Programmed obsolescence for iPhone? Apple has an app for that! iOS update.

Forget planned obsolescence, the digital age means manufacturers can trigger killer apps like a remote switch for the hangman’s trap door. Just poke a hole in your customer’s canteen if you want to bring them back to your watering hole.

Was Apple’s throttling of late model iPhones mentioned in the fine print which users approve every time they authorize a software update? I doubt it. First the suspicious timing of the dumbing of smart phones was dismissed as urban myth. Next sleuths learned that googles of “iPhone slow” spiked before launches of new models. Then someone benchmarked the IQ drops of the transformed dumb phones. Now Apple has been forced to admit it programed the slowdowns.

Apple says they had to hobble your phone to go easy on its aging battery. Imagine a car dealership progressively disabling cylinders in your car engine, to secretly save you on gas.

Essentially Apple is retiring your phone on a fixed income of energy while you consider its functionality still under contract to you, under your employ. Whose iPhone is it?

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  1. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Like Miss Johnnie with her Mac, the one with no more upgrades possible… As A Mac…. Because Apple dropped it’s contract with AMD… However, Linux has “hacks” which allows stuff you really do need if you do your business online…

    The last not-for-profit(Greed) web browser is Firefox. Try using the not-staffed-by-humans Help Center of your bank to check your balance or track a purchase or sale on Amazon with anything less than the very latest browser, any browser, the latest Safari which Apple will allow is 4 years old… for the very respectable AMD processors… Guess how much of Amazon or online banking you can do with that…

    And, what if the Microsoft-Apple-Intel Axis of Evil (to which Android also has joined, with ARM and Google, to create a new deformed Axis) has a switch deep in the BIOS which will “brick” any chipset on any board? Collusion at it’s finest. What’s that Consumer Protection set of laws we so often hear? What are the odds that any for-profit Legislator, Judge, Prosecutor, Military Budget Officer and there’s exactly no doubt about the Executive Plutarchy… will actually lift a finger to protect the Peasants? Even in an election year, they will merely put a pretty bandaid on it.

    Everything for the Rich! Low Income, High Rents! Fascism 4Ever! Re-elect all of them!

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