Colorado Springs Occupy saved from the haters, Occudrama: the Final Act

He bragged at GA about how he’d personally mobilized tonight’s contingent to descend upon Occupy Colorado Springs to depose its leadership, but did Agent Dumb really think someone who’d sworn to destroy OCS, another who’d stolen the first Facebook group, another who’d tried to sabotage OCS actions, another who’s snitched to both the press and FBI, and another who’d betrayed each and every occupier, would be entrusted to decide the fate of OCS? Agent’s sidekick Wolf, who’d swiped the FB group, kept hissing “make everyone admin, make everyone admin.” But when Agent Dumb pushed forward with a proposal it was this: “Dissolve every element of Occupy, its website, Facebook group, and all its infrastructure.” Seriously?
He felt disenfranchised by the probationary terms to which he was being held, but basically Agent Dumbass’s renewed interest in Occupy was only because he wanted to kill it. The hater tag-team could not have, of course, because OCS actions go on, headless. At least now the insurgent chatter should lessen, now we can recruit real occupiers, free of those who wanted to wrestle control so they could call the shots from online, never having to attend a thing, and making sure to prevent OCS from scheduling meaningful actions. Been there, done that. Occupy Colorado Springs LIVES!

Was it heavy handed to rain probation slips on their anti-occupy parade? It came as quite a shock that mob rule wasn’t the rule with Occupy. I think the most important message sent is that you can’t overwhelm a meeting with greater numbers and declare yourself in charge. That’s war, not democracy. Occupy Colorado Springs is much greater than the members who attend its meetings. There’s nothing undemocratic about telling would-be usurpers to bugger off. Occupy Pueblo fell to a similar attack. They let some newbies in and lights out.
The most important message

19 thoughts on “Colorado Springs Occupy saved from the haters, Occudrama: the Final Act

  1. Eric, you speak too soon. I would not be counting your chickens before they hatch, as not everyone of those you claim to be “active Occupy members” fully agreed with your actions. The “probation” that you decided on your own pertained to not only Michael, but also to anyone else you felt was there to “vote you out”. You decided on your own, who you would “serve” with papers of probation. Papers that stated that a person “will be limited in their ability to vote, submit proposals, and participte in sensitive committee work, depending on the ongoing mediation” the paper claimed that one must contact the “Arbitration Committee” to arrange a personal meeting, however, you yourself stood there at tonights meeting and stated that there is not even an Arbitration Committee in place at this time. Basically, you are trying to tell people they have no rights until you decide to first organize an “arbitration committee” then second meet with the person, and finally decide whether or not to reinstate their rights. Therefore, you are excluding people from an inclusionary movement, and in a leaderless movement, you are making personal decisions on who to “grant” or “deprieve” rights. That is not what democracy looks like! If anyone need to research the Occupy Wall Street Movement, it is YOU, Eric Verlo, as you seem to be the ones whose thinking is furthest from the REAL movement!



