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Sovereign Bruce Doucette found guilty of organizing a jailbreak from servitude

BREAKING: A jury of twelve Denverites just found Pro Se defendant Bruce Doucette GUILTY of multiple counts of racketeering, organized crime deeds, etc, for the actual self-confessed act of telling off his betters. By whom I mean, the local officiates of a fraudulent entity which presumes everyone’s birthright is slavery.

Judicial reform activist Bruce Doucette is next Denver sovereign to face joint FBI JTTF IRS & Colorado AG show trial

DENVER, COLORADO- Into the second week of the Doucette sovereignty trial you can’t help but imagine yourself attending the burning of a medieval heretic. There but for a modicum more caution than courage go I.
Sovereign Bruce Doucette and his nine co-conspirators, who prosecutors allege constituted a “criminal enterprise”, were saying what most know to be true about our nation’s corrupt justice system. Their attempts to bring reform however sparked the fear and wrath of the targeted cronies, who now lash back with all the authoritarian muscle with which they conduct their misdeeds.

Small surprise, obviously. That’s why you and I are standing around the fire and not in it. But seeing the fire being fueled by the FBI, its Joint Terrorism Task Force partners, and Colorado’s First Deputy Attorney General himself, onlookers dare not show sympathy for the heretics.

If you think this is an exaggeration, you haven’t been watching the Denver “paper terrorist” enterprise trials. Last December, the first two sovereigns were convicted of racketeering, conspiracy, etc, and given 36 and 22 year sentences. At their ages, that’s LIFE. Two remain to be tried, including Doucette. The rest took plea deals and were given only probation. This was in exchange for being made to “renounce allegiance to the sovereignty movement” and “to cease criticizing” judge whoever.

In constitutional days, criticism was free speech. And belief was a fundamental right. If you can reduce a prison sentence to probation by merely swearing fealty to the dominant authority, the real problem law enforcement has with these paper crimes is the First Amendment.

Today Colorado is giving life sentences for heresy.

Systemic corruption among judges, sheriffs, district attorneys, and petty bureaucrats is no mere conspiracy theory. Someone is filling America’s booming for-profit prisons. Someone is enboldening cops to shoot rather than arrest. Who do you think is running the courts which prey entirely on the disadvantaged?

In Montaigne’s day, even aristocrats feared the courts. America’s innovation was to ensure the legal system benefits the rich, while pretending to serve The People. And administered by clowns who swore an oath to the people. For laughs.

Doucette and his sovereign reformers discovered that many of these cronies had become so brash, they had dispensed with the oaths of office which they were constitutionally required to make. More hadn’t even posted bonds to secure said oaths. Bonds are mandated by the constitution to hold public officials accountable to their subjects over whom they wield disproportunate power.

But Doucette & co soon found that pointing out the missing oaths and bonds fell on deaf ears. Bond-less, oath-less, unaccountable despots can simply bang the gavel and ignore you.

While the more clever, if less principled, among us learn to exploit a crooked system, and the rest of us gnash our teeth in frustration, the Colorado sovereigns were foolhardy enough to take on the system with its own medicine.

Doucette and crew enterprised to serve official looking financial liens on the corrupt office holders, for monetary amounts corresponding to how long the officials had defrauded the public by drawing their oath-deficient salaries. With interest, compounded, the liens named extraordinary amounts due. The asserted default judgements totaled millions or billions, even TRILLIONS. This apparently frightened the officials who received the correspondence. A trillion dollar personal debt can ruin your credit.

Those lien amounts were contrived to bring the offender’s attention to their offense, if also to infer the moral bankruptcy of corruption. But instead of hopping to the swearing of oaths and the posting of their negligent bonds, the cronies called the FBI.

It turns out the FBI was already watching because the sovereigns and their ideology fall under federal definitions of domestic terrorism. You heard that right. Leave-me-alone sovereigns are considered terrorists.

Of course, sovereign ideology is a HUGE existential threat the system, but whenever did you give your assent to being thought-policed?

The sovereignty movement in the US is comprised of a growing population of political constituents awake to the reality that their government no longer represents them. Their government acts unconstitutionally, to be specific. Its taxes, its judicial system, and especially its monetary mechanisms, are unconstitutional.

