The face of legally blind patriotism

Prosthetic eye with Marines emblemGunnery Sergeant Nick Popaditch lost his eye in the assault on Fallujah. His new glass prosthetic features a holographic emblem of the US Marine Corps.
This Veterans Day, Sergeant Popaditch was awarded a medal for pioneering an innovative combat technique. Presuming an ambush, Popaditch called in an airstrike, then drove his tank forward under cover of the C-130 gunship before its firestorm had subsided. As a result Popaditch was injured, but in his words: “(We were) just inflicting a devastating number of casualties on the enemy, and we did it in a way that no one had ever done before.”

This is the same tank commander immortalized on magazine covers in 2003 smoking his cigar as he assisted in toppling Saddam’s statue in Firdos Square. Articles told later of Popaditch’s tank named “Carnivore” storming Fallujah in retaliation for the contractors killed by jubilant Iraqis. Now he’s grabbing attention with his Few-The-Proud cornea. When we recoil at WWII accounts of the Death’s Head Regiment and other unthinkably morose nomenclature and regalia of the enthusiastic Nazis, can we fathom the imaginative horrors of our own X-Box-born killers?

Popaditch acted courageously by venturing into an ordnance maelstrom to certain injury. But whose kind of hero?

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  1. I spent my first 21 years of life in Colorado Springs. I left in 1961. Returned (from California) only to bury my parents. I now know only ghosts from the Pike’s Peak area. Reading these pages, I am glad that life is returning.

  2. hi, sorry to hear about your eye,
    ive lost my eye in a fight aswell,

    where did you get your eye made from? i want to get some made but i dont know where to go.

  3. yeah, too bad he was committing murder based on lies though, right? Because that’s what he WAS doing. Murder. Based on Lies. Too bad he doesn’t have the courage to question those lies or the bullshit lies about “fighting for his country” or “fighting for freedom”. He gave his eye Murdering people to put money into the pockets of the richest people in America, nothing more.

    By the way, that’s Semper. probably a typo.

    Too bad he doesn’t have any REAL accomplishments to be proud of. Just (legally) Blind so-called “Patriotism” and doing whatever he’s told like a good little puppy dog.

    Even and especially when he’s being told to do wrong.
    Lick yo’ Massah’s Boots, Gunny! Lick Lick Slurp Slurp…

  4. And the assault on Fallujah was simply Mass Murder done to avenge 4 Blackwater Death-Squad goons getting exactly what they dish out. Got hanged on a bridge, beaten to death and lit on fire. Sic Semper Tyrannis. Burn, baby, burn.

    No telling how many REAL babies were burned with “gunny” enabling it. Be proud, I guess.

  5. You (Brother Jonah) condemn Gunnery Sergeant Nick Popaditch for following orders… ones that were ratified by the UN and the people of the United States… he didn’t just go out on a killing spree at a McDonalds on Main St USA, he was ordered to go to Iraq and fight this countries WAR on TERRORISM. As a US Marine he is trained in the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Laws of Land Warfare, both of which make it a criminal act to kill/murder innocent civilians or to follow UN-Lawful orders !!!

    His wounds are from the third Rocket Propelled Grenade that hit his tank while fighting the “Insurgents” in Fallujah !!!

    And now that he is medically retired from active service he has gotten a degree and is helping other Vets.

    Semper Fidelis

  6. Yes, following the orders of evil people who care more for their money than for the “troops” who they ordered into battle to gain them even MORE money.
    BAR, where was your God-Damned outrage over the treatment of Marine Ron Kovic, treated as a hero after being shot and paralyzed, until he started questioning the same kind of orders? Or the right-wing Chickenhawks like Chambliss and Bush and Cheney, condemning not just Kovic but Max Cleland, for objecting to the LIES that led to his loss of 3 limbs in VietNam, and Kovic the loss of the use of his…?
    WHERE WAS THAT OUTRAGE THEN? I don’t recall nor do I have the patience to track it down but I’ll bet a donut that you never ONCE objected to that. Nor did “Gunny” Bob Newman, nor did Ollie North, Ollie who is making money from the blood of every Marine, every soldier sailor and airman and every “enemy” Civilian killed in the War he helped provoke with his LIES.

    People like that, who follow the orders of Evil Men, without question, and then condemn those of us who Refuse, where is your OUTRAGE against THAT?

