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Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi jailed for slapping Israeli dragoons who shot her young cousin in the face.

FREE AHED TAMIMI. Israeli occupation authorities have arrested 16-yr-old Ahed and her mother, for posting a video of Ahed slapping an IDF soldier deployed outside the Tamimi home in the Occupied Territories. That act of defiance was apparently too much.

Jewish State Israel’s slow construction of more war and more Apartheid

settler savagery
On March 2, 2009, the Israeli advocacy group Peace Now issued a report saying that the Israeli housing ministry plans to build 73,000 housing units in the West Bank. Peace Now said 15,000 of these units had already been approved, with another 58,000 awaiting approval. This article continues at The Settler Question- What Israeli Peace Process?

They talk two state solution even as they dismantle Arab neighborhoods. They talk Peace, even as they insure that there will be more war. Always they build racism instead of coexistence. That simply is Israel at work today, as it slowly builds toward more future conflict in the Middle East. The Jewish State doesn’t want Peace, since it simply wants still more Palestinian land.

Israelis indignant at being called Nazis

Warsaw Ghetto vs Gaza
Jewish leaders object to Nazi imagery at rallies. Avner Shalev, chairman of the Yad Vashem museum and memorial, called for the Holocaust to be left out of contemporary political discourse.

Is that rich?! There’s not a day goes by that Holocaust Remembrance isn’t in the news, propagated by Israel’s constant PR campaign. Google “Holocaust” for news items. There are remembrance press releases every news day.

“It is legitimate to constructively criticize the policies of any nation, including Israel. However, the baseless use of Holocaust imagery and terminology as a weapon against Israel has incited a tangible surge of anti-Semitism,” he said. “That is the danger inherent when people cynically use the Holocaust to distort a present political conflict.”

Is it really anti-Semitic to condemn the inhumanity of the Zionists? Does Judaism condone ethnic cleansing? If Israel doesn’t want to be compared to the Nazis, it should stop exterminating the Palestinians. What fucking gall.

The Nazis had a word for their anti-Fascist critics. They called them Communists. That’s why they had the support of industrialists, even Jewish industrialists, and the ruling classes. But sympathy for the barbaric Third Reich quickly wore thin.

Recent events only suggest to me that the Nazis lagged behind today’s Zionists. They lacked the technology. Do you think they would have dicked around with train schedules and relocation ruses if they’d had white phosphorous, free access to the entire US arsenal, and an international community indifferent to the fate of their victims?

Israeli air strikes represent massive violations of international law

palestine flag“The Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip represent severe and massive violations of international humanitarian law as defined in the Geneva Convention, both in regard to the obligations of an occupying power and in the requirements of the laws of war.” Written by Professor Richard Falk, United Nations Special Investigator for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories.

The entire commentary by the UN Special Investigator for Human Rights can be read at ‘Israeli air strikes represent massive violations of international law’

Unfortunately the United Nations is well known for giving lip service to international law while helping super powers violate it. Such is the case now with Gaza, too.