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Indian elephants fail to apply Gandhi’s theories of peaceful resistance

elephant friendOK, this is a gratuitous commentary but don’t blame me for it, since I’ve merely overdosed on the religion from the Colorado Springs Justice and Peace Commission, a group supposedly dedicated to fighting US war making and not just for going to some sort of New Age Church on off days of the week. Wild elephants kill 3 in northeast India

Pacifists always are counselling others on non-violence, but rarely are under any direct attack of their own that they have to defend against. However, elephants are in a different situation and react normally rather than spiritually as Jesus perhaps would have done. Of course, stories have it that in the Temple he did not act nonviolently either? But that’s just the Bible so what do they really know about Jesus anyway?

Actually, most American pacifists I have known think that Jesus would merely have voted for the Democratic Party ticket if Jesus were to return as an American. When you see those morph computer images of ‘Barack Lincoln’, we should realize that Lincoln is just a stand-in for Jesus and/ or Gandhi here. It is against the Christian religion to morph Jesus with people like Barack, just like Muslims don’t allow pictures of Mohammed to be waved around to all. So Barack Obama morphed with Lincoln is allowed though, so they went with that. I’d rather see a herd of Indian elephants show up at the Grand Inauguration this Tuesday though, and resist in the manner they know how to do so well.

Alaska’s REJECT PALIN rally

Sarah Palin with caribou kill
It has to be the item most hidden by the American media so far this year. They just do not want America to know that Alaskans turned out in mass to what has been described as the largest political demonstration in that state ever! They came out 1400 strong to show the US and the world that Sarah Palin is certainly not liked at all by many an Alaskan.

The Republican hate media tried to stop the large turnout. Alaska Women Rally Against Palin And Are Threatened That forked tongue, Right Wing hate radio scumbag kind of turned your stomach, didn’t he? Eddie Burke is kind of an Alaskan version of Rush Limbaugh, a loud mouthed thug who was forced to backtrack from his original calls to violence. He got slapped on the wrist for invoking violence against 2 women organizers of the rally, but his brand of hate will be back, because it’s popular with the Far Right nutters. Radio host suspended for airing anti-Palin protesters’ numbers

A Freudian mixed metaphor for the GOP

elephant gorillaI’ve read it several times now, the eight-hundred pound gorilla in the room. This would seem to confuse 1) the proverbial 600-900 lb primate (gorillas not named Kong seldom excede 400 lbs) who outclasses everyone else in size and power, for 2) the pachyderm in the room whose relative mass overwhelms our capacity to ignore it, though we try.
In this corporate age of Darwinian monopolies, maybe the de facto brutality of alpha-male corporate monopoly has become something the corporate media mouthpieces won’t let us talk about. There’s an elephant in the room, and the three hundred pound gorilla won’t let us talk about it.
The gorilla is the elephant is the new metaphor for the GOP.