Reach Out And Touch Someone Inc.

Do you have an internet business which ships its product to regions outside the reach of your delivery van? Are you experiencing difficulties with customers beyond your physical reach? Let the friendly agents at R.O.A.T.S. be your representatives in the area. We’re a long distance, internet fulfillment service with contract agents in every major metropolitan city. Need a housecall? We’ll make the housecall.

ROATS INC is a service for long distance transactions gone awry. Let’s say you’ve delivered on your end of the order, but your customer now wants to take advantage of the geographic distance that separates you. If you have a customer who’s UNJUSTLY initiating credit card charge-backs, enlisting the service of buyer-guarantee programs, taunting you via email, leaving negative feedback, or demanding a refund yet refusing to return the product, let us be of assistance!

We offer two types of Reach Out And Touch Someone TM service. First, we can assist your transaction by visiting your customer to facilitate the return of your merchandise. At this stage we can also negotiate a resolution with the leverage that comes exclusively from a personal visitation.

Our secondary service is offered for transactions already transpired. At this point there are several levels of options, dependent upon the degree to which you feel wronged. Naturally these options are intentionally designed to deter customer misbehavior.

Our service is billed per-action. However there is no charge for merchants to post our transaction protection logo on their website. the ROATS Reach Out And Touch Someone long distance transaction protection and enforcement logo will deter the internet buyer who intends to defraud you from outside your reach. Reassure those customers that you can, if they require it, touch them.

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