Afghanistan- Our military is full of cowards and criminal murderers of children

In Afghanistan once again, our US military (NATO) has let go, from ahigh, bombs upon civilians sleeping in their beds. This time they bombed mud huts at 2 AM in the morning full of sleeping children. Lest you say I lie, this is from Fox News, favorite source of our Right Wing’s propaganda. Fox News

Since the Right Wing press makes no effort to even hide this sort of news story, we can infer that they consider it a perfectly normal way to carry out military operations. For after all, Fox lies and hides critical information away from its viewers all the time. So what does that say about the character of supporters of the war like Fox and Murdoch, the owner? It says that they support US soldier cowards and soldier murderers of children. From the commander-in-chief on down.

Is the truth harsh? Yes, our troops are cowards and assassins of children, that’s the plain truth. They prefer being that to actually engaging in combat. They prefer to drop bombs in the middle of the night indiscriminately, to actually moving in on the ground to see who they might be shooting at. That would be risky, so they kill sleeping children nonstop instead.

The soldier ‘leaders’ are cowards who fear most of all, that the home press will score them for the body bags coming back home, so they prefer to murder by firing at houses in the middle of the night, from way up in the air, even when it means continually blowing away children, women, old men, and other assorted non-combatants. Who cares? Nobody except maybe Lancet keeps count of these folk, anyway.

US soldier, Hero or Coward? You decide. As for me, the only soldier heroes are those who refuse to participate in this carnage of the innocent. The rest, well they are just cowards. Nothing pretty about it. And those who refuse to demand withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, even while doing so in regard to US troops in Iraq? You are cowards of the worse sort, too.

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