It’s become cliche to say our government is illegitimate. But what else are you going to call it? By a gradual process, the American democratic project became an authoritarian shadow state.

Sovereigns can argue with conspiracy theorists about maritime dominions or Freemasons or whatever complicated subterfuge, but to make a long story short, our national economy came under the control of oligarchs. The steps are easily documented.

I’ll list these highlights because they’ll pop up again later: 1861, endenturing Americans to foreign debt payments; 1913, shifting control of US currency to the predations of domestic private capital; 1949, our republic becomes a security state. All these transformations were expressly contrary to the intentions of the founding fathers and without consultation of the people.

Despite Thomas Jefferson’s personal warnings, and his anti-Hamiltonian safeguards which held ground for generations, the American nation became enslaved to usury. Specifically it yielded to private loans and their interest rates which engineer economic instability and poverty. Our nation’s public wealth was usurped by the same financial masters who wrung opportunity, equality and equilibrium from Europe, the anemic economies from which our forefathers and subsequent immigrants declared their independance.

Because this is not what is represented to Americans in our civics classes, nor what we believe to be our citizenship compact, how can a declaration of personal sovereignty be unreasonable? The American Dream is a bait and switch. It’s false imprisonment. It’s contract fraud with our social contract.

Naturally Mommon has no intention of letting this truth be uttered. Mammon deems sovereigns as rebellious slaves. To a slaveowner, that’s terrorism.

Sovereigns are often maligned as “patriots” in the retrograde supremicist sense. Obviously they are patriots enamored by what the American project has always pretended to be. Sovereigns are dedicated to the constitution we’re supposed to follow, to which any official with broad authority over people, is supposed to swear an oath.

In view of a lawless government and an abusive predatory bureaucracy, sovereigns try to indemnify themselves from corruption’s long greedy arm. This of course troubles our masters.

The trial of sovereign Bruce Doucette is not a pretty thing. As a sovereign he cannot but represent himself Pro Se. You can wish his legal arguments were sharper, you can wish he had a lawyer’s chops, but Bruce Doucette is an ordinary person. He’s just smart enough to recognize injustice, and smart enough to have drawn its wrath, but stupid enough to have the moral conviction that prevents him from standing idly by like you.

Now Bruce Doucette is up against flames and torturous barbs honed by centuries of Inquisition. Today’s shackles and compliance control devices are exerted by the IRS.

Income tax is a convenient weapon with which to bludgeon sovereigns because it’s their Achilles Heel. Sovereigns take a principled stand against the income tax and they don’t pay it. We indoctrinated subjects consider income taxes ubiquitous, but it’s a contemporary government abuse.

Since prehistory, taxes were levied on wealth and land. When pre-industrial private finance schemes began to suck the wealth of nations and its land holders, governments had to make up their losses with other tax revenues.

Industrialization provided individual wages and salaries from which to trim a government’s share. Initially this was used to pay for the incidental expenses of war. Increasingly, the income tax became necessary to meet a nation’s growing interest payments to private debt in light of its diminishing assets from which to draw.

For some deranged logic, which we’ve lost the critical thinking skills to question, people accept national debt to private lenders as an obligation inherent to all national economies.

Income Tax
The history of the income tax can be traced to some telling coincidences. The first income tax appeared in England in 1799, levied to pay for the war against Napleon. Revolutionary France had thrown off the international financiers trying to impose private debt. Napoleon was fighting to preserve France’s prosperity which had come from his economic measures to thwart usury.

The first US income tax was imposed in 1861, to subsidize the War of Rebellion. By coincidence, that’s the year the Union violated long standing constitutional prohibitions against saddling our economy with private international debt. The federal income tax remained a contentious tax, until a Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional.

Undeterred, Congress eventually amended the constitution to legitimize the income tax. By no coincidence at all, they did it in 1913, the same year American bankers created the Federal Reserve, the mechanism by which the spoils of usury and financial manipulation could be rendered from London to domestic profiteers. The spoils remained private. National debt was still the means to steal the wealth created by labor.