    LYONS, CO 80540
    (303) 550-3783


    10744 ROUTT ROAD

  3. I am writing this morning to explain alot, number one eric was voted out weather it was on a vote night or not he was still voted out, infront of a whole group of occupiers at cafe corto, but last nights buil shit shows he doesnt care about democracy looks like.He hands us a piece of paper saying bascially our right to vote is taken away. Yet some how it was him that deiced that not anyone else. And some how Raven and Jeremy can get censored for things said on the community page, because it shows lack of respect. Here is a question notmytribe shows a lack of respect yet no one tells eric to take it down, why because its his first amendment right to say what he wants, its everyones right to say what they want. Why should they get censored? What happened to the equality. I know your all going to say oh well its his blog, look at this way the community page is the peoples blog. This is no longer a leaderless movement, you have a leader his name is eric, enjoy that has he destroys another movement like the past ones. The reason I am writing this is to show what he has done. He has killed the occupation, something we tried to rebuild and as long as he around trying to run things we can’t its plain and simple he got voted out, vote night or not the people voted him out when they had enough. For no one to honor this and sit there and act like he still run things shows he does. That is why Jeremy and I have made some big decisions. Thanks to eric Jeremy has decided to stay in the army. He feels he gets more respect and honor from it, I have deiced to join more important movements, as well as start attending FRG meetings to further my husbands career in the military. I support my husband in anything he wants to just like he supported me. This seems like a right choice, because after last night it shows there is nothing to rebuild anymore, and if there was I wouldnt even know where to begin. I just find it funny how eric can accuse jeremy and raven of harrasment, and trying to break in his office, yet he can show up to eds work and harass him. Jeremy has cq when erics office supposdley got broken into, cq is a 24 shift to guard the barracks. Not to mention jeremy said on notmytribe that eric is not worth him going to jail over. Jeremy is smarter than that he wants a promotion in the military, has a wife, daughter, and soon to be another child. Raven is smarter than that to she has kids,and a life. She would not risk going to jail over a mail box flap and piece of glass, which was removed perfectly by the way. I would just like to say eric is not following the st.pauls concept either which is why he was voted to be impeached on a no cofidence. When you hold a sign in the park saying troops kill kids, or somehow turn every protest into something against the military, this being a military town does not look good on the occupation. Him backstabbing fellow occupiers in the back shows weakness to. This is another reason we have deiced to move forward in our lives to, I used to be passionate, happy, trying to give my full devotion to the occupation, until all of this happened. Its not even worth it anymore. So you can thank eric and tony for pushing so many people away, also thank them for turning the westmoreland family back into wanting to be fully active with the military

  4. Yada yada yada, Mrs Westmoreland. You yap on non-stop about RESPECT all the time and yet your KKK like gang was the group shouting at me, 60 year old me, to leave the country of my birth and go live in China this last Saturday. My crime? I am for PEACE and no more US made wars and I tell the truth publicly about how the US military is less than pure saintliness. Pisses you doofuses off no end! Never heard one word from you thugs about you opposing any US government criminal wars and nobody ever will.

    Then you morons have the nerve to tell me that it is you Right Wing a-holes that are defending my freedom of speech? Too rich for words. You hate free speech and you hate tolerance and you hate hate hate others all the time. Seemingly you only have one emotion and that is constant non-stop anger at others. If it was not me and Eric you’d all be screaming at other people, too. That’s all you know how to do.

    And Mr Ed and your stupid husband, also nonstop are harassing me personally and threatening me with what? The phone calls that hang up on me and then are followed by petty theft from my porch? You people are nothing more than criminal stalkers and thugs. And that goes goes double for Mr. Ed, the Right Winger business union dope. Sad…. How far the union Movement has fallen, unable to defend it sown union members, and certainly incompetent about defending any in the general public as a whole from Big Business. Stalker personalities like Mr. Ed are a symptom of that labor union decline.

    Mrs, Westmoreland, your group of buddies do not know the meaning of the word RESPECT! A group of dumbasses in their early 20s screaming at my 15 year old about it? What a group of clowns you all are! Get a damn life! And spend some time raising your own kid better and worry about her, and not my daughter. You have been unfailingly nasty to her and you shouldn’t at all be the ones to lecture others about RESPECT? What crap! You wrote the book on HATE, not anything about courtesy or respect.

    I went out of my way to your husband offering to go out and have a beer and a meal with the young punk. Not good enough for MR Big Shot Grunt though, was it? Told me I was insincere and dishonest. Got a bunch of Klanner type buddies already, does he? Can’t go have a beer with 60 year old Tony, because he thinks I’m ‘gay’… You Stupids lecturing others about democracy and RESPECT? PATHETIC.

