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The shocking part about the AI PACkers… Listen up, Lamborn fans…

It’s not the blatant anti-Semitism involved in wanting to set Israel up as a target for near-total destruction, it’s not their arrogance in making money supplying the means, the money, weapons, propaganda, anti-social gospel of indifference, answering the question of Cain “am I my brothers keeper” with a resounding NO, warmongering on every level… setting all the preconditions for an apocalyptic global destruction, the one they make money predicting… predicting the ride of the Horsemen and grooming their horses for them at the same time…
No, the really shockingly delusional part about it is their overwhelmingly conceited belief that Everybody Else on the planet would be so stupid that we wouldn’t notice that.
We’re supposed to not notice that they’re warning of destruction, and sowing the economic seeds of that destruction daily, using the monetary policies that will ensure famines, ensure that natural disasters will have a far greater human scope than would be possible otherwise.
Huge concentrations of people on the edge of recurrent natural disasters, kept there for the profit of a very few.
Mass indoctrination of Hate, to keep the unnatural disasters of War going.
All traced back to a very tiny minority whose faith is in no God or gods but only in money.
They devour the houses of widows and orphans and for a pretense make long prayers.
Their bogus “support” for a Jewish state is just one facet of the evil they do in every other facet of their public and private lives.

They should feel shame but obviously do not.
In Genesis, God declares blessings on ALL the descendants of Abraham, Isaac AND Ishmael, Jacob AND Esau, not to mention the descendants of Abraham’s cousin Lot. That gets ignored in the AIPAC “christian” rhetoric, the only blessings recognized are a direct line of Abraham-Isaac-Jacob-Judah-David.

The whole of the Bible, old and new testaments, even the Apocrypha, is dedicated to showing that there is none righteous, no not one. That we can not be redeemed from ourselves by our own actions nor those of our ancestors. We don’t attain salvation or blessings from our heritage.

The notion of an ironclad blessing of righteousness placed on one tribe of humanity is a coin with two sides, on the darkside of it, would Herod be sainted, perhaps? Ahab? Would the man David, who in one chapter is called “A man after God’s own heart” be saved, and his descendants after, by his good works, or condemned by his evil works?
It’s more a case of God being extremely tolerant -to the point of absolute Liberalism – toward mankind as a whole. Judah sold his own brother into slavery and committed adultery with his daughter-in-law, marrying her after he got her pregnant, but is counted blessed.

These are examples of grace, not earned. Yet the blessing of grace is taken to be a license for mass murder.
The admonitions against such crimes is turned around to be somehow an invitation to commit more, and to feel good about doing it.

Lamborn is one of many playing that game.

Salazar, Allard and Lamborn all wimping out…

On the issue of Chimpeachment… Lamborn and Allard I can understand, they have to live in the same (american Taliban) party as Bush.

Lamborn thanks me for contacting his orifice oops I mean Office.. Allard gives me some bullshit about “we have checks and balances in our government and that has kept us free”… well, DUH! Allard, YOU ARE the “checks and balances” Dummy! But it’s like, you know, you ain’t been checking nor balancing anything!

The way you spend our future, I get the feeling you can’t “balance” a “check”book.

Salazar has at least expressed concern, but feels helpless because Pelosi isn’t making the first move…

All three of you, WAKE UP and smell the power.

You allegedly REPRESENT Colorado… THE single most important strategic area in America. The middle of the North American Continent, dudes…

That means, dummies, that there’s nothing you have to do to “earn” Federal dollars coming to Colorado. We don’t get highway or military or development grants or other funds for any “good behavior” on our part, beyond just not threatening secession…

The Penta-Goners aren’t going to cut out their intestines to spite their belly buttons. They KNOW which side of their bagel is buttered. How many mangled metaphors do I have to throw out there before you get the hint?

This area, these people, are so important to the Feds that if you told Pelosi to start Chimpeachment procedures tonight, tomorrow morning it would be back ON the table.

Now, I know that there are people employed by all three of your offices who have no other job than to read Local Political weblogs, in an effort to stay informed.

Well, Consider Yourselves Informed… And Start Doing Something.

Don’t be scared, hiding behind the lame-ass excuses like you need to make sure Colorado gets our slice of the Budget Pie. There would be no less Federal Money coming in if you walked up to the President and his cabinet and the Penta-Goners and told them to line up and take turns kissing our left testicles. In fact, they would probably throw MORE money at us in order to bribe you into getting back in line.

You have a Mandate to represent, you have the power to represent that Mandate, we the people, yeah, US, use that power. Don’t keep punking out on us.

Grow a set. You don’t seem to realize just how disgusting it is to watch you guys suck up to the Coward from Crawford.

Your putrid cowardice smells worse than Monument Creek on a hot day.

Gazette spinning for Lamborn

This table on the front page of the Gazette today purported to compare the postal expenditures of several Colorado congressmen. It accompanied the headline LAMBORN RACKS UP MAILING CHARGES.
Table purporting to compare mailing expenditures 
If you didn’t read the text, but glanced briefly at this list, might you conclude that GOP Representative Doug Lamborn spent LESS than his constituents? Can you see how they did that?
Although ranked in order of excess, the Gazette used improperly justified asterisks to skew the columns and make the lower figures appear bigger. When this wasn’t sufficient, they appended decimals. The Gazette elected further to use proportional- spacing to make Lamborn’s $41,691 look smaller even than Salazar’s $2,004.