Animal cruelty at the rodeo

I just learned how they make horses and bulls jump up and down at the rodeo. I must admit I wondered why it was that the animals suddenly leaped about madly (bronc’d) after they got out of the gate and not before, and why did they stop once the rider was thrown?

It turns out there’s a strap that the other cowboys cinch around the animal’s testicles. They yank it tight as they open the gate. Then, once the rider is thrown, attendants chase the animal and release the cinch.

This is why animal rights groups protest the rodeo. Oh they may protest the general mistreatment of the animals, and the risk of injury to which the animals are routinely and senselessly subjected, but that strap around the reproductive organs cinches it.

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13 Responses to Animal cruelty at the rodeo

  1. Avatar samantha chantrey says:

    hi i am a 17yr old australian and i think it is wrong that u people are trying to stop this sport and u dont realy no wat ur talkin bout well yer the cinch my go on the reproductive organs but a horses sheath is not as sencitive as a humans and it is actually the cinch around the flank as the flank i a sencitive spot and even if im wrong the mares dont hav reproductive organs were the cinch is placed and if some people enjoy the sport who r u to try to take it away from them the sport has been around for way longer than u hav been alive so if u dnt like it then dont perticipate dont take it away from the people who live the sport

  2. Eric Eric says:

    I wonder if you can get a horse or bull who “lives the sport” to agree with sencitive ol’ u.

  3. I lived in Texas for 40 years, and never once attended a rodeo.

    I do know quite a few goat-ropers, though. Strange lot, they are, and I know fewer of them all the time, because of the un-natural attrition rates.

    You get the impression that the last thing that goes through a bull riders head, before the left rear hoof, of course, as he’s laying on the ground with a half ton of hate and mean and ugly dancing on his head,

    “You stupid bastard, who ever told you that cattle were meant for riding? Stupid stupid stupid.”

    But don’t worry none, Samantha, it’s not really likely that people will ever stop abusing animals for the entertainment of other equally demented people.

    Bull riding is stupid on the face of it.

    Bronco Busting is only done in rodeos now, seems REAL horsemen have figured out that “breaking” a horse is just that, BREAKING it.

    Training horses has come a long way since the Middle Ages.

    P.S. how do you know that a horse’s testicles aren’t as sensitive as a humans? Did a horse tell you, or was it a human, and probably a human who was paid to tell you that so you personally would be led to believe that there is no cruelty involved?

    Do you think, perhaps, that somebody who gets off on animal cruelty might not want other people to think that he gets off on animal cruelty, and thus might perhaps LIE to cover for it?

  4. Avatar Karma says:

    go shoot your selfs for animal abuse, if i knew ya id do it my self

  5. Avatar Jojo says:

    I believe that bulls and horses in rodeo shows are shocked and prodded with metal rods on the butt, neck and face! SOME1 NEEDS 2 STOP ANIMAL CRUELITY!

  6. Avatar Jericha says:

    Ok Samantha! there is something seriously wrong wit you! im 13 and even i know that rodeos are cruel! anyway how would u know if a horse’s testicles arn’t sensitive???? did you go feelin on the horse to see if it was or wasnt sensitive??? cause thats pretty much what ur tellin everyone out here about urself! so get urself a life or go to hell! thats all i have to say! oh and by the way….. learn to spell hun…… cause SENCITIVE…. isnt a word

  7. Avatar Meg says:

    I’ve got a great idea for a new and entertaining sport! Let’s put a cinch on a cowboy and watch how high he bucks and kicks. Don’t worry though. If anyone asks we’ll say their testicles aren’t as sensitive as others. Great idea no?

  8. Yeah, bu our natural reaction to testicle pain is to double over and try to protect the already injured member. Which is kind of entertaining to watch, but not much Testicle Spectacle to it.

  9. Avatar Mike says:

    Just so you know I am activly involved in rodeo and the part where you say” It turns out there’s a strap that the other cowboys cinch around the animal’s testicles. They yank it tight as they open the gate” This is absolutley not the case. You really need to get your facts straight before you go bashing on our sport of rodeo. It is impossible to have the “flank strap” around the horses testies. The horses testies are between the two back legs protected from the legs, horses sack dosent hang as low as bulls do. A “Flank strap” hints the name “FLANK” is placed around the horses flanks durrr. If you would like to comment please do so otherwise speak what you know not what you think you know.

  10. Avatar tony logan says:

    Mike, I agree with you. There is a lot of cruelty done to animals in this world but the rodeo certainly is not any major part of this. Most of the cruelty to animals is concentrated within the modern capitalist factory production methods of raising farm animals for food. There literally millions upon millions of animals are treated extremely cruelly, as are the meat house workers themselves.

  11. Avatar Jonah says:

    Unless you do something to piss off the horse or even the bull they fairly quickly become docile.

    People use bulls as beasts of burden and even ride them,all over Southeast Asia.

    If the Elephant is the D10 Caterpillar of the Asian Forests streams and fields, the oxen (cattle) are the Pick-up trucks.

    But the Rodeo has quite a few “repeat performers” in the Animal Kingdom who are considered stars in their own right, and will come out of the chute kicking and twisting and rolling their eyes and foaming at the mouth and then, in the case of the bulls, attempting to Kill anybody and everybody around once they get the asshole off the middle of their backs.

    Even cattle aren’t so stupid that they can’t figure out that they’re not going to be harmed in any way by having somebody ride on them.

    UNLESS, they actually are being harmed.

    Bubba Mike, I was kinda hoping you would dismiss me as being an Effete eastern intellectual elitist, it’s kind of a standard ploy.

    I do proudly admit to being ‘intellectual’, that simply means Smart and Educated, and Texas IS east (from here at least.)

    But other than NOT being meaner than 10 acres of rattlesnakes and dumber than three bags of sand, my Redneck Credentials are beyond question.

    I even lived in a trailer park for a while.

  12. Avatar rosie says:

    the strap isnt on the testicles but it is on the flanks which is a very sensitive area, i dont agree with horse rodeo but after some research i realised that not all rodeo’s use the ‘bucking strap’ although i am still extremely against it.

  13. Avatar jonah says:

    It figures. Usually after the first couple of times a horse is mounted he realizes that the human on his back isn’t out to get him and calms down, and doesn’t freak out and try to kill the rider.

    There would have to be something to make them behave like that.

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