Tea party klan patriot thug Jim Kross circulates fliers to incite mob violence

OccupyAfghanistan vets Jeremy and Brittany Westmoreland attracted Patriot Shop teabag Jim Kross to their vow to destroy our local occupy. I’d like to say as little as possible about this lamentable development, except to document today’s escalation.

Occupy Colorado Springs held forth on the sidewalk in front of Memorial Hospital this Saturday, making a plea for UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. Across the street once again were our threat-making stalkers, fortunately not reprising their Westboro Baptist tauntings, but sitting in their truck as OCS’s original heckler Jim Kross finished his cigar.

We weren’t many, but of course the recent news stories didn’t help recruit participants, claiming that OCS is so against the troops, that it kicked out members because they were soldiers. And not more accurately, because they initiated a witch hunt against occupiers who weren’t showing solidarity with the US military’s occupy movement, OccupyIraq, OccupyAfghanistan, OccupyLibya, veni, vidi, vici.

We were in the unusual position of trying not to elicit honks of support from the passing traffic, in view of standing outside a hospital, but drivers signaled their enthusiasm in friendly ways. We discussed repeating this healthcare action soon, it was such an easy sell.

Eventually Patriot Kross came over to film us as he made his best taunts. The Westmorelands watched from the truck and after Kross was through, they drove back and forth flipping us off.

At first Kross denied any knowledge of the dozen fliers we’d found taped and pinned around the hospital’s perimeter.

The fliers were “wanted” posters which offered a bounty for the eviction or firing of certain occupiers. The fliers bore Kross’s email address and website. He conceded they were his, or belonged “to one of [his] identities,” whatever, and then he named the reward, said the amount may have grown since he looked online, and then solicited the occupiers present.

We had already removed the fliers he’d circulated around the hospital, from trees, street signs, walls and doors.

We had found some fliers downtown on our way to the action. This one was taped to the office building door.

Jim Kross’s animosity for Occupy goes back to the original GAs, when he used to videotape from the circle’s center and exploit the opportunity it gave him to counter everyone’s statements. He hadn’t been harassing OCS actions until last week when OCS held its NO WAR ON IRAN event. Kross made a gleeful reappearance with Raven Martinez counter-protesting what she considered an anti-troop message.

Speaking of Raven, I received this Facebook message on Friday, from her daughter’s account which Raven uses when she finds her account blocked…

Are those the words of an 11-year-old? “WATCH UR BACK”?

Neither Raven nor the Westmorelands seem to understand the line they cross with their threats. On Tuesday Raven defended her comment on NMT asking me what I’d do if my home went up in flames. She said I needed to take it in the context of her talking about soldiers, police and first responders, ignoring the context Soldier Westmoreland had created with his vow to burn NMT down.

Patriot Kross says he’s a veteran of the police force. You’d think he’d understand that distributing wanted posters charging his own personal complaints is a call for vigilante justice. To begin with, posting fliers is against city code, and these incite violence.

Kross came across our noon bannering at Acacia on Friday, mocking Patti for standing on her lonesome, Occupy reduced to just herself. He didn’t like the color of her flags.

I caught this priceless photo as Kross stepped quickly back when he saw that reinforcements were coming.

The bright side of this story is that when I went to take a picture of Jim Kross’s store, the Patriot Shop, it was gone, in retreat, to within another store, on Academy. Bye Jimbo.

28 thoughts on “Tea party klan patriot thug Jim Kross circulates fliers to incite mob violence

  1. Those were occupiers Eric. The operative word there is WERE!

    You drove them away, Eric. That was YOU. You call this lamentable, but I hope you realize why you should lament. You kill the movement and drive people away.

  2. They came to the actions against Walmart and the coal plant, then took offense to an argument at a GA and blew it out of proportion trying to hurt Occupy, pretending that NMT spoke for Occupy. It doesn’t, the GA decides for OCS, but all sorts of louts decided to exploit the Westmoreland’s confusion.

    BTW, you’re unmasked Clifton. Your pedantic punctuation gives you away. So what wisdom do you think anyone accords to a nag who hides behind multiple secret identities? Sort of Klanish don’t you think? The lynch mob you’re trying to whip up certainly is.

