Bin Laden was right, but you knew this already, America is a Godless nation

Lawless and Godless. My stomach has been in a knot all day. I remember feeling this way when we executed Saddam Hussein, by all accounts a brutal despot. We tried him in a kangaroo court, without even the courage to make the audio or transcript public, because he would have ratted us out. Then we had him summarily hung. Now I’ve no great objection to regicide, I favor it actually when imposed by public coup. At the hands of foreign invaders it’s victor’s justice, and probably deliberately criminal to humiliate the conquered. Last night a US special forces hunt and kill team shot the unarmed Osama bin Laden and others, in a fire-fight whose casualty ratio was that of a firing squad. Bin Laden’s body was immediately disposed the way we taught Argentine and Chilean death squads to do it, disappeared out over the sea. Gone, just like those famous shoes that offended George the Wretched Bush, vaporized in post-incident explosives tests it was said, not kept by any Princeton grad as talisman keepsakes, like for example the bones of Chief Geronimo, the famed Native American resistance leader whose grave was robbed by elder alum Prescott Bush to provide the skull and crossbones for which the secretive society was named. Oddly, the operation to assassinate bin Laden was called “GERONIMO.”

That, or we named the mission after an expression that means, as far as I remember, “here goes nothing!” Usually shouted as you were leaping somewhere. Regardless it’s an incredibly insensitive subject to invoke as you’re intending to assassinate a later era’s most significant resistance leader. When we decide to take out Subcommandante Marcos, are we going to name it Operation Bin Laden? And don’t pretend someone doesn’t want dibs on his pipe.

We’re told we disposed of bin Laden’s body to prevent the forces of evil, aka Islam, from creating a shrine. But are Muslims the only people who worship at a shrine? I’m inclined to believe a whole other denomination of people attribute something mythic to a hero’s remains, more perhaps even than his mere followers.

Now I wouldn’t put it past America’s spooks to wring those shoes of the sweat of the wearer who summoned the courage to have a go at Bush, which no one before or since, neither prizefighter nor pope, has dared to do. Likewise, I’d think even your average incurious scientist could get a grant to scan the heart and brain of a man worth half a billion dollars yet renounced a life of luxury to dedicate his life to fight the godless Soviet invaders, and later, the most sinister, most profane dragon which has so far destroyed or enslaved everything in its fiery wake. What distinguishes this fluke DNA and how can we eradicate its traces so that Capitalism isn’t jeopardized by a recurrence?

But that’s looking at this from the scientific side.

That’s right, less than the extra-judicial lynching, I am most disturbed by President Obama’s decision to officially dispose of bin Laden’s body. To make it disappear, to thwart followers, as if it bore some malignant power, attributable to a kind of person like Adolf Hitler. Terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden killed but a fraction, compared to whoever it might be said was the mastermind of the War On Terror. And what of those behind the War on the Third World, the War on Debtor Nations, the War on the Not yet Enslaved, which has become the War On Islam? They were also his declared enemies. And so bin Laden was but an adversary, who held an opposing economic view. His means were violent, but peanuts compared to the poverty, death and destruction wreaked by Western imperialism and war. I subscribe to neither his methods nor his ideology, but Bin Laden was no demon. He was the champion of billions of our victims, and to call him a worthy opponent is to flatter ourselves.

And that’s why I suspect somebody right now is worshiping what remains of bin Laden’s essence, in the same manner that Sunday, the very day Operation Geronimo was deployed, the rest of the Western world was staring at television screens, in songful prayer, focused on a bible atop the coffin of a recently disinterred Pope John Paul.

2 thoughts on “Bin Laden was right, but you knew this already, America is a Godless nation

  1. There is a god in America, a literally graven image they call The Almighty.

    I’ve been told by minions of the Priesthood of the Temple of Money that I shouldn’t say that because it’s a “cliche”.
    A cliche that bites what’s left of their shredded conscience.

    They remind me of the famous case Herod v John and of course, Ahab, Jezebel et al v Elijah and Kings Hezekiah, Jehoiakim, and Zedekiah v Jeremiah.

    “nobody likes a Cassandra or to listen to a jeremiad”
    But then, according to everything written about Cassandra and Jeremiah, they were right. Consistently.

  2. Geronimo being shouted as you parachuted from a plane was a gig that Apache soldiers started in World War II training exercises and the propaganda-hungry media lapped it up.
    They weren’t using his Athabascan language birth name either, Geronimo was his baptismal record name the Mexican government had bestowed on him and it’s Spanish for a name often translated as Jerome. There’s a lot of that in the Indian communities in the Southwest. Other examples would be Mangas Colorado, “Red Sleeves”, Subcomandante Marcos, Carlos Castaneda’s famous Don Juan, Tisquantum whose name had MORE syllables (hard to locate the original) renamed Squanto by the English at Plymouth PLANTATION… (harbinger of things to come)

    The European names given American Indians can be confusing when one Great Power, say, the U.S., uses a pretext to take land claimed by another Great Power, like Spain, first rigging a revolution against the Spanish then another against the Republic of Mexico and then using one of the Republics as a pawn in a border dispute to enable a wider and more direct war against Mexico, in which more than a third of Mexican territory became U.S. Territory….

    Leaving all these Indian people who had Tribal Citizenship before becoming Subjects of the Viceroy to the King of Spain, (Gen. Antonio Jose y Maria Lopez de Santa Ana actually signed the first Mexican orders granting citizenship to Natives and manumission of slaves, the “property dispute” that led to the Texas Revolution) suddenly become “mex” and for any intents of the New Wave of invaders, foreigners in ancestral lands with thousands of years of tenancy.

    A perfect analogy for the Neo-Colonialism that led to the rise and fall of Usama bin Laden.

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