Where to protest the 2016 Philly DNC

PHILADELPHIA, PA- Depending on what you’re here to accomplish at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, pro-Bernie, anti-war, reformist, or disruption, here’s our shortlist of the event sites according to theme.

1. WELLS FARGO CENTER– Main site of DNC, for delegates only, surrounded by four miles of 8ft tall modular steel crowd control barriers.
2. CITY HALL– Most rallies and demonstrations are scheduled to converge here before a 4-mile march to DNC site.
3. INDEPENDENCE HALL– Sunday’s “Clean Energy” march ended here. Its lawn of is the backdrop for MSNBC live convention coverage and was the 2011 site of Occupy Philly.

4. CLINTONVILLE– Located 8 miles due North of DNC at America & Somerset, “Clintonville” is an urban campsite for the people’s movement, economic justice issues, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

5. MARCONI PLAZA– Less than a half mile from the DNC, Marconi Plaza is an ideal launching point to rally demonstrators against the DNC. Shade is sparse but this plaza appears to be the daily epicenter for Bernie Sanders supporters.

6. F.D.R. PARK– This park is immediately adjacent to the DNC and at the last minute was made available for overnight protest camping. There is ample shade but the many trees will prevent large centralized assemblies. It’s the place to be Monday afternoon and evening.

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  1. Avatar jonah says:

    So, I bet the cost of the fence around the convention, 4 miles, ouch. Just to have it put up and maintained for say, a week, I know it’s less, And the price of patrolling it, in the middle of a heavily populated city and not near any borders, maybe that can be FOIA’d and somebody who’s allegedly fiscally conservative would probably have bitched about it. Extrapolate it to the thousands of miles of border fence which are supposed to be permanent. Just because of that one candidate who pledged to do something like that.

    How much would any organization opposed to such measures pay for any attack against that fence/wall? such dissident groups would by necessity have a really low budget compared to the Pentagram’s budget. It would fall right into the realm of the post I put up about the Pentagon should just hire suicide bombers, because dead martyrs are far cheaper than wounded veterans. Or retirement pay for non-wounded. eh.

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