    And no, Michael, I’m not driving anyone away. Everyone has a voice at OCS, we decide what to do and do it, and we’re going to keep at it, regardless your litanies of false accusations. You wanted to vote to STOP Occupy, gut its resources? Sorry, occupied.

  3. We’re just trying to help… if the guy loses his job, then he’s got more time to occupy!!!

  4. Now you are equating the people that disagree with you as KKK members? Wow! You should chill out, smoke whatever you smoke, and lose the paranoia.

    Yes, O powerful one, I understand this post will be moderated away.

  5. What type of thugs actually go around trying to get other people fired from their jobs, Jason?

    What is interesting is that some of the people behind doing this type of menacing against others who have exercised their Right to Free Speech, are actually US military troops paid for with my tax dollars, waiting for possible deployment once again into Occupy Afghanistan operations, bomb Pakistan with drones fly by shootings, and set up the new US war against Iran with Israel buddies side by side with them. Meanwhile, they think that can can pass their spare time off base from Fort Carson by harassing antiwar activists.

  6. I dunno Tony. What kind of thugs take pictures of people and post their images and real names repeatedly to get them in trouble with their jobs. Oh wait, that’s NOTMYTRIBE tactics. You can see that is posts on this site. I’d say what they did to you is a reflection of what you did to them.

  7. Eric I bet you love this attention. You’re trying your hardest to be the victim here, but what happens when you run out of people who care because you cried wolf too many times?

    That Army family didn’t attract the detractors that you surround yourself with. You should ignore your haters and quit feeding them shit like this. They are probably laughing their asses off at trolling you into a response. Quit poking the beehive and they’ll probably go away.

  8. David- I tried that, I avoided responding to their false rumors, but the din grew so loud, from the videos, the open group, internal messaging, and emails, that the confusion from many around me convinced me I needed to clear it up.

    I’m still not sure it was the wrong move. These asswipes need to be exposed for what they are. Maybe you knew Clifton, Billings, Butler, and Martinez were such cretinous lowlifes, but the word wasn’t getting around fast enough for me.

  9. For simple clarification, I did not write those messages, my 12 year old daughter did, and she has been punished for doing so. Her Facebook page is no longer active as a consequence of her actions. I only ask that you please refrain from using my daughters’ names or pictures in these “attack” articles.

  10. Raven-
    I’ve already blacked-out the screenshots I used. Hopefully you’ll think twice before using her name to spread your filth. I have a lengthy paper trail of you using your daughter’s identity to troll on Facebook.

  11. Lets see here. At acacia park there were 2 old ladies, Erica and Fat Tony and you say I “retreated” when re-enforcement’s arrived…lol. Going from 4 to 5 low-life’s really isn’t “re-enforcement’s” in my book. I will show up to any event by myself just like Mr. Clean does.

  12. Eric – I read their flyer and handed it right back. I’m not in the mood for shit when I am downtown drinking with friends. The flyer is just more division, but you are lying about what was on it. There was no call for violence that I saw. There was a reward for info on tony and a flyer telling people to call your landlord on you. I don’t remember any violence. I don’t remember any lynch mob. You are the one still blowing this out of proportion. Did they have other flyers? Do you have better pictures of them so I can see what I missed that was violent?

  13. According to Eric, I am a cretentious lowlife along with Lone Wolfe, Michael Clifton, and Raven Martinez. Thanks Guys for letting me be in your club! I will be true to my membership in the cretentious lowlives club.

  14. David- probably the minute you have a flier adorned with your photo and vitriolic accusations made against you, you’ll grasp the violent ramifications of “wanted posters”.

    Most people won’t be able to collect Jim’s reward, but they’ll want in on the act of meting out “justice”.

    I was avoiding the specifics of the contents of the fliers because that would only broaden their reach to the crazies.

  15. $300 is a lot of money as people live in “Obamaville”. I think he lying and really doesn’t council soldiers but we will know soon enough.

