Bush, just who is it that is destabilizing the Lebanese government?

The Bush Adminstration has been making statement after statement claming that Iran and Syria are in a subversive campaign to destabilize the government of Lebanon. But wasn’t it just some few months ago that so many hundreds of thousands of Lebanese were in the streets demanding that Syria remove its troops from inside Lebanon’s borders? And Syria did pull them out, too.

But now, many of the same Christian Lebanese that demonstrated then, are now back in the streets of Beirut together with Hezbollah Muslim Lebanese, and both groups are demanding that the present government resign and dismantle itself. What happened? How did this Lebanese government, clinging desperately now to the reins of power, lose such previous popularity? Commander in Chief Bush, inquiring minds would like to know?

The answer is pretty simple and obvious, though apparently the entirely whorish US press refuses to answer it, or in fact, to even ask this question. How did this current Lebanese government clutching to power by its little finger held so tight, lose its credibility within a few short months? Simple, they opened up the Cedar-lined Lebanese national gates, per US government request, and let Israeli troops rampage unrestrained (except by Hezbollah) across Lebanese national territory. The Lebanese beaches became clogged with a thick oil slick, the fields got strewn with land mines for children to blow themselves up with, and hundreds of thousands became refugees, lost their property, and even lost their lives. Who the hell would want a government that allowed this to happen and stood by passively?

So whose strategy was it, to undermine this government? Was it Syria and Iran that came up with the idea, Dubya, to give the green light to Israel to go on its Jewish pogrom against Muslim Arabs? Or was it the twin US GeneralisiMoes, Dick and Donald Duck?

The people united, never Hamas will be defeated, it seems. One, two, three, a thousand officious ‘Iraq Study Groups’ need to be Christened now. Baker and Hamilton to study Afghanistan, Lebanon, Colombia, and the Balkans, too! Time to play, neocon domino!

Oh yeah. And one more US study group about the ‘Palestinian problem’, too. Duh? Just who destabilized the Lebanaese government?

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