Were Qurans the only books burned? Where’s the outrage from US churches?

If the Qurans recently burned at NATO bases in Afghanistan were disposed of accidentally in the incineration pits, aren’t American Fundamentalist Talibans concerned about where the excess bibles go? By now we all know the M.O. at US camps in our occupied territories is to incinerate any and all unused inventory. They’re even ordered to burn leftover bottled water. Can there be any doubt if the US forces found themselves with too many Qurans to go around, that they had fewer takers for Christian bibles? When you raise the subject in these parts, even yokels profess their indignation at the prospect of burning a bible, so wouldn’t they want to scrutinize what’s being burned at our military bases? Or is it the same with American flags? When hippies do it, it’s a national sacrilege, when the Army does it, it’s ordained cremation.

1 thought on “Were Qurans the only books burned? Where’s the outrage from US churches?

  1. Just to see what happens, it might be amusing to burn publicly the Talmud and the Schulchan Aruch, or the Sepher Toldoth Yeshu.

    Unfortunately, these tomes are so expensive that few of the increasingly impoverished goyim can afford them. Perhaps we could leave it at the Megillah—but I have certain affection for that book since my Jecke-abstämmige mother (among others) always accused me of giving people die ganze Megillah, or, alternatively, den ganzen Rattenschwanz.

    Bibi Netenyahu recently presented Mr Obama with a copy of the bloody thirsty volume to serve as inspirational literature for the planned massacre of Haman’s decendents.


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