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Kill Team shots were censored to keep you from seeing victim was so young

Remember this damning photo, the American GI grinning as he posed with his haphazard victim? You saw the version with the Afghan’s identity obscured, and you thought it was bad enough. Not hardly. The USG pixelated the faces out of … Continue reading

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The future of photography is time

I know little about fine art photography, darkroom craft or print collecting, but I will foolishly assert this: the future of the two dimensional print is the time-dimensional print. It’s only with the evolution of high definition that I dare … Continue reading

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Yes it was the iconic reaction shot

The White House Situation Room group photo of everyone fixated on the live video feed of Operation Geronimo was “iconic” alright, in composition virtually Alfred Aisenstaedt’s original. Your eye is drawn to center right where Hillary Clinton recoils not sure … Continue reading

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Pura vida in Costa Rica!

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National Geographic is a nature pic zoo

January’s National Geographic featured an article about Charles Darwin. Juxtaposed against excerpts from Darwin’s diary on the Beagle, were the usual photographs of nature at its most vivid. But an image of a glacier, purporting to match Darwin’s awed description, … Continue reading

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Photog Jill Greenberg is a real maverick

Jill Greenberg was hired to photograph John McCain for a cover of Atlantic Magazine. But she also used deliberately unflattering lighting known to anyone who’s held a flashlight to their chin. McCain’s handlers weren’t “sophisticated” enough to know it would … Continue reading

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Homage to decline

What were they after with this shoot? Does Lindsay’s fall parallel Marilyn’s? Has photographer Bert Stern forgotten that his first Last Sitting became iconic for being the Last Sitting? Did the original out-takes, which were iconic also with the Xs … Continue reading

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