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Green is the new blue

I’m not talking about the verdant environmentalists, of the “Green Scare,” the syntax applied by the government to categorize eco-defenders under the axis of terrorism. Nor the hue of the ecological mind shift that launched the global political movement. The … Continue reading

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Green Party-pooper insubordination more embarrassing than imaginable

And I thought I hade a vivid imagination. Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney has issued a press release detailing her explicit intention to participate in the Sunday DNC rally. The letter is very diplomatic but it spells out the … Continue reading

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Denver Greens turn backs on candidate

Vote Green of course! Try to ignore the louses who presume to speak for them locally. First the Denver Greens fired off press releases insisting that Recreate 68 retract the announcement that Cynthia McKinney would be speaking at the Sunday … Continue reading

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Cynthia McKinney Green Party candidate

CHICAGO- The Green Party convention has nominated Cynthia McKinney as their 2008 presidential candidate. Puerto Rican activist Rosa Clemente will be her running mate. “We are not the alternative, we are the imperative!”

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Is the Green Party still alive?

It is political suicide to run a political party the way the Greens run themselves. Are they still alive at all? This Sunday there will be debate in California that may very well answer that question. It is very late … Continue reading

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Why Green Party is Dead, Dead, Dead

Four years ago, the US socialist Left was awash in hope for finally finding some cheap breakthrough to out flanking the 2 corporate political parties. They had decided that the Green Party was the road to Nirvana for them, and … Continue reading

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