Does this blog suffer from DID, or what?

Not to despair, they say twice as many people have DID as have schizophrenia in the US population. So I figure, too, that at least twice as many blogs have DID, also. Psychiatric diagnoses are kind of like corporate names in America, so they get changed every few years or so for public relation reasons. DID is the new cutesy name for MPD (multiple personality disorder). You got it figured out what the diagnoses for ‘Not My Tribe’ is, don’t you? We’re like Sybil! For more info about DID, see Wikipedia

Sybil’s behavior was erratic, and what you see here is erratic as well. The only way in America to not get erratic behavior is too pay wages to workers that march lockstep, or get their asses fired. But people with DID don’t get paid, so we just turn out blogs with DID on our own. I lied, the American government is proved in the pudding that, paid or not, America is infectedx with DID. The brain docs (psychs) got it wrong. DID is all over the place, much unlike the more hallucinatory schizophrenia blogs.

I might say that I come well prepared for working with a blog with DID in the blood. I even have had a fling with a DID woman once. Imagine a narcissist on both steroids and crack at one and the same time. Now imagine a group of folk in the same drug induced condition all crammed in one body (or so they say…lol). Multiply that by 1,000, and maybe you can understand how extreme DID can actually get?

So if you see it one minute, and the next moment it is somebody else, then go figure…. Not My Tribe might just have the dreaded DID?

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