Thus the bankers wanted not only the prosperity generated by the labor, but a cut of the wages which paid for the labor. The only thing the rich have ever wanted was everything.

Besides, again the government needed the income tax to pay the interest on the private money it borrowed from the Fed.

No wonder sovereigns repudiate the income tax. It’s a slap in the face when the usurers already have both hands in your pockets. It’s robbing you personally when they’ve already taken the wealth you helped generate. It’s taking YOUR wallet when they’ve already stolen EVERYONE’S safe. And if the chairman of the Federal Reserve determines you can do without that sandwich, they’ll peg the interest rate to take that too.

Your nation’s wealth is not just your birthright, it’s the fruit of your collective hard work. A productive community, whether agricultural or industrial, is naturally prosperous. Unless it’s harnessed to perpetual interest payments. Debt means perpetual inequity. Especially when the interest rates are variable, adjusted to ensure that borrowers are left only with the crumbs of subsistence.

Probably you’ve little sympathy for louts who don’t pay their taxes. Defendant Bruce Doucette was certainly made to look shameful for shirking his financial responsibility to the state. If you think he had one.

As the enlightened moderns we think we’ve become, we can look back at medieval heretics and know they weren’t criminals. And we know the bishops, burgermeisters and prosecutors of old could not have burned the heretics without the support of the jeering crowds. What inclined the medieval townspeople to jeer? In hindsight it’s easy to conclude it was gullible self-defeatism.

Please consider reasons you think you have now to jeer at Bruce Doucette. He followed his convictions. He spoke his mind. He tried to make authorities show the deference due their constituents, the common people. That mission was not criminal.

Just because your would be champion isn’t erudite doesn’t make him a criminal. If you think handing a public official a lien for 17 BILLION DOLLARS, owed to the American People, makes the defendant a bad boy, then give him a spanking!

Doucette’s act didn’t make victims of the unconstitutional oath-fraud officials. The court paraded a string of judges and sheriffs to testify against Doucette. They told the jury they felt victimized by the defendant’s “paper terrorism”. Bullshit.

On the other hand, no one is considering the real victims: the ruined lives, incarcerated or in penury, harassed, condemned and sentenced by those unaccountable public officials today pretending to be “victims”. If those real victims could testify at this trial, we all might be showing a little more appreciation for Doucette.

Can Idle No More First Nations assert their sovereignty for real?

Here’s an idea for First Nations rattling their chains with IDLE NO MORE. Declare your sovereignty for real. “Sovereignty” has become a meaningless descriptor, now counting puppet states of Iraq and Afghanistan. How did we expect George W. Bush to explain what sovereignty meant? Even he probably knew what it was supposed to mean, and so do you. Sovereignty doesn’t mean captive reservations, rural ghettos, Gaza Strips or West Banks slowly being ethnically cleansed by attrition. Sovereignty means independent nation states, not dupes of duplicitous treaties. Chief Theresa Spense is right to hold out to meet with the Canadian Prime Minister and a representative of the English crown. First Nations leaders deserve to meet with fellow heads of state, if the treaty lands are truly sovereign.

Dit Fromage!

Ah, photography and cheese, together again. In French.
New concept, Calendar Girls posing with … CHEESE!
It doesn’t translate very well, culturally, or didn’t. “Say Cheese” becomes “Dit Fromage! Dit Fromage!”
Warning, the webpage is in French. So for those right wing types who are still pissed off at the French for not just allowing McDonalds to take over their country… Too bad.
You lost, EU won, get over it.

So the French have taken up the American bastardization of what was French technology in the first place, photography. Maybe now the Americans will take up something more than a mere shadow of French raw milk cheese. Instead of cheese made from Pasteurized milk. Which doesn’t make too much sense, since cheese is rotten milk in its beginning, why Pasteurize out the bacteria and fungi which make it if you’re just going to put them back later?
You know, that was the “beef” McDonalds AND the Texas Cattle Raisers and Breeders Association had with them? Not so much a really well-deserved bit of Anti-American cultural snobbery.

