dragon, puppets no less –how far we’ve come– though Punch & Judy would have been analogous enough: a Navy Seals home invasion, Fort Benning School of the Americas style; a night-visioned, take-no-prisoners death squad, riding in on not just the proverbial black helicopters, but apparently a black-budget three-rotor model never yet publicly unveiled, literally, bin Laden was shown it and they had to kill him.

1 thought on “Yes it was the iconic reaction shot

  1. This is Obama’s exit strategy from Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama (like some news reader on TV) announces that Osama is dead. The visit to Ground Zero. Mission complete. The alleged mastermind of 9/11 is no more, hence no need to fight any more. The wars were a drain in the economy since military spending is going to end – Obama’s budget proposals will be accepted.
    Bush needed Osama alive in order to justify the continuation of the wars. Every now and then Osama’s video tape recorded would sprout and be shown on TV. Now with economy is suffering – the wars must end.

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