Paul Ryan! Mitt Romney picks running mate more low brow than Sarah Palin

Paul RyanHe did it! Mitt Romney picked someone more low brow than Sarah Palin, and not just figuratively. Kleptocrat Representative Paul Ryan personifies the very definition of the idiom, Low Brow, coincidentally a eugenic measure of a diminutive frontal lobe, not unrelated to pea-brained under-evolvedness. Such a Frankenstinian VP pick for the GOP ticket, means our election stage managers are pulling out all stops to scare Democrats into the voting booths. That they keep having to make the Republican bogeyman ever bogeyer, could mean they anticipate enthusiasm for President Obama to reach new lows. What unspeakably unpopular move is coming from Goldman Sachs’ man in DC, dare we ask, that we’ll need Paul Ryan playing Goober Pyle Lugosi to frighten Americans back into Obama’s arms?

6 thoughts on “Paul Ryan! Mitt Romney picks running mate more low brow than Sarah Palin

  1. What?!!!! Mitt didn’t pick Bobby Jindal? I was hoping that he would. I guess though that Mitt didn’t feel that Bobby was creepy enough like Paul Ryan definitely is? Mitt wants a guy just like himself though… He got ’em!

  2. Eric Verlo–You’re an idiot and I would love to see you take an I.Q. exam along side of Paul Ryan. I have no doubt, that by comparison, you’d be catergorized as mentality disabled. And your appearance is most likely quite freakish, as well.
    You’re really the pot calling the kettle black…hominid moron.

  3. Sherry, you are so so typical of the standard model US Right Winger type. You write us on NMT and yet don’t really have a thing to say, other than to just try to personally be insulting! Don’t you Right Wingers have anything political to ever say, or are you so damn inarticulate that you are unable to even get a sentence or two out that has any content to it at all? I feel so sorry for all of you dittoheaded folk. How do you manage to make it through your lives?… I don’t know?

    Paul Ryan is simply a nasty little baby of all the usual Right Winger Foundations the super rich have put money into. He practically stinks of them, in fact, from The Coors Foundation to the Heritage Foundation to the Hudson Institute, and most especially to and of the Wisconsin home grown Right Winger folk of the Bradley Foundation. Yuck! If the Bradley Foundation continues to get its way, most Americans will be left barefoot almost. That’s how reactionary these folk really are! They simply hate the working class people of all over the world, but most especially those in the US and in unions that can help them defend themselves from the super rich some.

  4. My goodness, Sherry. In the age of information one would think someone with an opposing view could come up with innumerable facts to support your candidate using the tools available (ie the internet). Instead, you choose to lower yourself to personal attacks on the blogger instead of engaging in thoughtful conversation to state your position. Is it that there is no fact to support your candidate?

  5. Though I’m no fan of either party or politicians of any party, I’m amazed to see you comparing Paul to Frankenstein. No person could play the Frankenstein roll better than John Kerry! Now let’s hear your forehead rants!

  6. Gary- I agree that John Kerry’s waspish high forehead made him a best match for Frankenstein’s monster, maybe more so the Fred Gwynn Herman Munster TV variant.

    By “Frankenstinian” I meant to describe Paul Ryan as a horror creation of the media.

    Others are joking about Paul Ryan’s resemblance to Eddie Munster owing to his widow’s peak. I was wrong to invoke the Dracula reference via Bela Lugosi. Both Eddie Munster and Gomez Addams were TV nods to the Dracula of Hollywood culture, less Lugosi’s than the B-movie caricatures, and certainly not the literary or historical Draculas, both of whom were noblemen. If any horror creature is plebeian it’s the Wolfman. You can’t get any lower brow than canine.

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