    Or do you only have the courage to attack those you consider Helpless Weaklings, like the Cops did to Kovic, all in the name “Patriotism”? I didn’t read past your first sentence, BAR, because I know you put stupid shit like that in, and probably some kind of threat to beat me down or kill me because you THINK it’s a fight you would easily win.

    Bradley Manning had the HONOR and Courage to not just condemn those lies and those orders of Evil men, and your “honorable” military is threatening him with death for doing so, and for exposing the TRUTH.

    Col. Scott Ritter also had the Honor and Courage to defy the orders he was given to tell the LIES that led to this man losing his eye.
    I know you would probably volunteer to beat Manning while he’s handcuffed and held firmly by some of your “honorable” comrades, to death and beyond.

    So would Gunny Newman and Ollie North.
    It would be nothing new to them, they already sell REAL men unto death.

    Would you make similar threats and curses to Colonel Ritter?
    North and Newman do. From behind the security of their heavily guarded Radio and Television Hate-Speech studios.

    Again, where’s your OUTRAGE over THAT?
    Or the FACT that Oliver North sold the weapons that killed hundreds of YOUR MARINE COMRADES not only in Beirut, but in Afghanistan? Are you OUTRAGED by that?

    As far as I can see you’re only OUTRAGED by people objecting to the EVIL you’re commanded to perform.

    Grow some REAL courage, man.

  7. Semper Fi Gunny! As for ‘brother jonah’, since you obviously despise the United States and those who defend our way of life why don’t you gather up all your kind and go elsewhere?

  8. Doesn’t seem like you’re defending ANYTHING.
    A war started on the basis of LIES? Carried out and continued on the basis of Further LIES?

    If YOU don’t have enough honor and courage to question those lies and to continue to feed Americans and “enemies” alike into Hell then you’re guilty of murder and the vilest form of treason.
    You’ll be selling their lives and their blood for money which you won’t even see, your MASTERS like ChickenHawk Cheney will pocket it.
    Wrapping treason in the flag or the Bible neither justifies nor sanctifies it. Nor does saying that brave men fought for that treason.

    Take your “love it or leave it” “my country right or wrong FAKE patriotism and sell it to somebody else.

    I’m determined to make MY country right, if not again then for the first time. (that point is hotly debated)

    You can tell my landlady sometime how proud you are about killing her husband with Agent Orange for the profit of your Warmongering Masters. That’s a wonderful one for you. Give yourself more bad Karma for the time YOUR widow has to face that scene.

    Tell her you did it in the name of Jesus, that’ll make her even happier.
    YOU can go. Take your shit and go to Iraq, it’s supposed to be such a lovely place since you “liberated” it and their “free and independent” government is run by YOUR Government.

    The people in Fallujah were defending THEIR homes, you’re not defending yours. You can lie all you want, to yourself. I’ll even let you lie to me, but I ain’t believing it or letting it go unanswered. Tell me something about the “Freedom to OBEY your Masters” while you’re at it, like Oscar Grant being pinned to the concrete then shot in the back for talking back to the representatives of that Lovely Free Police State you bark about.

    But then, you seem to like that notion, I noticed you blow away Iraqis and Afghans for disobeying your Commands.

    Lot of freedom you’re spreading there.
    It’s people who DON’T follow orders that keep freedom alive.

  9. The blood money won’t buy your soul back. There’s not enough money in the world for that. There IS a way, it’s through repentance though. You might not like the idea of repentance, it means you have to give up the sins of Murder and Lying and Theft. Among whatever others you did along the way. Those three are pretty fierce though.

    You know how I say “God bless everybody, no exceptions”?
    I’ll grit my teeth and ask His blessings on you.

    It would take far less courage not to. That’s Morality, something they beat out of you in Boot Camp and something they never beat out of me. It’s why I went back to being a civilian. I’ll have NO man tell me that I have to kill somebody for his profit.

    Gunny Bob Newman, for instance, Local Loudmouth Hate-monger, called the Quakers a “terrorist” group for saying much the same thing, a lot gentler than I can manage.

    I honor their courage. They have it, Gunny Bob doesn’t.
    Maybe Gunny Bob will “do it again”, get some redneck Jackass go into a “liberal” church and start shooting. Like he and Rush and the rest of the Hate-mongers did Adkisson, got him to go into a Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville and shoot up a service with a drum-fed shotgun he had hidden in a guitar case.

    You know the story? I’ll reiterate it even if you do. Adkisson had written in his shooters manifesto word-for-word quotes from his Hatemonger heroes. He thought he would have all seventy-eight shots to himself, that all he had to do was show the “soft” liberals a gun and they would beg for mercy as he gunned them down one by one.

