The Kangaroo Trial of Lieutenant Colonel William Steele

Saddam’s US jailer goes on trial What’s this about? Who is this man, Lieutenant Colonel William Steele, who now faces life in prison? What did he do?

Wikipedia gives us some basic information about the charges this man faces. William H. Steele We learn what the legal charges consist of here, and what we find is that this man, like Guantanamo military chaplain James Yee before him, has done absolutely nothing worthy of being made into a criminal offense. James Yee was let go after a torturing Kafkaesque experience where the military threatened to destroy his life completely. William Steele will not be so lucky it appears.

So what did he supposedly do, this Lieutenant Colonel? It turns out that he gave Saddam Hussein a cigar and some hair color to cover up the gray hair while he was in jail! For this he is charged with aiding an enemy of the United States and was threatened originally with the death penalty!

Oh yes, there are other charges they used to stack the deck for conviction against this career officer. He was charged with flirting some with a female interpreter! And get this! He was charged with having porn on his computer! Oh, and it gets much worse…. He allowed some kids, that were thrown into this military prison, to call out on his own personal cell phone to notify family members of their arrest by the US storm troopers! What a beast!

I think we can see now why people like Yee and Steele have to be imprisoned. They are to be made into an example for others in the US military, that no compassion must be allowed with Muslim prisoners. Muslim prisoners are to be tortured, humiliated, and murdered, and not coddled as Steele is made out to have been doing.

What a contrast! Under the Bush Administration with active Democratic Party help, the US has put thousands of POWs in Afghanistan in air tight containers where they were suffocated, choked, and shot to death. They have hooded and tortured POWs at Guantanamo using isolation techniques of sensory deprivation. They have raped and sexually humiliated POWs at Abu Ghraib, along with using other forms of physical and psychological tortures. They have moved (‘rendered’) POWs to hidden torture centers around the globe using a hidden fleet of unmarked aircraft. But giving a cigar to Saddam Hussein in jail is now to be made into a capital offense, which in the infinite mercy of these Christian Crusaders will be turned into a mere life sentence in prison. All minds off Donald Rumsfield and Dickey Cheney… Who’s the guy who gave the cigar to Saddam? Get him! Give him LIFE!

This whole trial is an indecent charade, and shows how little support the government really does give the troops. Instead of support, they threaten and bully them just like they wish to do with the rest of the whole world. When you sign up with the military, you truly do sign a deal with the Devil. This is the real mistake that Lieutenant Colonel William Steele has made. Now he is to be scapegoated and made into an example for the other troops.

Bad guy! You showed a drop of compassion for our official enemy, the Muslims. For this you must be punished but good.

7 thoughts on “The Kangaroo Trial of Lieutenant Colonel William Steele

  1. Finally, someone got it right! I commend you on your abiltiy to see through the smoke and mirrows. I love this country, but that does not mean that I agree with all that this president and his gastapo does. It’s all un-american to me and a disgrace to all those soldiers who have given their lives for freedom and justice. Thank you for sharing you opinion. People better wake up. Today Lt. Col Steele; tomorrow you and me.

  2. Oh, don’t get all conspiracy theory here…

    LTC Steele is a self-centered, arrogant man who needed to learn that he was NOT above the standard. He thought that he could do anything he wanted. He was wrong…end of story.

  3. JC, from your description Steele sounds like he was a typical US military officer to me. Something, I might add, that the overall Commander in Chief is not. Isn’t it Commander Dubya that needs to learn most that he is not above the law?

  4. LTC Steele is a lousy human being and and lousy officer. On top of that he is EXTREMELY stupid.

    The little known fact is that he pulled a gun on a guard who was sleeping on duty for which he was formally reprimanded and he was once changed with being excessively violent with his own son. He’s also a fomer police officer (emphasis on the word former.)

    Also, what the heck was he going to do with the 12,000 classified documents he had.

    Where the Army screwed up was allowing this cornball to be in charge of a highly sensitive military prison. Now he gets to live in one himself.

    Just my opinion

  5. John, there but for lacking the grace of being from a rich family, Steele would be President of the USA.

  6. Tony – You’re off subject here and you’re making generalizations. First, this is not really about GW Bush, it’s about the indiscretions of a US military officer. Second, there are many many very honorable US officers who perform their duties above and beyond. LTC Steele is very much the exception to the norm.

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