Have Americans overtaken the Nazis as the real benchmark for Godwin’s Rule?

Funny how Americans think the Nazis are still the ne plus ultra of evildom. Isn’t it about time we stop pretending the cruelty of Hitler’s machine exceeded ours? The US military has of course blown well past the benchmark of “Godwin’s Rule” by any measure of war crime both in quality and quantity, the question is, for how long has this been true? The initiate might think Vietnam marked our trespass into the Ugly American of infamy, our ensuing exploits in Latin America cementing our ignoble national character, but US colonial possessions worldwide know we’ve applied American moxie to a Final Solution stratagem wherever we’ve roamed. Before our westward expansion domestically, we settled with genocidal intent under a crown’s mentorship. America’s plan for its indigenous populations was the model for the Nazi relocation and extermination system, so for the Germans we were the “Nazis”. Odd how that perspective got lost in our history of WWII, our “Good War”.

3 thoughts on “Have Americans overtaken the Nazis as the real benchmark for Godwin’s Rule?

  1. I have been to Cuba as a journalist several times, and have live in a Muslim country. Dude, y’all ought to stop smoking that shit, and do a little traveling before you spew your utter nonsense online. Also, check out how the Palestinians treat women. OMG! Get a clue!

  2. Actually, I grew up overseas and I’ve traveled, so broadening YOUR worldview might require more than professional tourism, but it’s a start I recommend as well. So you only have a problem with Palestinian sexism you dumb Zionist?

  3. Geez…. We have a wise one here now named Diane. So the Palestinian treat woman any different than Americans…. You don’t seem to be reading the news as often as a journalist should.

    There is not a single day where I don’t read about women beat up, or killed or abused with the support of society here in America.

    The columnist us right. Hitler was a lactating baby in comparison with today’s governmental structure in the US.

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