    Except, when he whupped out his big scary shotgun and took aim at the KIDS on stage, two REAL men stepped in the way and the “soft” liberals wrestled him down and took away his gun.

    One of them was a Marine veteran. Doesn’t matter to Gunny Bob or any of his Hate-Speech mongers though, that the Marine took the slug intended for the kids and died. He was an anti-war activist, so therefore, according to the two (for all I know not even real) Marines who just posted their love it or leave it Conformist Fascist crap, not worthy of life.

    Love it or leave it, or what? You’ll sick another Berzerker on us?
    Bow down and thank you for the “freedom” you say you gave us or you’ll have us killed?

    God Bless you anyway. Repent.

  10. You liberal bastards do not deserve to live in this country. If you do not like what we are trying to do go live somewhere else. Take a look around and study your history. You will find that your socialist leader,Obama is allowing to happen in the middle east what people allowed hitler to do in Germany. Unlike the german people when you are fighting religious fanatics you have to kill them all because they are taught from the time they are born to kill you!!! PLEASE leave my country if you hate us so badly!!

  11. You are NOT fighting for freedom so you might as well not pretend to be. That is dishonest, and another word for that is “Lying”.You are fighting or, more likely, sending others to fight for, Corporate Dominance. Not for anybody’s freedom, not for democracy, not for God.

    As for that retarded ass “love it or leave it” bullshit, there are plenty of Military Dictatorships elsewhere in the world, propped up by your so-called Freedom Forces.
    You can go there on your own dime, in your own name, rather than further establish your Military Dictatorship HERE.

    Your army tells the people of Afghanistan and Iraq and now Libya that they’re being set free, and then telling them they better God-Damn obey YOU the same way you just told US that WE have to obey you.

    Well, Bubba, this is Disobedience to your demands.
    Too bad if you don’t like it.
    You could repeat much of REAL American history by imprisoning me or shooting me for not obeying YOUR Army like your Army has done to so many Americans who went before me.

    I know it’s not the history you’re taught in ROTC, or in government sponsored history classes, or from Fox News or in the History Indoctrination portions of Basic Training and Tech School. I know that from experience. They lie to you, and they do it on a regular basis.

    Sitting Bull was murdered in his bed by reservation police, proxy soldiers for YOUR “freedom giving” military, over issues of Religious Freedom. Crazy Horse died in shackles, hand and foot, stabbed in the back by U.S. Army Soldiers, a bayonet to the kidney. For Religious Freedom.

    Maybe you could spew about “Religious Fanatics” when you justify THOSE murders

    I’m a Christian, by the way, and most of the Religious Fanatics I see involved are “christian crusaders” committing Murder and Robbery on behalf of people who worship nothing but Money.
    But, just like YOU, claiming to do it in the name of MY God.
    You should refrain from doing so. But you probably won’t.
    You, sir, are a Whited Sepulchre,

    Beside this comment is a picture of a REAL American, one who is currently in one of YOUR military dungeons undergoing torture before trial for the “crime” of revealing the truth behind every one of those LIES you wrote.
    He’s not charged with making false statements.

    Apparently your war isn’t supported by Truth. That leaves only LIES.
    If you’re willing to kill for lies, then it’s to your everlasting shame and I, for one, DO mean everlasting. I’m not one of your bought-and-paid sellout Chaplains telling you that God not only permits your use of His name to commit your murders and robberies, there’s even a word St Paul used for putting human beings into slavery, “manstealing”.
    … But your chaplains and other so-called ministers of the Gospel tell you that God COMMANDS you to kill in His Name.

    They LIE, sir, and so do YOU. You’re just not man enough to admit it. Instead you come to threaten what? WHAT exactly do you intend to do if I DON’T bow before your mighty Military Empire? Your Police State Comrades have beaten me, imprisoned me and tortured me for refusing. All done with the full backing of YOU and other Police State LIARS who claim that you’re fighting for freedom.

    Most of the wars which were fought by the United States did indeed involve American Freedom, and unfortunately, most of them were to take away freedom and, failing that, to take away the lives of those who resisted. Your command to “love it OR Leave it OR else” is just one more chapter in a very long story of Imperialism going under the name of Freedom.

    You’re no more about Freedom than you are about God.
    You should be ashamed but probably aren’t.

    Take pride, therefore, in how you can get your Gang of uniformed Thugs to force other people to obey you.
    It just won’t include ME.

    Good Day, Sir.

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