Democratic Party- Can you hear me now?

If you put your ear to the wind, you hear only silence. Sure, it is only 4 days post election and today was Veterans Day, but the media has been talking about how there was some sort of revolution that occurred last Tuesday. So why so silent? Where is the voice of this revolution’s leaders, or are these merely rebels without a cause? Their leaders’ silence is deafening. Murtha, Dean, Pelosi, Clark, Obama, Slick’s slick wife? Does anybody hear anything? These are the supposed antiwar rabble-rousers, or so has been announced to us by the image churning US media, at one time or another. Can you hear their outrage and anger now, reaching a crescendo of fury post glorious victory? Pretty sad, isn’t it. Only the coyotes and the wind.
But really? Has any DP voting liberal really asked themselves, is this a party truly against the war and US militarism, or one that is for it every much as the Republicans are? That silence….? There is possibly some explanation that the addicted DP liberal might give. Something like this.

“Our leaders are silent this week, better to organize their resistance ahead. It’s coming.”

Yeah right. Their silence is coming, IS, and WAS. They will continue their silence when a Bush directed Israel, in the days ahead, launches the bombing campaign on Syria, Iran, and Lebanon, too, once again. The sale to the American people for war will come from yet another angle. And yet, it is the same old angle repackaged, is it not? The argument will be, that ‘we’ have to help save the ‘Jewish democracy’ from future nuclear attack by the surrounding savages. And the Democratic Party leadership will remain silent, yet regain its voice at both one and the same time. That voice, then rising up, will be the voice of them supporting the Bush Adminstration’s use of Israel as US assault platoon.

Everbody hear the silence of the Democratic Party leadership now? They are silent because they do not oppose this war.

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2 Responses to Democratic Party- Can you hear me now?

  1. Much like your silence once I elected you emperor in the capitalism thread and asked how YOU would govern. Kinda makes ya go “mmmmmhhh.”

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Lawyer Mike, you are beginning to behave like an internet troll, Dude. It is not for me to ‘construct’ a fictional world of the future for you on your demand. It is not for you to ‘elect’ me ’emperor’ in a discussion about capitalism, or not. Instead of actually defending the capitalism you love like your mommy, you desire to attack me personally instead. Understandable nature for an internet Right Wing troll trawling on a Left site. I was hoping that you would not head in that direction, but you are.

    FYI, if elected ’emperor’, the first thing I would do would be to line you up against a wall and have you shot. There, are you satisfied now? And of course, no such like thing could ever happen under your fantasy land ‘objectivist’ capitalist system, right Mike? And what about the real capitalist world that actually exists in real time? People are taken out and tortured and murdered day and night. You would have us believe that it is all through the coercion of supposedly socialized governments everywhere, and not because the capitalist economic system itself that is actually running almost all the governments of the world on behalf of the rich! ‘Free enterprise’ runs the world, not socialism, Mike. But capitalism likes government much more than the socialists do. And capitalist governments are in the murder business everywhere., not me, ‘Emperor Tony’, as you would put it.

    Yawn, discussing your religion just bores me to death. Get a life. Get another religion. Your god (capitalism) has failed. lol…. Mike, I’m looking forward to your nonsensical input when I open a thread about the US legal system and the rule of ‘law’ soon. Be there, or be square. You can defend ‘law’ then, and not just your religious idealism welded to support of capitalism. I’d rather talk religion with Ted Haggard than talk religion with you Ayn Rand types. Boring/////

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