But the French and everybody else in the EU demanded (How DARE those Foreign Sovereign Nations make demands of American CorporaFascist Rulers about doing business in their pipsqueak country which has been a nation for a thousand years longer than America?) that the milk and meat served come from EU inspected sources.

That would include having EU approved inspections in “our” Meat Factory mass-produced Concentrated Animal Feeding Enterprises.

Which are themselves a spectacularly bad idea and once (hopefully) American politicians grow enough balls to shut them the Hell down, it’ll be a toxic waste disposal operation. In fact it already is. In a grim bit of Karma, the boson (very large aquifer) under the Permian Basin (where the Bush family has some really deep oil and gas wells that go BELOW the water level of the boson and where Bush has his ranch, now for sale, directly in the middle of the Permian Basin at Crawford) now has traces of the antibiotics from the CAFE raised animals in it. This boson is called “fossil” water because it’s been developing ever since the Permian Basin was under a shallow sea, which hasn’t been for the past 63 million years or so.
Now the boson (until they fractured the rock above and to the side of it drilling for oil) HAD been feeding from water which took 10,000 years to percolate down through the limestone. Carbon filtering done Right, man.
So people from the east slope of the Rockies, as far north as southern Kansas and as far westEAST (damn that was sloppy) as at least the Dallas area are paying extra for filtration and purification of what used to be the purest source of fresh water in America. So we don’t have to drink the Bush family bullshit. Literally.

The French and most of the rest of the EU didn’t want any part of that kind of destruction visited on their people for the sake of being able to conveniently eat a Big Mac.

To make matters worse, and really piss of the American super-“patriots” who demand full sovereignty, but only for America… The EU bans or at least restricts imports of American beef, dairy, venison, goat, mutton… because of a disease that was bred in those Concentrated Animal Feeding enterprises, Mad Cow.
Which the Right Wing Denial Machine of course denies. They also deny that the use of antibiotics in these Meat Factories, both to attempt to minimize the risk of contagion like Tuberculosis, (a bovine disease that spreads to humans) and to stimulate growth hormones in the cattle “raw production sources” could possibly lead to a superbug, a form of Tuberculosis that is resistant to all forms of antibiotics.
O, Heavens no! The Superbug was mutated in HUMAN tuberculosis patients, numbering in the millions, and treated with antibiotics, not in the Cattle which not only provide the major vector for that particular bacterium, are routinely dosed with Antibiotics and which also outnumber the total number of Human TB patients by a factor of hundreds to one. According to the “scientists” of the Right Wing Denial Machine. The “Scientists” who are paid by the corporations to find some way to deny all culpability of the Corporations.

For those Right Wing Denial Buffoons who deny that Cigarettes, deliberately burning a toxic weed and inhaling the smoke, could possibly cause any diseases, or that burning large amounts of petroleum and having millions of tons of extra petrochemicals in our soil, air and water could possibly harm the environment in any way… Screw you.

The Pasteurization process enabled the cheap wines and beers that the morons drink, enabled Velveeta, and other Kraft products.
And was invented by Louis Pasteur, who made further advances in microbiology that form the base for the profits of some of the largest corporations in America. And for a while at least took the sheer terror of rabies outbreaks down a bit.

The Pasteur Institute is the group who have studied Mad Cow Disease and the Resistant Tuberculosis the most, and funded by France and by the EU.

McDonalds and the Texas Cattle Raisers and Breeders Association, who are potentially the largest beneficiaries of this French funded research, don’t fund any of it.

Instead they buy lawyers and Professional Denier “scientists” also known as “CorporaFascist Whores” and of course bribing American politicians and fixing elections and funding the so-called “Grass Roots” TeaBags to “ease excessive regulation”.

If they truly want to eat and drink and breathe poison, there ARE quicker ways to do it. But they also are insisting that they have the God given right to poison THEIR KIDS, and beyond them, the G.G.R. to poison everybody else as well, and to by taking full control of the food production on the planet, they claim the right to poison everybody else on the planet as well.

Dit Fromage!

Tribal Sovereignty means uh… you’re a sovereign entity, with a US passport.

