Pope Rock-the-Frock Francis canonizes Final Solution architect Junipero Serra

No matter how progressive, humble or earnest he sounds, Pope Francis fronts for the Catholic Church, engine of colonialism, author of vast horrors, ongoing and unrepentant. Pope Francis is the first New World pontiff and so what? Now he’s honoring Conquistador confessor Junipero Serra who established the California mission system which worked their indigenous captives to death, fed a diet intended to starve them. The Third Reich modeled their concentration camp program after the Franciscan forced-labor “missions” which externinated the west coast native Americas.

3 thoughts on “Pope Rock-the-Frock Francis canonizes Final Solution architect Junipero Serra

  1. please tell me that the statement that the third reich modeled their concentration camp program after franciscan forced labor missions, is accurate and not just assumed.

  2. Would you feel less uncomfortable that the current American prison labor system is fed and founded by the Slave Labor Plantations? I mean, the Colorado voters narrowly reaffirmed exactly that in the recent election. And a lot of the slavery was in Catholic strongholds like Texas, Florida, Maryland and Louisiana. And two of the first three American president bought in to the Slavery to the point they screwed the slaves, literally. And the other 7 states of the confederacy were mostly protestants, scions of the presbyterian and episcopalian churches, who have a shared heritage with the Catholic Church.

    I’m Christian and deeply aware that people will use the name of God or any gods to justify their unjust deeds. Hitler said that Germany was a Christian nation. So do a host of American politicians only they shift their location to America. George HW Bush keeps saying that America is “a shining city on a hill” which is a quote from Cotten Mather, one of the witch trial judges in Salem, and who also said that American Indians are constructs of Satan without human souls, because we aren’t mentioned in Genesis.

    He also claimed the spiritual heritage of Israel without going into Jewish anything. He kind of picked and chose a piece of bible here and half a scripture there, toss in a little good old fashioned Puritan bullshit, cook it in the oven at 325 degrees F for half an hour and serve it up. Yum yum.

    People do that a lot. If they can’t get enough victims from other faiths they’ll cheerfully turn on their own. And just say the ones they’re killing are “apostate” which is on the level of pagan or heathen but worse because they allegedly gave up Christ.

    Just wait and watch, a whole bunch of hate inspired riots are going to be started at the instigation of Yet Another U.S. President who claims to have God on a hotline phone, (Donald calls up God and tells Him what to do) and any Christians who get murdered in the riots are going to be called False prophets, heretics and apostate.

    But yeah, the Church did oppress Natives. And it was brutal, and part of it was easier to use people who were already here as slaves, until the Native Apocalypse reverse-decimated the population.

    Some local historian is going to be screaming at his computer over me saying this, but decimation, a European Roman word, means drawing lots and killing one out of every ten.The Native Apocalypse was 1 out of 10 were left.

    As for Hitler, again, he took a lot of techniques and theory from the Inquisition and the Crusades. So do the Bush family and except for Jeb Bush and his kids, they’re Protestant. By the way, Koeppler, Galileo and Copernicus were granted release from Purgatory about 500 years late, they were convicted of heresy by the Inquisition, which was the justification for the Catholic Church to be just as butt-hole-ish about just everything as the Pagan Roman Emperors.

    The Inquisition, Crusades and the prohibited books codex were canceled in 1966 at Vatican II. It’s not ancient history. The Knights of Columbus and Hiberian Knights (the IRA) were established by the Inquisition, so was Braveheart William Wallace. At times when the Catholic Church was mainly fighting other Catholics. Even the Crusaders killed more Crusaders than Muslim and Jews.

    it’s just easier to hate your neighbors and go after your neighbors because they’re nearer and thus easier than going halfway around the known world.

    There are a lot of Christians, probably the majority but that’s “conjecture” because quite simply I Never Met Most Christians, who are doing things to redeem the sins of the Churches. Then again, there’s the Klan, the Nazis and the Republicans also under the Christian Big Tent. The ones who throw bombs and bullets and smallpox get the most attention.

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