Near success of delegates for Ron Paul exposes electoral college as rigged

I want to give Ron Paul supporters their due. By their determination to advance their Republican candidate by hook or by crook, Team Ron Paul’s self-deputized delegates have exposed the US electoral college nomination process to be fixed. Isn’t it interesting how far Republican state party chairmen have been willing to go to stop even the slightest encroachment on candidate Mitt Romney’s presumptive convention backing? May the best man win is the ethos they preach, but it seems the furthest from what they will allow. Of course this learning moment will be lost on Ron Paul’s army of halfwits, just clever enough to outmaneuver the average rival Republicans, but dumb enough in the first place to fall for their “Dr. Paul”. Don’t you just love it, their reverence for a PhD, from mostly stunted males claiming post-grad (of associate degrees) studies in “The Austrian School” of economics? They’re gun nuts and bombastic proponents of folk-wisdom libertarian nationalism, no surprises there, and so we can’t even congratulate them on debunking the apple-pie objectivity of America’s electoral level playing field, because it will go to their head and their craniums are pit bull small.

3 thoughts on “Near success of delegates for Ron Paul exposes electoral college as rigged

  1. Marine Le Pen is ‘isolationist’ like Ron Paul is, too. But Europeans are hardly so out of it to mistake her calls for Fortress France to be anything antiwar like the US idiot supporters of Ron Paul do with their guy. Marine Le Pen is a neo fascist Far Right Winger and really that’s exactly what Ron Paul is, too.

    Sure, we all get desperate with the Clintons, Cheneys, Obamas, Romneys, and the other professional corporate politicians the ruling class force feeds to the public, but to turn Rightward here would be plain self mutilation America.

  2. Uh, dude, Dr. Paul is an MD, was a practicing obstetrician for many years, and delivered over 4000 babies. Are the rest of your facts as well verified? And just wait to see what havoc his delegates are going to wreak at the RNC. I may go myself for the fun, the libertarian occupy…..

  3. Well, it is certainly true that Ron Paul’s degree was in ‘Air Force’ and medicine, and not as a Mr. PhD. in Economics, as Michael states. Personally, I don’t really care much anything about the assertion that he has delivered so many babies (4,000), nor that he himself does seem to think that he has obtained some sort of a PhD from the University of Chicago in Ayn Randite Theorization and Economics. Who really cares?

    Here is what an online bio actually says about Ron Paul…

    ‘In the 1970s, Paul became active in politics, making a failed Congressional bid in 1974. But he was victorious two years later in a special election to replace Representative Robert R. Casey who had resigned. That same year, he established the Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (FREE).

    His first stint in the House of Representatives was only a matter of months. He did not retain his post in the general election later that year. On his next try in 1978, however, Paul was elected and even re-elected twice. Emerging as a strong critic of the country’s banking and financial systems, he began writing about his economic theories. In 1981, his book Gold, Peace and Prosperity: The Birth of a New Currency was published and was quickly followed by The Case for Gold: A Minority Report of the U.S. Gold Commission (1982). He expressed his pro-life and anti-federal government views in 1983’s Abortion and Liberty.’

    Perhaps that might explain why Eric thought that he had a PhD, Michael? Ron Paul seems to be confused about his own credentials as well! He seems to think that his medical degree has given him a super ability to tell us what’s right or not in economics. Kinda weird really.

    (See )

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