DG3K and the draft

DG3K could as easily have been my niece Elizabeth, or her husband Brandon, both recently discharged from the Marines. Or my nephew Nathan, strong as an ox and damned near as smart as one too… Re-enlisted in the army and about to graduate Ranger school. Then headed back to Iraq right into the swirling shit-storm brought about by Our Leader to distract attention away from the then pending DG3K story.

Oh and the Marines in particular have already instituted a finer point in the draft law, they are extending service obligations “for the duration” (of a national crisis which is designed to be perpetual) and even calling back Marines who have been discharged.

The War Department really fucked ‘em good in Korea with that one, the first waves of Sacrificial Sheep were National Guard and Reserve units, mostly world war 2 vets fulfilling the rest of their “service obligation”.

So Elizabeth, or Brandon, or Nathan, … could very well end up being DG4K when that time comes.

The crisis accelerated by making Saddam an unnecessary martyr will no doubt provoke a full reinstatement of the draft.

Several incoming congresscritters have already put it on the agenda.

Bipartisan too.

And leave us not be in error, friends.
Nobody is exempt from the draft, as set out in the Draft Act of 1863.
4F, you say? That only means you are classified as least likely to be drafted, a deferment rather than an exemption. “Hang on to your draft card, kid, we’ll find you when we want you”.

Already a discharged service member? female? homosexual… bedwetting… quadriplegic…. triple amputee? See above….

The way the Act is worded, They own Us. Every one of us.
If they need Steven Hawking’s special expertise, and he doesn’t want to give it to them, they can legally conscript him as well.

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