  5. Number one i dont know where you live i dont know your phone number, once again accuse us of something, number two my daughter answers yes sir no sir yes mam no mam, and she is two she knows her place and she is 2 and shows more respect. She knows her place and once again accuse me of being a right winger when i dont even vote. Lets talk about stalkers shall we who showed up to eds work last night? Its funny tony I got better shit to do GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES ARMY! KKK are you serious tony I am fucking hispanic tony my madien name is cordova, my family is immagrants from spain and cuba. Your 15 year old knows nothing about war, has no right to talk back to an adult, my grandmother would have slapped me for being in adult meetings and converstations. If soldiers were racist tony why would my husband marry a hispanic woman? If soldiers were just christian, why does the air force have buddhist chaplins? Get your facts right.Iworked with ed to and you know what at least he had the balls to be my union rep and stick up for me when the time called for it unlike your little occupy movement that seems to backstab people for 15 minutes of fame. Which is cool thank you for making up my husbands mind to re enlist and thank you for making me realize occupy is dead, I AM A PROUD WIFE OF A UNITED STATES SOLDIER. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  6. ‘my grandmother would have slapped me for being in adult meetings and converstations’

    At age 15, Mrs. Westmoreland? Maybe that’s why you’re still acting like a 10 year old now, Mrs. Westmoreland, though you are in your 20s? You weren’t allowed to be a teenager in your youth… Your parents were ignorant like that and now you suffer for it.

    As to war? You may not know this (because you don’t actually talk or listen any to us, now do you?), but my daughter gets to listen to her Mom talk to relatives back in Mexico all the time, where there is a war going on. She spends 2 months a year in Mexico, too, and has traveled to Colombia, Nicaragua, and Panama… 3 countries all screwed up big time by US government run and manipulated wars. She has seen the people wounded by those wars there and counts them among her friends. Should I give my wife’s family all diagnoses of PTSD?

    Now do you know where that war inside Mexico is directed from, Mrs. Westmoreland? From right here in Colorado Springs NORTHCOM Command HQ, where your precious US military directs soldiers in Mexico which the US government also trains like it trains hubby, to carry on a bloody counter-insurgency war that has killed 50,000 plus people in Mexico already, plus many others elsewhere, too.

    We get to hear how neighbors in my wife’s hometown have been murdered over and over during the course of this war while the US trained Mexican army ABANDONED the field to the drug cartels to play around in for months at a time, after stirring up the hornet’s nest to provoke this bloodshed. We get to hear how a near relative had a bullet almost hit her in her face, and how property was seized from another relative by thugs fighting it out there where my wife’s family all live.

    You are one stupid Hispanic lady if you think that my kid knows nothing of war, as you state you believe. We hear about your stupid US wars all the time, we know the victims of them, and we have traveled to areas that were battlefields for your stupid ass and beloved by you wars. You are one ignorant lady, Mrs. Westmoreland. Get an education and get a frigging life.

    PS- I have seen how you and Jeremy parent and it’s not very pretty to be quite frank. Worry about your own kids and give them some QUALITY time, and stop berating my 15 y/o. It’s not your business to do that, Mrs. ‘Corriente’.

    You are an ignorant cabrona. How’s that for your RESPECT? Try listening to what others have experienced before you and Jeremy run off your young fool mouths again. And show some RESPECT yourselves.

