Latest massacre in Syria has almost all the hallmarks of a US military atrocity

The victims are civilian, most of them women and children, killed with disproportionate force, with the usual un-Islamic effort made to burn the bodies to cover it up. Hell, this could have been an all-American lone-GI “Kandahar Shooting Spree”, if you believe the DoD and don’t want to credit our US Special Forces Death Squads. If only the dead had been peed on or had trophy fingers removed, we’d know for sure. Now President Bashar Assad’s forces are reportedly preventing western “monitors” from either coming upon, or leaving the crime scene, to spin NATO’s nauseatingly regular calling card and frame Assad for the atrocity to justify Western intervention. Said Assad of last week’s massacre of Syrian civilians, it “was the work of monsters” which is codeword for Israelis and their habitual inhumanity toward non-Jewish Semites, but clearly now must include US standard practice as it pursues its global war on Islam.

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  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I think that Assad’s followers are well capable of committing their own atrocities, however it is the intervention of the US and its allies into the conflict trying to promote a regime change that has helped escalate the violence in Syria to the level it is now at. One, too, must ask where was the Western media outrage when US backed rebels previously attacked and killed and injured hundreds of people less than a month ago in Damascus. I heard not one word condemning those TERRORIST attacks in the Western press against supporters of the Assad government. Here is the link to the news report of these US backed rebels attacks in the Syrian capital city…

    Aftermath of a suicide bomb ‘spectacular’: ‘Horrifying aerial pictures show skeletal remains of cars blown to bits by blasts which killed 55 in Syria. Explosions take place as Syrians arrive at work, killing at least 55. Interior Ministry says 370 people were injured by blasts, described as one of the ‘strongest’ waves to hit the capital.
    Syrian government blames ‘terrorists’ but no group has yet claimed responsibility.’

    The pictures on this link show some of the horrible scenes of those US backed terrorists’ actions. There was no Western media calls for the US backed rebels trying to topple Assad from power to stop their acts of terrorism though. It is only now that we hear people like Hillary Clinton putting all the blame for violence on Assad and ignoring the previous actions that the US government seemed to certainly support when they occurred, since D.C. kept silent.

    One must believe that certainly supporters of the Assad regime must have then gotten pretty upset at those internal forces they saw as being responsible for acting alongside with foreign agents who would resort to terrorism in such a manner.

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