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Oops. Add two rapes to the feat of Staff Sgt. Bales, death squad of one (Aghans say 1/16th) behind Panjwaii Massacre

An Afghan parliamentary fact-finding mission reports that two women were raped before being killed in the US NATO night raid on Panjwaii. Yeah, Americans still can’t pronounce My Lai. The same US corporate press is raping Afghanistan.

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Oops, troops don’t get memo, kill kids

SUNDAY- Drunken US soldiers kill 16 Afghanistan civilians, nine of them children. The US military is claiming the massacre was the work of one soldier who “wandered” inside homes in Kandahar’s Panjwayi district, but witnesses report it was a squad … Continue reading

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No flag raising in Kandahar

                This recent photo from Afghanistan accompanied a story about the lost cause that is becoming the US trying to impose a Western will upon Afghanistan. With pictures like this I’m convinced that … Continue reading

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