  7. Hey tony my parents didnt raise me my grandparents did, I know about victims of war its how both sides of my great grandparents met actually was because of a war. Until your out there fighting a war don’t judge. I have an education thank you I graduated high school a year early with honors. From a private school on top of that, that I worked to pay for at your kids age, and how do we parent tony? Really good question, because we dont let our kid do what she wants when she wants its bad parenting? She gets rewarded for doing good, gets punished when doingbad. I dont brainwash my kid atleast. Dont forget my child has a normal childhood she gets to run around and play and be happy. I didnt get to have that to much I had to grow up quick, and honestly its not enjoyable. I mean we thought my mom was going to die, a couple of times actually. I can say I did have friends in highschool though, you may know one his name is kyle you know the one eric back stabbed. My baby also knows she will be loved for who she is. She doesnt have to be a carbon copy of me or jeremy. She wants to join the military go for it. She wants to be an activist go for it. I don’t support war tony. I do support having a military though every country needs one incase we do really get attacked. I also have friends from mexico tony all they have really complained to me about is the drug cartels. You wanna spit on U.S. soldiers. Spit on me. I am just as much of soldier as jeremy. The afghanie children are far from starving but let me guess you have been over there to see what its like correct. Or do you just read and watch what the media says. I personally have spoke to people that have been there not just soldiers either. Judge me tony. I dont care. Just like you and eric have lived through ww2. So you know what its like. Marley adores her dad, she loves him more than me and she will tell you that. We must be doing something right if neither one of us can leave. Than again her being around soldiers all day could mean bad parenting to you. Once again the army is her family. I would trust her with someone in our army family before our occupy family. Actually I have she has stayed with jeremy’s team leader before over night and his wife. I met him twice. I trust enough to let her run around jeremys company because no one is going to let anything happen to her. Yet soldiers are baby killers thats why when we announced our pregnancy. Our army family was thrilled to have another new member. We have a bond in the military. That honestly I think you envy. I think you wish you had a bond like we do. All raven had to say to me was she was an army wife I trusted her because we know how the army is. You dont, you sit there and judge wars, and soldiers, when you never lived it. I have I know there is some soldiers that do wrong. All humans do wrong, you have made a mistake once or twice. The biggest mistake is brainwashing your kid. You want to go and blame all soldiers for others actions, you want to burn bibles at fort carson, not soldiers are christian i have met soldiers of all religions including islam. You want to sit there and call me stupid, stupid is you writing an article on HIV and its orgin. I have been apart of the AIDS community as well since I was 13. That is something i am highly educated on, I am also highly educated on the military not to judge one soldier by other soldiers action. The yes mam no mam my daughter knows to say has nothing to do with the military. That is from us being from the south. Did you not hear that I told your kid if she respected me i would respect her back. If you would have respected jeremy and I we would have respected you back. You wanna go and tell me how to parent,when you have failed at it, your the last person i would ever take parenting advice from lol.

  8. So you as Mama Moron want to tell me that I have somehow failed as a parent, Mrs. Mam?

    ‘You wanna go and tell me how to parent,when you have failed at it, your the last person i would ever take parenting advice from lol.’

    All you nice Right Winger people want to do is throw filth our way, now don’t you? Quite frankly you can go stuff it though, Mrs. Westmoreland.
    And some of us actually were almost ready to call CPS on you and Jeremy one night at a GA when you both got to screaming at your two year old like the total Wing Nuts you both are. Yes, it was pretty sick that VERBAL ABUSE we saw that night.

    Of course, we didn’t call anybody though. I know that you both love her even though both of you are still kids yourself. I hope you can grow up soon ???????????? for her sake. Poor child…

  9. We have never hit our child, yeah we do use a stern voice with her and put her in time out, and no I wouldnt take parenting advice from someone verbal abuse I have never called my child a name see i read parenting books, speaking of calling the cops ocs seems to be getting good at that. Btw the drone unit is coming to for carson sorry cant stop that. You and eric can have occupy tony I dont want it I want to go do my patriotic duty be a good army wife further my husbands career in the military. I have better things to like FRG meetings, Make sure my daughter gets a good education unlike yours who has a one track mind, I want you to have to occupation so when it fails I can have satisfaction of laughing at you guys. Like I said I am not “right winger” I don’t vote, maybe I should though take mr. obama out of office so the military gets a pay raise. Rebpublicans seem to favor the military. Grow up dude my kid has her whole future saved for, does yours? Or do you expect our government to fund her education? I do want to thank you though for making j wanting to stay in. Army life is not so bad at least we always have healthcare and housing and our children will never starve.

