Scott Robinson RNC kicker

Young BrownshirtRNC NYC: A “Young Republican” was videotaped attacking an ACT-UP protester who’d managed to get inside the Republican Convention.
Although the handful of protesters were already surrounded by security agents, this enthusiast closed in, reached over several people, dragged a young asian-american woman to the floor and kicked her in the torso several times before being brushed aside by an agent.

Interviewed immediately afterward by the local ABC news affiliate, he denied having done it. Told that his actions had been captured on camera, he said “I don’t think that I did that.”

The footage is available online. While he remained unidentified he came to symbolize every-man, young republican that is. His name is now revealed, he’s Scott Robinson, a Pennsylvania University moral degenerate who was part of his schools’ chapter of Protest Warriors counter protesters. He was indentified at first from a photograph of interns at a flat tax lobbying firm.

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