  16. Eric, Bring your car out take it to the track in Pueblo, I promise I will leave you in the dust! You probably don’t have the balls to do it! Am I bragging on my car? Yes I am! The stake on this race is that you stop making these comments like you are. I admit I am fair game because but you keep insulting Brittany, and you did not let up until you got Raven into tears. You can dog me that’s one thing, but when you and Tony decided to mess with Raven and Brittany, you woke a sleeping giant. Now accept the challenge or shut up!

  17. Ed, you sound like you still have a sense of humor about this. Threatening someone’s job is not a joke, and throwing in with a lynch mob that will provoke who knows what kind of retaliation against Tony or me is a pretty bad idea.

  18. I see you show fear. You set yourself up. I see that you are scared of my Challenge.Bwak Bwak Bwak

  19. As for what you are calling a lynch mob, I had nothing to do with that, and I don’t control what others do. If it is those flyers which I never knew about until you mentioned it That was something someone else did. Nothing wrong with being against the war and wanting Healthcare for all, but there is plenty wrong with calling a young man Trailer Trash because he wanted to better himself with what resource was readily available to him, and insulting his wife. Only true “Trailer Trash” would do that……You are now getting a dose of your own medicine, and there is nothing I can do about it. You did it to yourself.

  20. Ed Billings the Scab, has thus spoken, even as THE US TROOPS KILL KIDS, scabby Ed is totally on the wrong side of the fence.

    No wonder the Union Movement is in such total decline with emotional retards posing themselves off as being union shop stewards. I’d rather blow my brains out than have such an idiot as Ed was my shop steward anywhere and pretending to represent workers. The idea of being a job steward is to protect workers from being fired, but Ed the Scab thinks it is his job to try to get some workers fired from their jobs, get some people evicted from their rentals, and invite assaults and stalking other workers because he disagrees with their political views. YES, Ed is a scab but he is in a union and is a low level union grunt ‘official’ at that!

    Fuck off, Ed the Scab. Nobody’s scared of rats like yourself. You’re too pitiful.

  21. I must Confess, Ed got me there. I quit working years ago because I find it pointless to get a Job when I your tax dollars will pay for My Food, rent, Utilities and Porn Addiction.

  22. I also must Confess that my relationship to my Dog is just a little too close but that is none of your business. If I also had a goat I would be just as close, but that is between me and that goat!

  23. Here is yet another sicko Right Wing comment that insinuates that I have sex with my dog. There is absolutely nothing so sick and low for Ed, Raven, Jeremy, Brittany, and their associated rabble of Right Wing buddies to stoop down to doing to try to shut up Occupy CS. But it won’t work, Scabs!

    YES, their actions are reminiscent of a group of Klansmen behaving in like JOINT manner. Here in Colorado Springs we have the local Pentagon military bases feeding this sort of hatred and menacing of other Americans exercising their Right to Free Speech, too. And to think that we should all bow down to the veterans for supposedly making our Freedoms possible??? What a joke!

    Let us not forget either that in the past in our nation’s history, that many any of these military veterans/ soldeirs, through the National Guard, were used at Kent State and Jackson State to suppress Free Speech by murdering students.

    Many times the US military has been also used to suppress union struggles to help improve the life for the 99%. In fact, right here in Colorado the veterans were used to attack and murder workers and their families at Ludlow, Colorado, a struggle that the ignoramus Right Winger probably knows nothing about at all.

    The US military is a foreign occupation army of the 1%, and not one that supports human rights in the US or elsewhere for the 99%.

  24. Notice, too, how the Right Winger mob is now using my name falsely under another IP to pretend that I am posting here on NMT. These people are really mentally ill, or else they are just cops?

  25. She’s posting threats from her daughter’s account? That’s child abuse in my opinion. My mom used to pick fights and commit fraud in my name.. I think someone should do something for that poor kid.

  26. Helena, go educate yourself! Scroll up and read my comment, I DID NOT SEND THOSE MESSAGES! Before you make false accusations, show me what threat I have ever made under my daughters Facebook account or anywhere in her name! Sounds like you are still the “poor kid”, my daughter is fine!

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