  10. “if you have no patience dont read this.

    after watching the g.a of march 6.ive come to some conclusions.
    its very simple. no one can be kicked out of o.c.s.only to remove people from a positions.i think the idea of putting restrictions on people that have violated policy (good neighbor policy!)or have chosen to leave by there own statements publicly and formally is a good idea but i think it wasn’t presented properly,maybe let the doc generate on the ground and on the net to alert all the people?
    transparency is key.why arent all the recorded?where is the laptop that has a camera on it?we dont just need written record but video as really end this he said she said bs!raven is it true what micheal clifton said that you also left o.c.s..?to all the people young and old that showed truth, honesty, love,compassion there keep your head up!there is strength in all of you embrace it.i think amanda should be admin.she should also be admin for the o.c.s group page as well.these facebook pages should be what they are intended to be.a form of communication between the people.
    i pose this question to the current admin of o.c.s group page why am i banned?i cant even search the page on the facebook browser.
    was it because i ask serious questions?is it because i speak of truth, love,unity and freedom?is it because i protect my identity from people who want to assassinate my charecter?and they cant so they get rid of me on the page all together?check my posts if they are not deleted it because i expose truth and lies?IF I AM NOT ALLOWED BACK TO THE O.C.S GROUP PAGE THE CLOUD OF SUSPICION WILL GROW.i stand firm on this statement{{eric verlo,tony logan,patrick jay, lone wolfe aka ryan king,raven martinez,micheal clifton aka agentofdoubt,jason warf,hosisen forouzandeh,kristie wheleer,joel aigner.meg fossinger are people to be leery of or not to be trusted AND ANYBODY ASSOCIATED WITH THEM!. these people have exposed themselves to be suspiciously their actions and comments and their behavior.}}ANY OF THESE PEOPLE THAT ARE ACTIVELY PARTICAPATING IN THESE SHENANIGANS SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN/SHOULD GET ONE. peace love and

  11. eric do not under estimate the of the online community. but instead learn to appreciate it for it is a community of people communicating and sharing. it was not any heroics of you or tony or raven or micheal clifton or any of the people that i have mentioned as people to be leery of that are pushing for real answers, truth honesty and transperancy when it comes to what is “really been going” in all aspects of ocs. but the people from the online community have. people who are aware informed and concerned. not everyone can attend and make change (for the better). but they do when they can.

    someone needs to change that layout on the o.c.s main facebook page because that layout is no good, the one like the o.c.s group page is far better. (just my opinion). the online is just as important as on the ground, can’t neglect our control either. rather be loving compassionate and open. and use some frickin common sense… we have a good neighbor policy doesnt any one remember that? utilize it people!

  12. Raven- you say “don’t count your chickens” meaning… DON’T celebrate OCS surviving? YET?! You mean you’re going to keep trying to kill OCS? Occupy Pueblo succumbed to just such a plot, but OCS thwarted yours. Those who care about the movement are going to be quite thankful that OCS didn’t hand over the reins to a Tea Party Klan.

    OCCUPY COLORADO SPRINGS goes on, no thanks to the energy we have to expend fending off haters like you. Occupy keeps doing great work and no matter how many times Tokin’ Mama Wheeler wants to publicly pronounce OCS dead (without her), we continue, leaderless, successful, and by now expending many more man-hours than were ever spent in the park.

  13. I think you all should read this and learn from it. I don’t know what direction all of this in-fighting is going, but i know it’s destination. The movement’s death. Unification is the only thing that can keep you moving, and if you argue over what to unify behind or play name that instigator any longer, you will not be around for the spring.

    Some things are bigger than who works for the fbi or what your personal feelings are on people.

    This is a primer on how others destroy movements, read it, learn from it, and counter it.

  14. Fascinating to watch Eric trying to destroy OCS from within as he tried to destroy CS Justice & Peace – history repeats.

    One might think he does it on purpose.

  15. ‘Publius’, I don’t ever remember you doing anything with PPJPC. You are just another HateBook/ FaceBook rumor monger and a NONPARTICIPANT in any Peace/ antiwar group.

  16. Tony – your attempts to exclude all who disagree prove my point. You and Eric are hypocrites, doomed to repeat your past failures – just ask Steve Saint.

    Your own useful idiots are expelling you from OCS. What movement do you plan to destroy from within next?

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