Colorado Springs Left Behind

Tim LaHaye’s prophesy came true in reverse. A Democratic revolution swept the national elections, even the State of Colorado, but the Colorado Springs faithful were left behind.
Republican congressman Doug LambornAmerica now has a Democratic House of Representatives and Senate. Colorado has a Democratic house, senate and governor. El Paso County even has more Democratic representatives. But who did Colorado Springs elect to fill GOP Congressman Joel Hefley’s seat? A screaming idiot of a Republican, the ninny-voiced former state senator Douglas P. “Pea-brain” Lamborn. In the midst of a sea change of reform, area voters opted for not just another throwback, but a candidate even Hefley and fellow Republicans could not stoop to endorse.

Colorado Springs constituents seem to be angling for a merit badge in consistency, even if it costs them their economy, jobs, health, security, lives, everything. They’re dyed in the wool, against-their-own-self-interest conservatives. Not easily differentiated from pure idiots. While the rest of the class learned the lessons of Bush and the GOP, graduating to the next stage, throwing the bums out, Colorado Springs, proud Republicans, are held back.

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