What’s behind the Churchill adoration?

What’s behind the current wave of Churchill-mania? I’m inclined to think it’s about rebooting pan-nationalism. Churchill was a hero of WWII, propping up the supposition that WWII was a just war where Churchill led the defense against Fascism. The victors have been embellishing that history since before that capitalist scam began.

The latest movie, DARKEST HOUR, presumes to glorify Winston Churchill BE MOFO SOB as England’s savior, begging to presume there’s no argument it was her darkest hour. Aimed to pull the wool back of the eyes after Britain’s improbable moment of clarity about their opportunity to make a BREXIT from the talons of their banker overlords.

Churchill was an adventurer and glory-seeker whose every move supported colonialism and imperialism. His first taste of war was on the side of the Spanish as they suppressed independence movement in Cuba. Next he fought the Boers in South Africa. Next opposed labor struggles. He ordered the immolation of Anarchists. He sent death squads to Ireland. He disparaged Indian attempts at sovereignty, suggesting Gandhi should be bound hand and foot and crushed beneath an elephant. He bombed Dresden. He gave Palestine over to Zionists. He held rebellious Kenyan tribes in concentration camps.

This was a warmonger war criminal we’re praising as one of History’s greatest leaders, probably because these are times of war and today’s sadists need affirmation their actions will be similarly lionized.

2 thoughts on “What’s behind the Churchill adoration?

  1. Totally Correct – Churchill was a war criminal, sadist, and contributed more than anyone else to the demise of western civilization

  2. Only-est thing I can think of him is approaching nobility is a) he was an aristocrat by birth… not an accomplishment, just a random event. and he took a demotion and a commission as a field officer which would b) kept his sorry ass in a position to get more ‘enlisted’ (drafted) men killed, maimed or just pissed off forever against the established order. (the last is a ‘plus’ and the others were just fucked up) AFTER killing by stupidity a whole bunch of colonial troops in the Dardenelles and especially Suvlah Bay on Gallipoli. How wonderful it was for him to volunteer to kill more British soldier-slaves to make up for killing all those other slave-soldiers!

    A lesser man would go to each grave of each soldier and apologize, and of course go to each loved one of each soldier (the first part would be metaphysical but necessary) and apologize, then go home and stick the barrel of his revolver and play Reverse Russian Roulette. Every chamber filled. But no, he had to appease the dead and their widows, orphans and parents By surviving long enough to Kill even more peasants in yet another war.

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