Look at those clowns!



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  1. YES, and last year Colombian clowns protested Washington D.C. politicians’ love affair with their favorite international clown, Uribe!

    ‘Former president of Colombia speaks at Kellogg’ and is met by fellow clowns @ http://northbynorthwestern.com/story/former-president-of-colombia-speaks-at-kellogg/

    ……Uribe left the auditorium with a standing ovation, but a handful of students, such as first-year graduate student Silvia Otero, a Colombian international student, chose not to participate.

    “He responded the way I expected him to,” Otero said. “He was inconsistent between attributing the positive to his administration and blaming the negative on the past administration.”

    Otero was joined by over 20 students, many of whom where Colombian, in silently protesting the event. A handful waited outside wearing clown noses and pinned pictures of “false positive” Colombian victims while a small number stood along the walls of the room. The group of students passed out literature and clown noses before the event.

    “The noses are an expression of opposition,” Otero said. “The Uribe government has an unfortunate relationship with the word ‘disguise.’”

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