Remember when George Bush couldn’t define “sovereignty?” Maybe it wasn’t his fault. How would you describe sovereign lands where US extraction and exploitative industries can operate without regulatory oversight, and tribes can issue identification papers unless they mean to travel somewhere. When the original Indian treaties were signed, US destiny was manifested with promises that the former landholders’ sovereignty would be respected. The Iroquois Lacrosse team have just learned tribal sovereignty means carrying the occupier’s passport.

The US State Department at first refused to grant travel permission to the sovereign Iroquois because they didn’t have the newfangled, traceable, trackable, American passport. When congressmen intervened on behalf of the Iroquois who did not wish to submit to United States stinkin’ papers, the government relented, granting a one-time exemption.

How do suppose they mean to explain that? A just-this-once exception on the sovereignty whatsit.

But the lacrosse team’s destination was England, and British bureaucrats held firm on the original argument that the sovereign Native Americans required non-Native American passports. Post 9/11 days are no time apparently to permit international travelers to pass themselves off with rinky dink documents issued by who knows what maize-republics. The USA may foist whatever charade it wants on its captive vanquished aborigines, that doesn’t mean England has to play dumb too.

Maybe the British are mindful not only that the Iroquois were among the inventors of lacrosse, but that they once used the pretext of a game to successfully storm an English fort. Is that among their worries, Post 9/11?

Post 9/11 is no time for the pretense of sovereignty. Whether schoolchildren can grasp its contradictions or not.

Here’s Bush again, doing his best Miss South Carolina:

“Uh, tribal sovereignty means that. It’s sovereign. You’re a, you’ve been given sovereignty and you’re viewed as a sovereign entity. And therefore the relationship between the federal government and tribes is one between sovereign entities.”

If you really don’t want to kill civilians, don’t point loaded guns at them.

I tell you what, if Bibi actually gets away with this shit, based on the defense he’s mounting, then Death Row inmates across America will be rejoicing. What’s the difference between Armed Robbery and Capital Murder? A twitch of the finger.
Israel and the U.S. have this habit of (AFTER killing usually large numbers of Civilians in “accidents”) insisting that they trained their Soldier/Cops to “minimize the risk” of blowing away civilians. That’s a God-Damn lie. If they were to do “everything we can” to not kill civilians, one of the first and the most important elements of such a policy would be Not Shooting In Their Direction. When IDF blew away KIDS in Gaza they accused the Palestinians of the murders that were committed through bullets coming from Israeli Galil Rifles (a reworked AK-47 that fires U.S. standard .30 caliber rounds) held by Israeli soldiers. In an action where the IDF were actively invading a country they themselves had formally recognized as being Not Israel.
Guess that when you declare a region to be SEMI autonomous it’s like what my cousin used to laugh about in advertising… a Semi-Boneless Steak. Does it have bones in it or not?
But a Semi-Autonomous country is one in which the Ruling Imperial Nation tells the peasants they won’t get any benefits of Citizenship but still have to obey King Benjamin Netanyahu.

And if the Peasants dare object to being declared not second, third or ANY class of citizen, but declared to be Subject to the governing whim of the IDF Master Race… then it’s Their Fault that the IDF Gestapo/slash/TotenKopfSchutzStaffl murder their Kids.

Bibi is calling the Murders aboard the relief ships a “Botched Raid”.
Oh, and King Bibi is having who, exactly, handle the evidence, as in the shot up boats, the bodies of the victims, the Murder Weapons?

Why, Good Righteous Courageous King Benjamin is having the Murderers Themselves do the investigation. This is like when American Pigs murder somebody, who gets to investigate the Police Claims of “suicide by cop”? The Internal Affairs Division, of course.

Let me remind our readers (and Our Readers should recognize that I’m not actually asking their permission to say anything) that having the Police in any form, including the IDF Commando Murder Teams, investigate murders committed by their Fellow Cops will GUARANTEE that the Murderous PIGS will be acquitted and the victims blamed for their own deaths.

Look for, in the next three weeks, an IDF “investigation” to Clear The Commando MURDER Team of any wrongdoing. It’s the way PIGS always do it, their Pigs and Our Pigs.