Prince Harry isn’t free

Scion of fascist overclass.   Prince Harry in uniform.
In usual dress

It says a lot about the state of freedom in the modern world when even the heir to the throne of England can’t express himself freely.

There was a time when dressing like a Nazi was not only irreverent but immaturely insensitive to the memory of the Holocaust. At present however, the Nazi reference calls one’s attention to the fascism omnipresent in today’s governing bodies.

Perhaps Prince Harry wasn’t saying: look at me, I’m the camp commander of Treblinka. Perhaps Prince Harry was saying, if I may put words in his mouth, this:

Look at me, I’m a scion of the ruling family, of a government which has taken its country to war against the wishes of its people, which has invaded a defenseless country, which has curtailed human rights for its own population, which has imprisoned some of its subjects in defiance of rights granted since 400 years, which engages in torture, and is for all intents and purposes, as fascist as the Nazis. Short only the extermination camps. But we do not perhaps yet know about these.

But Harry wasn’t permitted to make this statement. He was treated like only a spoiled kid. Prince Charles treated his son’s act like that of a kid who didn’t know he was triffling with the horrors of Auswitch. But Charles is only protecting the wolf in sheep’s clothing of his protectors, the international corporatocracy which pulls his strings. Who’s the spoiled child really?

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