Creepy Congressman Doug Lamborn knows his pornography when he sees it

Image which Doug Lamborn disallowed from committee hearing on mountaintop removal
The image was one frame of a photo essay by photojournalist Katie Falkenberg illustrating the human toll of mountaintop removal mining, but Colorado’s own Congressman Doug “Tar-Baby” Lamborn called it child pornography and disallowed the evidence from being seen by his energy subcommittee. The creepy unapologetic Lamborn has so far weathered local fallout from his ceaseless racist outrages, but will this porn slip prove terminally Freudian? Obscenity is in the eye of the beholder: where everyone else see a pitiable child of indeterminate sex suffering polluted bathwater that passes for indoor plumbing in locales around mountaintop removal, US Representative Lamborn gets an erection. Is this picture obscene? It depicts a humanitarian obscenity, but Doug Lamborn doesn’t see it that way.

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3 Responses to Creepy Congressman Doug Lamborn knows his pornography when he sees it

  1. Avatar Deirdre says:

    I share your disgust with Doug. He had no right. However, this image could easily be seen as cp if taken out of context. The child *is* naked. Could you take the picture down b4 even more weirdos copy it, please and thanks? The picture is already coming up near the top of google image searches.

  2. Avatar Dill says:

    why if bein naked Is bad then we all have been bad news flash
    We all get nude, for fuck sake we were born nude let it go!!! Fuckin nasty minded people

  3. Avatar Dill says:

    Why if bein naked is bad we all have been, fucker news flash we were were born naked, let it fuckin go f that’s a sin man we r all gointo hell!!

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