Denise was Mitch was Mary was Ronald

Etc, etc. Lest comment responses be perceived to address a fresh GIYUS, hasbara, cyber-friend of Israel. “They” parrot the same Internet Megaphone IDF propaganda talking points: Gaza is not occupied, there was no genocide, Israel’s birthright to exist is a moot point, Zionism is neither racism nor Apartheid, anti-Arab Professor Bernard Lewis, the greenhouses gifted by Israel, CAMERA articles, etc.

UPDATE: The original title of this post was:
Denise was Mitch was Mary was Ronald
Now: Alex is Walid is Peter is Allan is Ali is Sean is Denise…

Our Newark NJ gender switching Bob & Carol & Tom & Alice just jumped [back] from IP 96.242 to 71.187. Posters, notice the comment IP when you reply to “Denise” or his next impersonation. Part of the Megaphone strategy is to project a multitude of voices indignant about accusations leveled at Israel.

“Denise Cohen”                   +
“Mitch Horace”                                         
“Ronald Goff” + +
“Ellie Bloch”
“Kevin Greenough”
“Andrew Schiffman”             
“Morton Perelman”                +
“Tom Ely”                                                
“Alicia Kirsch”                                           
“Grace Cohen”                                          
“Claire Short”                                           
“Mary Walters”                       +

“Ali Duran” +
“Sean Dobson” +
“Peter Krieger”
“Walid Ashwari”
“Allan Faver”
“Alex Shamir”
“Melissa Cook”               
“David Stengler”             

In this case, ONE voice UNITED in the guise of too many. It may be only cricket to give “Denise” our ear. Can we hope he/she will develop some intellectual honesty?

Looking forward, here are some of the alerts which GIYUS and partners are circulating for troll support:

U.S. now sees Iran as pursuing nuclear bomb
Little more than a year after U.S. spy agencies concluded that Iran had halted work on a nuclear weapon, the Obama administration has made it clear that it believes there is no question that Tehran is seeking the bomb.
Act Now!

Amnesty: Hamas at a deadly campaign against rivals
Amnesty is exposing Hamas’ deadly campaign against its Palestinian critics and rivals. At least two dozen people were killed and many more tortured during and after Israel’s recent Gaza offensive.
Recommend Article

UN: Hamas seized Gaza food aid and blankets
The U.N. says Hamas police in Gaza have raided a U.N. warehouse and seized thousands of blankets and food parcels meant for needy residents.
Expose this story

Cyprus Searches Iranian Arms Ship
Cypriot authorities are searching a cargo ship suspected by the United States of carrying Iranian arms to Hamas militants in Gaza. Cypriot President Dimitris Christofias said the ship had violated U.N. resolutions.
Expose this story

BBC, Sky News won’t broadcast Gaza charity appeal
To protect their objectivity both BBC and Sky News have refused to broadcast an emergency fund raising appeal for people living in the Gaza Strip.
Support their decision

Iranian Holocaust Denial Book to be Issued in English
Iranian publisher plans to launch English- and Arabic-language versions of a book of caricatures and satirical writings about the Holocaust
Protest this act

United in the fight against Hamas’ Terror
Six European leaders visited Jerusalem yesterday to extend their support to Israel and pledge their commitment to ending the arms smuggling into Gaza.
Send them a message

54 thoughts on “Denise was Mitch was Mary was Ronald

  1. “If we’re so unimportant, then why waste precious IDF time here, Spam Man?”

    You’re merely just a hate site, and a very marginal one at that. A passing curiosity, but, eventually, very monotonous and intellectually vapid.

  2. So, ‘Duran’, you’re out to bring love to a ‘hate site’, and ‘a very marginal one at that’?

  3. You notice another pattern with It.

    It never links to another blog.

    Now, mine is now a “parked domain” as I’m sure some of them found out

    Or some of It.

    GoDaddy parked it and is basically renting it out as an advertising Top site.

    So when the link is up, it means I didn’t sign out of the WordPress Account. before posting a comment.

    It also means if you click it the advertising Top site you’ll have about 50 or 60 scripts executing and depending on your security settings you’ll wait a long time for it load, discover that I don’t have anything to do with it and that it gives you more cookies than Nabisco.

    My dropping the weblog in the first place has a lot to do with the poverty brought on by Right Wing Deregulated Workplace and the inevitable event one experiences when the Boss is allowed to cut any corners he wants.

    Tony and most of the regular readers of Tribe know the story.

    The Multiplex Trolloid Being with one essence and many names doesn’t.

    But you would think, after what, 20 different “persons” all with the same IP address and Yahoo and Hotmail accounts…

    Well, “It” since we only know the names you selected from the Newark phone book. (That’s called “Theft” by the way) I’ll just call you “It”…

    The chance of 20+ persons logging on without once putting a link to a weblog… well…

    And especially when they/he/she It… makes bold to criticize the weblog as not being up to Its usual standards.

    That means It doesn’t have a blog of Its own

    It’s not that hard, and unless you’re badly disabled or perhaps Your Mom is paying your Verizon internet account for you…(ahem)

    Then a single weblog would be within the average budget of, say, a College Educated “expert” on Middle East Affairs living on the East Coast, Maybe?

    or is that legend as false as Its names?

    Now, if any one of It had a mind to do so, It could build it’s own webpage.

    The web hosting is cheap and the WordPress tools are actually FREE.

    So, why wouldn’t a Scholar such as Mr or Mrs or Ms It, with a very large amount of useless hot air to blow off, not have Its own weblog?

    And instead use somebody elses WebLog as a launch pad for spreading Its Masters’ propaganda?

    Now, even somebody living in Its mom’s basement might get a low-price Domain and publish his own stuff.

    Instead It seeks out websites It considers ripe for the pickings.

    If It is in college It would have a school sponsored Domain Name and school sponsored Hosting.

    If It were a serious Contender in the realm of Middle East Experts, the real ones and even a whole shit-load of charlatans got some HUGE profit margins after 9/11 and the Invasion of Iraq…

    So It would want plenty of exposure for Its Expertise, with a concurrent Plenty of Recognition of It as a successful Middle East Consultant.

    It would link to Its own weblog. Other thing It wrote on other fora.

    But It didn’t…

    20+ times over, It neglected to do any of that.

  4. There they go again with a blast of false identities coming online in repetitive and disruptive manner.

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